Predictions for the New Moon in Taurus – 04 May 2019

General Predictions for the New Moon in Taurus: On May 04, at 22:46 UT the Sun meets the Moon in Taurus, forming the New Moon. This New Moon seems to activate inner healing, creativity, artistic talents, beauty – of the body and the soul. It also keeps us focused on our environment. Friends, acquaintances, new people entering our lives and people returning to them can play a significant role in this waxing Moon period. Magic to invite the right people in our lives, including customers, also is strong. Keep in mind, though, not all of these things will happen in an easy and pleasant way. Nor, of course, will they all happen in a difficult and unpleasant way, either.

There are three retrograde planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto and all of them are active. Therefore, delays, difficulties and obstacles are expectable. And all of them receive some stress, too. But the difficulties and obstacles and negative feelings reawakening inside of us, intend to help us see what is wrong and what needs change. So don’t let these problems overwhelm you. Instead, work with them. And, do remember, the change starts from within. Changing our outlook, our way of thinking and our mood, will change the world around us in a more effective way than if we try to change the world itself.

Also, three planets are changing their zodiac sign during this waxing Moon period. Mercury enters Taurus on the 6th of May. Venus enters Taurus on the 15th of May. And finally, Mars enters Cancer just two days prior the Full Moon, on the 16th of May. So, slowly, more than rapidly, the planetary scenery is changing.

The inauspicious aspects: Mercury squares both the Retrograde Pluto and the Retrograde Saturn. Both these aspects are losing power by the day, but they will be active, the former until the 8th of May, the latter until the 7th of May. This is mostly good news, of course.

Mars stresses the Retrograde Jupiter via an opposition. This aspect will be accurate on the 5th of May and it will remain active until two, or three days after the Full Moon. On the downside, this means we’ll need some extra effort to achieve what we want to achieve. Even more than just because Jupiter is in retrograde motion. It also means we are lacking patience. Intellectual kind of occupations and avocations may be more difficult to deal with, while those where the body plays the major role, can have some accidents. So, be extra careful. On the good side, though, it helps us become more determined to achieve what we want to achieve.

Just make sure it’s determination and not stubbornness.

The Retrograde Jupiter is in a square with Neptune. This aspect is a long lasting one, but now it has a significant strength. It won’t be perfect, during this period. In fact, it won’t be perfect until the middle of June, just before Neptune turns retrograde, too. Nonetheless, this is one of the reasons healing and changing starts from within. Working on it now, when only the kind Jupiter is in retrograde motion, will help us avoid more stressful situations when Neptune will turn retrograde, too. Furthermore, travelling may face some extra problems and obstacles.

As this aspect won’t stop acting until well in November, I won’t suggest you should postpone travelling, but do your best to organise it as better as possible, and do anything in your power to avoid problems.

Venus’ inauspicious aspects: Venus will be playing an important role during this period for good and ill. It is squaring both the Retrograde Pluto and the Retrograde Saturn. Saturn accurately on the 7th of the month, and Pluto accurately on the 9th of the month. The square with Saturn will be active until the 16th, while the square with Pluto will be active until the Full Moon on the 18th. Therefore, both aspects will affect the whole period. These aspects will teach us, one way or another, what is “ugly” in our lives, souls and appearance and they demand we should change it.

It is an unpleasant and forceful call for “beautification” and it will neither be stress-free, nor will it be obstacle-free. Problems in our love lives, of course, will also become more obvious and more intense. But not everything will be bad there, as Venus will also give us some blessings.

Venus’ auspicious aspects: On the 9th of the month, Venus forms and accurate triangle with the Retrograde Jupiter. This triangle is already active and it will remain so until the Full Moon. This boosts the arts, philosophy, literature, and our ability to heal and beautify our souls, lives and bodies. It can also present some opportunities to find, or re-find, interesting people who will touch our hearts, in a romantic, or non-romantic way.

Venus, also, conjuncts Uranus. This aspect will become accurate on the day of the Full Moon, but it will be active from the 10th (for some from the 9th) onwards. This can further help us heal our souls and selves and it can also help us manifest the changes we need and desire to manifest, in order to make our lives better.

Furthermore, Venus forms a hexagon with Mars. This hexagon will be accurate on the 14th of the month, but it is already active and it will remain active until the eve of the Full Moon. As this hexagon acts while both planets are in extrovert zodiac signs, it can boost our attractiveness and it can produce some opportunities to find a new love. It also supports dietary changes and changes in our work out routines. Proceed to those with extra attention, though, as both planets are under stress, as well. But, if you take all precautions, the results will be many and much rewarding.

Mercury’s auspicious aspects: Mercury is in a triangle with the Retrograde Jupiter. This triangle was accurate on the eve of the New Moon and it will remain active until the 9th of the month. Trade, socialisation and everything that has to do with people from other places and countries, receive support. It also can give us more opportunities to meet new people and expand our social circles.

Mercury, also, conjuncts Uranus. Accurately on the 8th of the month, but this conjunction is active since the 3rd of the month and it will remain active until the 14th. This can help us reduce our stubbornness and adopt new ways of thinking. A very helpful trait, under the circumstances, as we’ve seen.

Mercury also supports the Retrograde Saturn and the Retrograde Pluto via a triangle with each. The triangle with Saturn will be active from the 12th until the 21st, and it will be accurate on the 16th. The triangle with Pluto will be active from the 13th and will remain active until the 23rd. It will be accurate on the day of the Full Moon. Charms, magical perfumes, magical oils, magical potions receive much power. That’s true for creating them, charging them and using them. Also, meditation will be strong and effective under these influences. Mantras, repetitively spells and all forms of ecstatic magic, too.

In the same time health issues can get much better, under treatment. All forms of treatment become more powerful and effective. You may also find a new, better doctor, or healer, or a new and better way to treat your condition.

Sun’s auspicious influences: Last but not least, the Sun blesses us with some beautiful and auspicious aspects. First of all, it forms a conjunction with Mercury. This aspect will be active from the 13th of the month and it will remain active until the 30th of the month. It will become accurate during the waning Moon period, on the 21st, the day both planets enter Gemini. Social life and work – especially trade and whatever is based on communication, transportation and interactions with the public – receive much support and luck.

Then, the Sun forms a triangle with each the Retrograde Saturn and the Retrograde Pluto. The triangle with Saturn will become accurate on the 11th and it is be active since the 1st of May and until the 21st. The triangle with Pluto is active since the day of the New Moon and it will remain active until the 24th. It will become accurate on the 14th. Not only do these triangles release some of the retrograde planets’ stress, but they add some support and good luck in all their positive influences and aspects.

Finally the Sun forms a hexagon with Neptune. This will be accurate on the 9th of the month. It’s already active and will remain so until the 19th of the month, a day after the Full Moon. Maybe, for reasons we saw earlier, our inner darkness talks loudly, but our hope and inner light is just as strong. Things can get better. We may need to work for it, but the stars will support us, once we put the effort.

So, overall, this is not the easiest New Moon and waxing Moon period, but, by no means should it be considered an inauspicious one. Let me remind you once again, this New Moon rudely demands healing and improvements, but it also brings opportunities for them to manifest. So, keep your head straight, your mindset optimistic and do the best you can do.

New Moon Predictions for Aries: Finances are one of the main focuses of the New Moon and the waxing Moon period. Some effort may be needed for a progress to happen, but a significant one is achievable, if you don’t get discouraged. Social life receives some boosting, too. Expanding your social circle, healing it and making your exiting relationships stronger, are all possible.

Travelling and transportation may need some extra attention, throughout the period. Studies and all intellectual activities, can be difficult, but there, too, success is achievable.

New Moon Predictions for Taurus: With Mercury entering your zodiac there is much energy gathered on you. This can help you and support you on almost every aspect of your life. Finding new, interesting people is possible. If you already have some friends sharing similar interests with you, your relationship with them may become stronger and more active during this period, too.

Psychic and magical abilities are also rather strong.

Money can be both pleasant and stressful. Income seems good, but expenses can be many, as well. Try to avoid the unnecessary ones, and – if possible – try to save some money for the future.

New Moon Predictions for Gemini: Spiritual and magical abilities are quite strong and effective, under the influences of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period. Also, your decision-making abilities are quite capable. Many times, intuition can help your rational thinking, while in the same time, apparently irrational decisions may end up being the wisest and most rational ones.

Although love life isn’t really bad, your other half may stress you, this period. This can happen either because they are facing some issues and they aren’t in the best condition, or because problems in your relationship become stronger. Healthy relationships, of course, are not in danger, but a careful handling and a healing are necessary. Business partners and colleagues can play a similar role, in a lesser degree, though.

New Moon Predictions for Cancer: Work and career plays an important role in this period for you. Changes, and beneficial ones, most probably, can happen. Not necessarily without stress and problems, but, overall, things are happening for the best. Some times, actions and decisions that seem to be more daring and risky than normal, can help you a lot.

Nonetheless, avoid a tendency to be overly risky.

Colleagues and partners can become somewhat annoying and bothersome. Difficult to handle and less understanding, too. This can be a reason you are forced to make the appropriate changes. Also, keep an eye at your health. Especially your emotional health. Stress, anxiety and depression, as well as similar conditions can act up.

New Moon Predictions for Leo: Works seems quite lucky and successful during this period. There may be some minor problems. They may also look like they are more important, or intimidating than they really are. Work related obligations which you have neglected can be the most important problem you have to deal with, though, in most cases.

Other than that, expect successes and progress, a little by luck, a lot by effort.

Love life receives both beneficial and stressful influences. If you are single, looking for a new relationship, opportunities, if you hunt for them, will appear, but make the right decision. If you are in a relationship, some difficulties may appear. In most cases, listening to your other half carefully and understandingly, as well as explaining yourself to them, as clearly as possible, can help avoid, or overcome any serious issues.

New Moon Predictions for Virgo: Love life receives both supporting and stressful influences. In most cases, sexual attraction is not the best guide for those seeking a new relationship and sex can be not as satisfactory as you’d like, in those already in a relationship. Trying new things in bed is not really recommended.

On the other hand, relationships with deeper and stronger roots, can become even better and even stronger. As for the singles, search for people who intrigue your mind and your body will follow.

Work is mostly good. There are difficulties and there are distractions. Many of them are coming from your close environment and your personal situations. Nonetheless, things can go pretty well. Keep your focus on your work and it can proceed even better.

New Moon Predictions for Libra: Work receives much support, under the influences of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period. Small, or not so small, changes may take place, but they’ll be beneficial ones. Also, you may find support and help in work related subjects. Even in your search for a new job, if you are looking for one.

Colleagues, superiors and business partners can be more cooperative, and helpful, too.

They won’t always agree with you, though, and this may cause you some unsettlement. But, maybe their point of you, or a combination of theirs and yours, can produce better results than your actions alone. Travelling, transportations, communications and the like may face some problems. Jobs based on those will be a little more difficult than the rest.

New Moon Predictions for Scorpio: Love life receives very good influences, from this New Moon and this waxing Moon period. Both those in a relationship and those seeking one will enjoy this influences. That doesn’t mean everything will happen on its own. Your effort is necessary, but they results will be more than satisfying. Work also receives very good influences.

There will be some problems and obstacles, there, but still, it will be a successful, productive and profitable period.

Money, though, needs some attention. Although income is good, expenses and obligations can be more than you’d expect, too. So be wise and prudent. Health, although is good, overall, needs some attention, for accidents can easily happen.

New Moon Predictions for Sagittarius: Work seems nice enough. Colleagues and business partners can some times cause you some unsettlement, but, overall, things are proceeding nicely and peacefully. Your income is also good. If it has been unstable, or at risk, now things are becoming more stable and secure. Love life also receives some beneficial influences.

Those searching a new relationship will enjoy them more than those already in a relationship. The latter will experience some stressful moments, too, with their other half, but, for them, too, overall, the period is beneficial.

Although this period calls for enjoying your life and some luxuries, and it can also promote your plans through such means, overdoing it can become problematic. Try to avoid this trap. Especially when expenses are inv