August Energy Calendar

We started August with a bit of a bang, didn’t we? The Black Moon (New Moon), a Sabbat – Lughnasadh in the Northen Hemisphere and Imbolc in the southen Hemisphere and the Lionsgate Portal is open and brigning some vey powerful energies into the world. I don’t know about you, but the energy has been all over the shop the last few days, and I know there are many out there who have been struggling, especially with the recent retrograde phase for Mercury. The Birthstones for August. The Birthstone for August is PERIDOT . Birthstones for Leo include: ONYX, CARNELIAN, SARDONYX, GOLDEN TOPAZ and TOURMALINE.

Birthstones for Virgo include: CARNELIAN, JADE, JASPER, MOSS AGATE and SAPPHIRE. Name of the Moon in August ? Colonial American – The Dog Days Moon ? Cheorkee Native American – The Fruit Moon ? Choctaw Native Ameican – The Woman’s Moon ? Sioux Native American – The Moon When All Things Ripen ? Celtic – The Dispute Moon ? English – The Lightening Moon ? Neo-Pagan – The Lightening Moon. August Energy Calendar * 1st August: – The ? New Moon ?

in Leo at 04:11 – Lughnasadh – Northern Hemisphere – Imbolc – Southern Hemisphere * 2nd August: – The Moon enters Virgo at 14:20 * 3rd August: – The Moon enters Libra at 14:29 – The Month of the Horse Ends (Celtic Animal Zodiac) – The Month of Holly Ends (Celtic Tree Zodiac) * 5th August: – The Month of the Fish Begins (Celtic Animal Zodaic) – The Month of Hazel Begins (Celtic Tree Zodiac) * 6th August: – The Moon enters Scorpio at 16:31 * 7th August: – The Moon enters it’s ? FIRST QUARTER ?

in Scorpio at 18:20 * 8th August: – The Moon enters Sagittarius at 21:34 * 11th August: – The Moon enters Capricorn at 05:49 – The Time of Sekhmet Ends (Egyptian Zodiac) – Uranus enters Retrograde at 18:10 in Taurus * 12th August: The Month of Horus Begins (Egyptian Zodiac) * 13th August: The Moon enters Aquarius at 16:35 * 15th August: – The ? FULL MOON ?

in Aquarius at 13:29 – Mercury leaves Rx Zone at 01:53 at Capricorn * 16th August: – The Moon enters Pisces at 04:49 * 18th August: – The Moon enters Aries at 17:32 * 19th August: – The Time of Horus Ends (Egyptian Zodiac) * 20th August: – The Time of Geb Begins (Egyptian Zodiac) * 21st August – The Moon enters Taurus at 05:36 – The Month of the Salmon Ends (Native American Zodiac) * 22nd August: – The Month of the Bear Begins (Native American Zodac) – The Month of Leo Ends (Traditional Zodiac) * 23rd August: – The Moon enters Gemini at 15:33 – The Moon enters it’s ? LAST QUARTER ?

in Gemini at 15:55 – The Month of Virgo Begins (Traditional Zodiac) * 25th August: – The Moon enters Cancer at 22:05 * 28th August: – The Moon enters Leo at 00:53 * 30th August: – The Moon enters Virgo at 00:57 – The ? NEW MOON ? in Virgo at 11:37 – The ? Black Moon ? – The Second New Moon in August * 31st August: – The Time of Geb Ends (Egyptian Zodiac) Asalways the times mentioned here are in UTC/GMT but you can find a conversion for your timezone at