September’s Void of Course Moon

This period has many long void of course Moon periods, as you may have noticed from our Daily Predictions. As we’ve said many times previously, a void of course Moon is neither a stressful nor an inauspicious aspect on its own, but it can act as one, if we want to start something new, sign a new contract, make a new deal, and even start a new magical ritual that needs days to be completed.

The void of course Moon periods neither reduce, nor calm the auspicious and inauspicious aspects that act that day, unless what we are doing is something that falls directly under its influences. Therefore, continuations of spells and rituals, short-term spells, deals we’ve made previously and anything that has already started, will receive no influences, beneficial, or stressful, from the void of course Moon.

Of course, if it’s not in your hand to chose when you’ll start something you want to start, don’t hesitate. Start it under the void of course Moon. Simply, expect some extra difficulties, short-term and long-term ones, as starting something under the influences of a void of course Moon affects the whole project, and not just the day. If you can plan and schedule the new beginnings, though, it’s probably better to know when to schedule ithem. For this reason, here is the list of the void of course Moon periods for September 2019.

All times and dates are in UT.

  • 2 September 08:34 – 2 September 23:35
  • 4 September 10:58 – 5 September 03:08
  • 6 September 16:03 – 7 September 10:37
  • 9 September 08:30 – 9 September 21:23
  • 11 September 05:22 – 12 September 09:51
  • 14 September 04:33 – 14 September 22:32 (Full Moon)
  • 16 September 16:03 – 17 September 10:31
  • 19 September 13:56 – 19 September 20:57
  • 22 September 02:41 – 22 September 04:50
  • 23 September 22:05 – 24 September 09:19 (Equinox)
  • 25 September 16:14 – 26 September 10:37
  • 28 September 03:58 – 28 September 10:04 (New Moon)
  • 30 September 02:06 – 30 September 09:43

September has less void of course Moon periods than the previous months and just one of them close to 24h long. Therefore, it’s a more active month.

Nonetheless there are still many long void of course Moon periods.

Thus, above is the table with all the void of course Moon periods for September 2019. Hope it’ll help you better plan ahead whatever you need to start during this month.

Have fun and enjoy this month.