Daily Predictions for Sunday 28 July 2019

General Daily Predictions: Today, the Moon from Gemini opposes the Retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius and squares the Retrograde Neptune in Pisces. It also forms a hexagon with Mars, in Leo. Furthermore, from 15:24 UT until 11:31 UT of the 29th, the Moon will be void of course.

Also today, Venus enters Leo.

So, this will be quite a stressful day, but Mars will give us much energy to fight back.

Leo will be the luckiest zodiac of the day. Sagittarius, Pisces and probably Gemini will be the ones facing the most stress.

Void of Course Moon for July 2019 The Moon has been having many long void of course periods, for some time now, and this will continue throughout July, as well. In order to help you plan ahead whatever the void of course Moon affects, you can find all the void of course Moon periods for Ju ly here .

Daily Predictions for Aries: This day can bring you much stress, especially because you are experiencing the challenges it presents you with more intensively than they deserve. In the same time, though, you have the inner strength to turn this day to a really good one. Use this power.

Daily Predictions for Taurus: There is some extra focus on money matters. Reorganise your priorities and expenses. Research better, where this is applicable, and don’t make any hasty decisions. Despite some stress about money, this day also gives you the power to strengthen your financial situation.

Daily Predictions for Gemini: Work and business matters can be quite stressful, today. Business meetings, and conversations with business partners and associates, even more so. Nonetheless, your communicative and persuasive skills are in good form, as long as you keep your mind clear.

Daily Predictions for Cancer: Money receives mostly good influences, today. Financial planning, too. On the other hand, work seems to be a bit stressful, and, also, health needs some more care and attention.

Daily Predictions for Leo: Work can be quite stressful, today, and probably not as productive and satisfactory as you’d like, but progress can happen. Also, it’s a good day to promote yourself, your products and your services. Love life and social life can also face some problems.

Daily Predictions for Virgo: This is a good day for business planning and long-term career and business decisions. On the other hand, what you have to deal with right now, regarding these matters, can cause you some stress and, maybe you need to take a step backwards.

Daily Predictions for Libra: Work can be a bit stressful today. There may be a great load of things you have to deal with, too. Also, health needs some attention, especially so because your energy levels are not that great, today. Studies, on the other hand, can be difficult, but good. Also trade receives more support than other jobs.

Daily Predictions for Scorpio: Work and business matters mostly receive beneficial influences, today. Money, although it’s good, it also receives some stress, so be more wise with your expenses, if you can. Love life, needs even more attention. Especially for those seeking a new relationship.

Daily Predictions for Sagittarius: There may be some stress coming from your family, or your environment. Your self-confidence is not as strong, so things that wouldn’t normally affect you, today they may do so, too. Although your other half may cause you some unsettlement, too, love life also receives beneficial influences. Studies and intellectual jobs also receive support.

Daily Predictions for Capricorn: Work can be quite tiresome and probably stressful, but, in the same time, it can be quite successful. Health is strong, healing even more so. Nonetheless, there is a tendency for accidents, so do be extra careful, today.

Daily Predictions for Aquarius: Love life receives mostly good influences, today. Both those in a relationship and those seeking one will enjoy them. From the latter group, the hunter-type can be quite lucky, too. Money matters and social life, though, can be somewhat troublesome.

Daily Predictions for Pisces: Work seems quite stressful, but progress can happen. Focusing on what you can do now and what you can correct now, will help you achieve more. Maybe more than you’d think you can. Also, health receives good energies, and the same is true for the health of a family member.

Astrology and Magic: Fire magic is quite good, today. Especially for cleansing and obstacles removing.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day!