Predictions for the New Moon in Libra – 28 September 2019

General Predictions for the New Moon in Libra: On September the 28th, at 18:27 UT, the Moon meets the Sun, in Libra, forming the New Moon.

During the waxing Moon period, Mercury, slowly, but steadily starts slowing down as it’s getting ready to turn into retrograde motion, again. Still, though, it runs quite well, so we won’t be feeling any side-effects. Maybe some hints of those, only. Also, on October the 3rd, Mercury enters Scorpio. This is an important astrological event, as at the same time, two more blessings are manifesting. One is, that Mercury stops pressing Pluto via a square.

The other is that Pluto changes its course, and, on October the 3rd, at 06:39 UT, it turns back into direct motion, leaving just 2 (or 3, counting Chiron) planets into retrograde motion. Thus, this waxing Moon period, as well as the coming waning Moon will be ones of the most fast moving periods of the year, ones like we have to encounter since early March. So, do make the most you can out of this period.

Two more planets are changing their zodiacs during this waxing Moon, adding to the change of astrological scenery. Mars, on the 4th of October enters Libra, and Venus, on the 8th of October enters Scorpio.

Mars entering Libra is mostly a peaceful change. It will stop supporting Pluto, but, since its support on Pluto has already been weakened, this is a mostly good thing, too. Remember that an overcharged Pluto awakens our psychological issues, even if it’s a beneficial charge. And Pluto has been overly energised most of the year. Also, up to the day of the coming Full Moon, Mars won’t be stressing either Pluto, or Saturn. This will change during the waning Moon period, though, so, once again, do your best during this much more peaceful period.

Venus entering Scorpio it also means it stops squaring Pluto. But, before this happens, its square with Pluto will become stronger and, finally, accurate, at the 1st of October. This is probably on of the most challenging aspect of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period.

On the other hand, from the eve of the Full Moon, it will start forming a triangle with Saturn. Mercury will be forming a triangle with Saturn since the 6th of the month. A triangle that will become accurate the day after the Full Moon. Also, from the 11th of the month it will be forming a triangle with Pluto.

The Sun squares Saturn, tough, accurately on the 7th of the month, and this square will be active throughout the whole period. It literally starts acting on the day of the New Moon and stops acting on the day of the Full Moon. Also, from the 4th of October it will be forming a square with Pluto, and this square will be accurate just after the Full Moon. On the other hand, Sun blesses Jupiter with a hexagon. Accurately so on the day of the Full Moon, October the 13th, but will be active from the 1st of October. The two lucky stars in harmonious cooperation is always a great omen.

So, overall, this is a mostly fast-moving, but mostly good and auspicious New Moon and waxing Moon period. Yes, there will be some difficulties, but things are changing, majorly in a good way. Problems are getting solved. Emotions still need some attention, as Pluto is still stressed, as so is Neptune, but as Pluto turns back into direct motion and less energy is focused on it, our emotional balance is getting steadier.

New Moon Predictions for Aries: Cleansing and healing is important during this period. The New Moon and the waxing Moon period will encourage, help and, occasionally, demand to do these to yourself, your environment and your life. This can be, at times, unpleasant, but, overall it’s both fulfilling and a good thing to do. Cutting off toxic relationships, bad habits, unnecessary expenses and anything and everything that holds you back is both possible and advisable.

Work and career matters also receive much focus. Not everything will be easy there. Especially where other people are involved. Deals and contracts, as well as all matters of the law need more attention. Nonetheless, overall, things are going well in this field of your life, too, and work can become quite successful and profitable. It needs some effort and attention, but it is good.

New Moon Predictions for Taurus: Although there is still much focus on your work and career matters, love and personal life are becoming more important.

You are trying to socialise more, and luck helps you with that, too. Schools of all kinds and places of studying, discussion, spiritual groups and the like, both online and in person can help you, a lot, with this. Work and health receives mostly beneficial influences, as well. Money, too. There will be some stress, but things are proceeding mostly in a good way.

Health, is getting stronger, if you’ve been encountering any problems, there, but emotional health and well being still need your care and attention. Doing things that please you can help you with that, more than usual. Also, making your everyday life a better one, even by making small steps towards that goal, can also help, a lot.

New Moon Predictions for Gemini: There is much focus on work and work related matters, under the influences of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period. This field of your life receives mostly beneficial influences, too.

Work can become quite successful and satisfactory. Profitable, too, wherever this is applicable. Also, health receives some very good and healing energies.

Love life is mostly pleasant. Especially so for those already in a relationship. Not necessarily as satisfactory as you’d like and not necessarily without its difficult days and moments, but, overall, things there are good. Singles should be careful and watchful in their research. Good opportunities can appear, but bad ones looking like good ones can also appear.

New Moon Predictions for Cancer: This is a mostly pleasant and lucky New Moon and waxing Moon period, for you. Love life receives much help and good luck. Problems and tension in your existing relationship calm down.

Even more so after the 3rd of October. Solving and healing them, of course, is important. Otherwise they will reappear. It’s true, in some rare cases, healing can mean a separation, but if things come to this, now it’s the best for you. Also, if you keep your eyes and heart open, you may find a new love sooner than you’d expect.

Work, too, receives some good energies. Your work environment can change and become a better and more harmonious one. This can mean a change of jobs, or a change of office, the removal of unpleasant people from your environment, the addition of more friendly and cooperative ones, and anything that will make your work environment more pleasant.

New Moon Predictions for Leo: Home and family receive much of your focus and time, under the influences of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period.

Sorting out of issues there, cleansing, reorganising and redecorating your home, are all some of the ways these influence will manifest. Also, health issues in the family can have a good development. Your social life is, also quite active and important. Some chances for those seeking a new love can also appear.

Your work can become quite demanding and somewhat stressful. If it’s in jeopardy, be extra careful, but in most cases nothing that serious is happening. Overall, it’s progressing in the right way. But the path can be a bit thorny.

New Moon Predictions for Virgo: Up till now you were focusing mostly on money and work. The New Moon and waxing Moon period encouraging you to shift your focus. At least partly.

Some times they can even force you to do that. Social life and your friendships become more important. They can bring you joy, too. Love life also becomes more pleasant and, if you are a single searching for their other half, this period can be quite helpful.

Money still plays an important role, but it’s more in order and needs less attention. What you should be careful about is to avoid wastefulness and overindulging in luxuries. If you can avoid those, you’ll have little to nothing to be afraid of.

New Moon Predictions for Libra: Money and finances receive much focus from this New Moon and this waxing Moon period and, most of it, if not all of it, is a beneficial one.

Finding financial support, finding solutions to financial problems, putting in order your finances and your priorities, as well as achieving a better income are all possible. Your productivity is also strong, both work-wise and otherwise. Making money via unusual, or unexpected ways is also possible. Also, all matters and issues of property, receive help. Furthermore, finding your balance in this material world is more easily feasible, too.

Home and family, though can cause you some stress. The same is true for people you consider as family. They’ll be mostly supportive. At least, they intend to be so, but they’ll occasionally be unsettling and discouraging, too. Otherwise, your social life receives mostly pleasant energies.

New Moon Predictions for Scorpio: This is quite a beneficial New Moon and waxing Moon period for you.

Your energy starts raising and so do your productivity and self-confidence and you are capable of achieving more and more easily. From the 8th of the month onwards, this becomes even more vivid and obvious, but start doing your best right away. Then, the better astrological conditions will help you even more. Money, too receives some support and help. Solving financial problems and finding solution to situations that challenge you are both possible.

Social life, though can be somewhat stressful. It is active enough, but not necessarily pleasant enough. In fact, it can become more active than you’d prefer. Also, transportations, communications and the means of those can cause you some stress.

New Moon Predictions for Sagittarius: This is a strongly spiritual New Moon and waxing Moon period for you. Your spiritual life and abilities are getting stronger and more active.

Practising in this field can become quite fruitful, too. Jobs based on such abilities can become quite profitable and successful, as well. Artistic and psychotherapeutic jobs also receive some good luck. This is also a good period to work on your personal projects and goals.

Money receives much focus, too from the stars. Most of it beneficial, but expenses can also raise, or become more pressing and demanding. Try to avoid wastefulness, too. Nonetheless, this is a mostly supportive period for your finances and for your financial planning.

New Moon Predictions for Capricorn: Things have calmed down for you significantly since Saturn turned back into direct motion and they calm down even more now that Pluto, too, turns back into direct motion.

Your mood and mindset are getting better and more optimistic. Not all stress disappears at once, but you feel better. You are getting your life sorted, too. Following your dreams and personal goals becomes important. Do give some time to such things. Especially if they are not part of your living-providing job.

Work, career and business mattes also receive much focus from this New Moon and this waxing Moon period and most of it is a beneficial one. There will be some stress and some uncertainty. Especially until the 8th of October, but most things are proceeding according to your expectations, even before then. After then, even more so.

New Moon Predictions for Aquarius: Your career and career matters become your main focus, under the influences of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period. “Mainer”, if you permit the expression.

Hobbies and social life, too receive much of your energy and thought, and, also, some support from the stars, but work becomes much more important. And in a good way, actually. Things are getting better there. Careers where your fame and the public opinion are important, receive even more support.

Social life is active and mostly pleasant, but it can be challenging at times. Problems there are becoming more obvious. This is unpleasant, but it’s a way to heal your social life. Studies and travelling, also receive some stress. Dreams can become vivid, but, keep in mind, they most likely are not prophetic. In most cases it’s just emotional burden surfacing. Understand it and heal it, if you can, or don’t give it more gravity than it deserves, if you can’t.

New Moon Predictions for Pisces: This New Moon and waxing Moon period awakens and empowers your spirituality and your intellectuality. You want to nurture your mind and your spirit.

And also, your efforts towards this goal receive support and good luck. It’s also a good time for having cast your chart or having your cards read. Jobs and hobbies of either spiritual, or intellectual nature receive much help, too. Studies, as well, of course. Other jobs also receive much help. Money matters too. Finding a better job, or achieving a better income are both possible.