The Dreamweaver’s of Pisces: New Moon March 10th – Birthing Celestial Revelations

The Dreamweaver’s of Pisces: New Moon March 10 th – Birthing Celestial Revelations. As the Sun and Moon conjoin in the dreamy realm of the cosmic fish on March 10th at 9:00 am GMT, a potent Pisces New Supermoon is birthed. This celestial event is not merely a new beginning, but a culmination point distilling the lessons of the entire astrological year. Coalescing in the final decan of the zodiac’s omega, mystical Pisces, the boundaries between self and source dissolve away, as we surrender our egos to the great ocean of Great Spirit. The power of this New Moon lies in its emphasis on letting go.

Not just your physical junk; but releasing outdated thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and emotional baggage that’s weighing you down and preventing your bigger dream from being born.

the Birthing Point The Libra Full Moon eclipse on March 25th will mark the birthing point, setting the scene for an extraordinary month of pivotal shifts in April. What is this promised genesis we are labouring to birth? The Sabian symbol for this moon provides an idyllic vision – “A little white lamb, a child, and a Chinese servant” We are reminded of the essential need to provide tender sanctuary for the most vulnerable. Yet we must also release the familial conditioning that tethers us to the past.

Dancing alongside the planets of karma and illusion, Saturn and Neptune, this moon bathes us in sublime transcendence layered with sobering pragmatism. The ringed taskmaster calls us to consciously birth concrete seeds of our highest ideals into form. Yet Neptune’s hallucinatory tides dare us to liberate the chains of material delusion. Whilst encouraged to embrace our intuitive wisdom, it’s also crucial to discern fantasy from reality and maintain a grounded perspective.

Catch up with Alchemist’s astrological predictions for ALL Zodiac Signs 👉 click here (x) An electrifying aspect A potent storm brews as Mars makes an electrifying square to the Great Awakener, Uranus on March 9th. Unpredictable shock waves ripple forth, edgy and wild, reminding us that the path is never static, never a given. Explosions of avant-garde beliefs erupt as the ancient order continues to dissolve. These fixed signs dig their heels in, demanding evolution from stagnant patterns, allowing the sweet scent of freedom and release from out worn beliefs. But the new moon begs for a pause in the great fight gifting us a moment to enjoy a soulful, internal lunation.

Let down your walls and feel what you need to feel.

Neptune in Pisces infuses the field with sublime mystery. Our ancestral wisdom wells up from the nebulous depths of the collective unconscious. Ancient voices whisper that to truly understand our purpose, we must remember the magic of the source waters from which all creation emerged. When we find our inner peace, we connect more easily with the divine plan. Our responsibility to our own spiritual path is being called out. This New Moon is our chance to receive the celestial revelations before crossing the cardinal threshold into Aries’ rebirthing fires. Need a rest? Take it. Only when we get quiet do we receive the waiting downloads from our inter-dimensional Universe.

Higher Dimensions The great Dreamweaver’s of Pisces open higher dimensions of consciousness now. The keys to enlightenment reside in unconditional compassion for all sentient life. Our path back to Eden winds through the cleansing tears of surrendered understanding. Only in radical acceptance of what is, can we catalyse the rapturous unravelling of outworn structures. Away from the shadowlands of tortured religiosity and patriarchal control Pisces teaches us to remember our oneness. We are a fractal of cosmic consciousness capable of infinite compassion, forgiveness and love.

Venus enters Pisces on March 11th, inviting us to lovingly dissolve ever deeper into this unconditional oneness. For over three weeks, she bestows the unbounded gifts of her dreaming tides. A sublime amulet offering us comfort and bathing the world-weary in the sweet nectar of compassion. Yet Mars’ entry into the boundless ocean on March 22nd brings a fiery dose of motivation to ensure our spiritual clarity gets channelled into action.

The current concentration of cosmic forces in Pisces and Aquarius represents the cyclic transition from one world era into the next. We are integrating the lessons from the closing age so we may be initiated into the next phase of our collective unfoldment.

Great Teachings In Pisces, we receive the ancient teachings of Christ-Buddha consciousness – that empathy, forgiveness and unconditional love are the gateways to enlightenment. We remember our intrinsic connection to all sentient life, our underlying unity within the grand cosmic mind. Yet we have wandered far from this wisdom, indulging separatist ideologies and dominion over the Earth rather than sacred stewardship. Engage spiritual or creative practices to process these ancestral shards, embracing spring’s cathartic splendour.

Saturn’s presence in Pisces is that of the shaman, guiding us to integrate our visionary experiences and bring the magic into grounded manifestation. The structured discipline of Saturn shapes our spiritual longings into tangible form. Meanwhile, Uranus in Taurus is ensuring our attachment to material abundance and physical securities is being shaken out. We are being summoned to birth a completely reimagined way of being on this planet in sacred relationship with Gaia’s generative principles.

… deep creation myths In the coming weeks, take refuge in nature’s purifying stillness. Hold vigil by the waters, peering inwards to receive the transmissions from the deep creation myths. Visions and dreams will be gateways into higher clarity. Unlock the secret passages between inner and outer realms. Trust your intuitions will forge an immaculate birth canal as the cosmic contractions commence. Breathe deeply into the emptiness. For the void you seek is already ripening within you, a singularity pregnant with all potential shimmering just beneath the surface.

Let this climactic Piscean lunation be a sacred invocation. A gathering of all we have cultivated over this turbulent transition, distilling it into the elixir of our wildest dreams and highest ideals. As the cosmos realigns towards radical rebirth, may we unite in resonant community to actualize Gaia’s holistic renaissance. When we embody the ultimate frequency of unconditional love, the entire cosmos unfolds in resplendent wholeness.

Call upon guides from beyond the veil. Channel their celestial wisdom and receive your unique blueprint for service. What is your soul’s highest contribution to this unfolding moment? Become a chalice overflowing with creative talents, visionary leadership and devotional offerings.

This re-imagining of our collective dream requires a multitude of devoted co-creators attuning their skills in symphony. Whether through the healing arts, ecologies of planetary regeneration, esoteric technologies, sacred sciences, or spiritual entrepreneurship – all streams feed into the great river of realised human potential.

As purifying eclipses open cosmic gateways in the months ahead, hold steady to your dreaming. Step fully through the mists of initiation without fear. You are a vital droplet refracting Gaia’s infinite brilliance. As you serve this sacred calling, weathering the contractions, something miraculous is stirring. An extraordinary world age is awakening within our collective chrysalis. We’re in the cauldron of transformation. This is our evolutionary moment, our renaissance. Do your work. Stay conscious. Be soulful, powerful and above all intentional. Wishing you all infinite new moon love and blessings.

Pisces New Moon Ritual Items Needed:

– A basin or bowl filled with fresh water

– Aquamarine, amethyst or clear quartz crystals

– Jasmine or rose incense

– A white candle

– Small pieces of paper and a pen

– A mirror or reflective surface

Begin by purifying your ritual space, perhaps by burning sage, cedar or sweetgrass. Invite any spiritual guides or ancestors to join you.

Create a central altar space, placing the bowl of water in the middle. Arrange the crystals around it, along with the unlit candle and incense. Have the pen, papers and mirror nearby.

Take three deep breaths to ground and centre yourself. Light the jasmine or rose incense, calling in the dreamy, devotional energies of Pisces. As the fragrance unfurls, feel yourself entering an expansive state of unconditional love and acceptance.

Gaze into the mirrors’ surface, softening your focus using peripheral vision to receive intuitive messages. What whispers from your soul are seeking to emerge into form? What patterns or visions arise? Let the mirror reflect back your innermost truths.

When you feel complete, turn your attention to the still water. This is the primal ocean from which all life arises. Place your hands into the bowl and sense yourself merging with its silky, undulating currents.

Say an invocation or prayer to attune with the Piscean essence of compassion, empathy and universal unity. Ask that inspiration flows into you from the great cosmic mind. That your highest ideals take divine shape.

From this space of connection, write a short poem or phrase on each piece of paper – words that capture the essence you channelled. These are the celestial seeds you will nurture into reality over the coming lunar cycle.

Once complete, light the white candle. One by one, fold each paper in half and allow the open flames to catch its edges. As the smoke curls upwards, visualize your intentions rising into the ethers, blessed by the Moon’s nourishing rays.

Sit for a few more moments absorbing the Piscean energies. Let any final messages, visions or synchronicities arrive. Give gratitude for the outpouring of inspiration you have received.

To close, take one last look at your reflection in the mirror, affirming your spiritual rebirth into sacred wholeness. When ready, blow out the candle safely and journal any insights you have received.

Continue to pay attention to your dreams and may your visions and continuing insights seed your new world into being.

So mote it be….