Daily Predictions for Saturday, October 12, 2019

General Daily Predictions: Today, the Moon just entered Aries, radiating a feeling, as if spring came early this year. However, this also means, that we will face the truth of what was really the winter and if we successfully completed of letting go what holds us back from Rebirth.

Also today, is the first day of the Retrograde Mercury’s shadow. This is a ‘preparation time’ when Mercury slows down, before he starts going backwards. Therefore, we slowly need to prepare for all the troubles associated with the retrograde move of Mercury , like misunderstandings, problems associated with communication, commerce and transportation.

At the same time, the Sun seems really active, making a sextile with Jupiter and a square with Pluto. Exchange of power is very important right now. At the same time Venus opposes Uranus begging the question “should we follow our heart or our mind?”.

Thus, this is going to be a pretty interesting day.

Sagittarius will be the luckiest zodiac of the day.

Daily Predictions for Aries: The day begins with the Moon in your Zodiac Sign. It feels like you can start again and see the world with a fresh point of view. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to both have a good time this weekend and also get inspired by interesting thoughts a dreams regarding your destiny!

Daily Predictions for Taurus: Your beloved governor today speaks of sudden changes and different points of view. Thus, you will have the chance to explore your emotions and your thoughts which may have gone wild the past months. Now, you need to break free from all this mess and search for emotional and spiritual liberty.

Daily Predictions for Gemini: Today seems like a fun day to hang out with friends or accept this invitation to go to a party. Although there might be some rather exhausting moments, it seems that you can benefit by the company of interesting people – which by the way are drawn to you today.

Daily Predictions for Cancer:

It is very important to understand that this is a preparation time for you. As if something is cooking yet you are not sure what it is right now. It surely takes time but on the other hand you can relax and have some fun, because actually, it’s the ride that matters. Finally, today seems to be all about work and career opportunities. What do you have in mind Cancer?

Daily Predictions for Leo: Another day which seems to be all about you.

You feel a struggle of power within. Yet, you are not very sure why is this happening to you. Something really powerful has been awakened in you and this feels like a powerful alchemical reaction. What is more important is to relax and aim in the future, as many great things can soon happen to you.

Daily Predictions for Virgo: The new day begins with a powerful reminder that all Wisdom has been hiding in you all this time. However, this particular time, it is really important to remember that to access this information you have to be calm first. Therefore, today is a day for magic and meditation.

Daily Predictions for Libra: Libra, this is a day for relations.

And this is not an easy day. As you might have already felt it, the power of the planets is focused in this part of your life that does not depend on you entirely. Therefore, you need to take a step back and listen to others, while trying to find the best possible solution. Patience is the key!

Daily Predictions for Scorpio: This is a day to relax and find ways to refuel your vital energy. It seems that you’ve spend it recklessly the past weeks. Now, your body tells you that you need to be extra careful and maybe try to meditate and exercise to banish all the excessive energy out of you.

Daily Predictions for Sagittarius: Today is a good day for you my dear Sagittarius, as things come easier than anticipated. Having fun is a top priority, which can actually inspire you to broaden your awareness and achieve greater things. However, this day in particular is all about good times and hanging out with the ones you love. Furthermore, if you are single, this might be a chance to meet someone who can put the smile back on your face.

Daily Predictions for Capricorn: Today is a very important day for you family and your home my dear Capricorn. Something has changed the past days and it seems that you are really enjoying – or you want to enjoy – spending time at home. This is you top priority this weekend. To get more quality time for you and the ones you love!

Daily Predictions for Aquarius: This is a pretty peculiar day for you dear Aquarius.

Not only will you have the chance to have more fun with interesting people but also you might get the chance to re-examine your relationships, as new information is coming towards you. Secret information. Are you ready for the truth?

Daily Predictions for Pisces: This is a day to take a step back and see what is going on with your financial status. You might feel you are in a dead-end, but today there might be a hint of what you might be missing. Today, you can get a greater picture of the truth.

Astrology and Magic: Philtres, potions, charms and magical perfumes and oils are quite promising, today.

That’s all.

Have fun and enjoy your day!