Predictions for the Full Moon in Aquarius – 15 August 2019

General Predictions for the Full Moon in Aquarius:

On August the 15th, at 12:29 UT, the Moon from Aquarius accurately opposes the Sun, in Leo, forming the Full Moon.

Mercury and Jupiter have turned back to direct motion, while Uranus has turned into retrograde motion, but during this waning Moon period, no other planet changes its direction. Furthermore, when Mercury entered Leo, on the 11th, a great gathering of energies in the zodiac manifested, as four planets – the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars – were there. This will remain the case until the 18th, when Mars will enter Virgo. Then on the 21st Venus will follow. Then the Sun on the 23rd and finally Mercury on the 29th, the eve of the New Moon. So, the energies are moving from Leo to Virgo and from the Fire zodiacs to the Earth zodiacs.

Indeed, during the waxing Moon period, as we’ve seen, there was something like a Great Triangle in the Fire zodiacs, so, not only Leo, but all Fire signs were strong. During this waning Moon period, something similar will happen to the Earth signs. Uranus from Taurus will form a triangle with each of the planets entering Virgo, and all of them, except Mercury, will be in triangle (not accurate, yet, but still acting) with Saturn, in Capricorn. So, yes, the Earth signs receive much energy and support.

Venus conjunction with the Sun remains active the whole waning Moon period, although it becomes less strong by the day. It’s also in a conjunction with Mars, the whole period. This one will be accurate on the 24th. It’s in an active triangle with the Retrograde Uranus in Taurus, since the 18th. Accurately on the 26th. Furthermore, from the 24th, it will start being in a triangle with the Retrograde Saturn, in Capricorn. Therefore Venus blesses as with many beneficial aspects. From the 25th onwards, it will be in a square with Jupiter, in Sagittarius, but this aspect may call for some more action and effort, rather than it being a purely negative one.

Especially because Mercury will be in a triangle with Jupiter, accurately on the 21st, and until the 25th, when it will start being in a conjunction with Venus.

If there is a stressful aspect that we should be wary about, this is the square Mercury forms, from Leo, with the Retrograde Uranus, in Taurus. This square will be a precise one on the 16th and it will stop being active on the 23rd. Until then, whatever has to do with the internet, communications, transportations, trade of all kinds and changes of all kinds need some extra attention. These aspects of our lives can cause us some stress, too.

So, overall, this is a mostly beneficial Full Moon and waning Moon period. There are some difficulties, of course, and the retrograde activity is still strong, but most of the acting long-term aspects are beneficial, so progress is happening and good developments are achievable.

Full Moon Predictions for Aries: All work, career and money matters receive much support, under the influences of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Expenses can be many, and unpredictable, too, so being wise and careful regarding unnecessary luxuries will reduce any possible stress about your finances. Also, intellectual kind of occupations and avocations can face some difficulties, but progress there, can be achieved. And a significant one, too.

Other than those, this will mostly be an easy going period, with most things going well. Putting your life and home in order is possible, and love life also receives some good energies. Especially during the first half of the period.

Full Moon Predictions for Taurus: This is a mostly good period, for you.

Maybe not as satisfactory as you’d like, although, it can become, if you put some effort in it and keep your energies focused on what really matters to you. Love life, too, receives some good energies and you seem to be more bright, outgoing and charming than usual. Studies and similar activities can have a good progress, while travelling is auspicious.

Home and family can cause you some unsettlement and they can become a source of distractions. Some things cannot be avoided, but do not let these distractions consume more of your time and energy than necessary.

Full Moon Predictions for Gemini: There are some stressful situations happening, during this period, but in most cases your thinking and your memory can cause you more stress than the actual events.

Family and your other half can be a part of the reason. The too many obligations you may have to take care of, at times, too.

Nonetheless, this is a mostly satisfactory and successful period. Furthermore, all Air signs, and, therefore, you, too, have quite strong spiritual and magical powers under the influences of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. So, keeping a positive outlook and visualising the successes you desire, can help you achieve much, much more and make things much better.

Full Moon Predictions for Cancer: Money can cause you some stress under the influences of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Money you spend, more so than money you earn.

Trade, can be less profitable than usual, but it is profitable. High-tech equipment may malfunction and it may need repairs or replacement. Work also can stress you, but not as much and, beneficial changes can happen there. This stress may be just the extra puss you needed. Keep in mind, overall, work receives mostly positive energies.

Furthermore, your social life can become more active and more pleasant. Your social skills are in a very good condition. You are enjoying the company of your friends and acquaintances and you are inviting new people in your life. Some of them, quite interesting, too.

Full Moon Predictions for Leo: This Full Moon and this waning Moon period blesses greatly your work, career and money matters. Career changes can face some difficulties.

In some cases you may need to proceed to something like that. Finding a new job, too. It can become a stressful situation, but the positive energies are far stronger, so expect a good end result.

Love life may need a little more effort, than usual. It’s not bad, but not all is easy going and lucky, there. Also, restraining, as much as possible, a tendency you have to overspend, unnecessarily so, would be a wise thing to do.

Full Moon Predictions for Virgo: Your mood and your emotional health and well being can be challenged many times under the influences of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period.

Therefore, do your best to support your mood and yourself. Nonetheless, this isn’t a mostly stressful period. On the contrary, it’s a mostly good and lucky one. The good things are more and more important than the negative ones. Keeping a positive outlook can help you enjoy them more, and, also, to invite even more good luck. Family and home can also play a role in your mood changes.

As we’ve said, this is a mostly good period. There is much energy concentrating in your zodiac, and this gives you enough power to achieve whatever you want to achieve. From the 18th onwards you’ll be feeling this, clearly. Work and love life are the easiest to promote.

Full Moon Predictions for Libra: Trade of goods and trade of services can face some challenges and difficulties. Nonetheless, you can turn the tables, if you put the effort to achieving that.

Abandoning the negative thinking is a good first step. All Air signs have strong magical and spiritual powers during this period. Therefore, focus on what you want to achieve and the roads will open. Also, this is a good period for psychotherapy and for psychotherapists.

Your high-tech equipment and the internet can cause you some problems. Jobs based on those can be a bit more stressed than the rest. You may need to purchase such products and services, but, if you have the choice, it’s better you won’t do it right now.

Full Moon Predictions for Scorpio: Career and business matters, business partners and – not as much – money, can stress you, during this period. Some changes happen there, too.

Some of them long-awaited or long-targeted, but still they can cause you some stress. Whether these changes are initiated by you, or not, they’ll be, good ones, much more often than not. In fact, most work matters receive beneficial influences and relationships in your work environment become better, or calm down.

Furthermore, your social life becomes more active and your social skills are in very good condition. Meeting new people – maybe many of them – is possible. Finding new friends, you lovers, new whatever you are looking for, is possible. Enjoying time with the old ones is also something you’ll be experiencing.

Full Moon Predictions for Sagittarius: There is some stress surrounding your work and career matters and, maybe, some lack of confidence about them.

Nonetheless, this Full Moon and this waning Moon period are mostly helpful regarding those matters, so keep your focus and do your best and you’ll achieve what you want to achieve. Maybe even more than just that.

Travelling is not very auspicious. It’s not bad, altogether, but not very auspicious, so either postpone it, or be better prepared and more careful. Your mood, in general, may also need some support, too. Try to do things you enjoy. A shift in your energies can bring even more good luck and even better developments in all aspects of your life.

Full Moon Predictions for Capricorn: Maybe your expectations for this period are somewhat unrealistic, and this can become a source of stress, as things won’t go as you’d like and expect, some times.

Regarding love matters, even more so. This “bad luck” can stress you in other fields of your life, too.

Nonetheless, this isn’t an unlucky period. Quite the opposite in fact. This Full Moon and this waning Moon period bless you with much strength and good luck. Pleasant and beneficial developments can happen and will happen. Even love receives strong beneficial influences. Focus on the good things happening and you’ll enjoy them more, and you’ll achieve even more such things.

Full Moon Predictions for Aquarius: Home and family can become a great support and source of joy for you, during this period, but they can also cause you much stress.

In most cases, though, without a serious reason, or because of reasons that look like being more serious, at first glance, than they really are. Reacting calmingly to whatever happens will save you from unnecessary stress. Work wise, trade can be a little challenging and business partners can be uncooperative, at times.

Nonetheless, this is quite a satisfactory period for you, and it can become even more so. Achieving successes in whatever you are focusing your energies and efforts on, is more than simply possible. Furthermore, as it happens with all the Air signs, this Full Moon and this waning Moon period blesses you with strong magical and spiritual powers. Employ them and you’ll achieve even more.

Full Moon Predictions for Pisces: Work, career and business matters can become a bit stressful, during this period.

Many obligations and a lack of energy, or focus, on your part can make the situations there a little more difficult. Nonetheless, if you do make the effort, things won’t be any bad. Prioritising on keeping your health in a good condition, though is what you shouldn’t neglect.

Business partners can cause you some stress but they can also be quite helpful and supportive, other times. Furthermore your social life, becomes much more pleasant and active, under the influences of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Finding a new love is possible, but finding new friends or people you want to work with is much more possible. Also, enjoying the company of your friends and acquaintances is something that happens more often than it did the previous period.

Astrology and Magic: Meditative and hypnotic techniques are extra strong during this period. Employing them in all your spell casting will empower your magic greatly, too.