Chiron in Aries 2019 till 2027 – A Major Cosmic Shift

You all know Chiron. Although he is not actually a planet, he plays a very important role in our horoscopes. He is the wounded healer. Therefore, wherever he is positioned, he radiates important lessons through struggle and sorrow. Who is Chiron? Chiron is a centaur. Half human half horse, a special race of sages and warriors. Chiron was considered to be the “wisest and justest of all the centaurs” and this really means a lot. I guess he was lucky enough to have Apollo , the god of Sun, as his teacher. He taught Chiron the art of medicine, herbs, music, archery, hunting, gymnastics and prophecy, and made him rise above his ‘beastly’ nature.

Ironically, at the end, Chiron, the master of the healing arts, could not heal himself. Thus he willingly gave up his immortality in order to stop suffering. So this who Chiron is. A Healer who is wounded. So how will he affect us? To proceed, we might need to see what happened before… Chiron in Pisces (2010 – 2019) From April 2010 till 2019, Chiron in the deep waters of Pisces, threatened all religious systems and our sanity. For a decade we clearly lost faith in the most dominant religions.

Many scandals shattered our faith while at the same time, terrorist attacks in the ‘name of God’ destructed us from the message of Love and Peace – all religions actually speak of this in their core. Chiron from 2010-2019

  • Challenged all religions – cutting their progress and power.
  • Made us switch from me to we.
  • Forced us to deal with our raging emotions and our self-destructing mood swings.

Chiron in Aries (2019 – 2027) This is a particularly challenging position for Chiron, threatening world peace. This new position of the Wounded Healer has so many things to say. He will stay there until April, 2027. We switch again from we to me.

And we should take full responsibility of our actions. It’s not easy to get through this time without being aware of what we do and the impact of our actions. Karmically speaking, this new position will probably bring wars and protests like we’ve never seen before. But through all this violence, suffering and cruelty, we will finally learn that Love is the Key. Let’s see how each sign is going to be affected. Aries. Do not resist change. This is a new energy which will stay for about a decade long. Therefore you need to accept yourself and move forward. Avoid drama and troubles caused by over-reacting.

Be true to yourself and what you really need and proceed with love and respect to yourself and others. Embrace your flaws. Yet learn how to work with them. This is the only way to thrive. Taurus. Your Sorrow hides a key Through the last decade, the Cosmos has been preparing you to face the darkest depths of your psyche. Now, Chiron is here to help you heal what’s wounded and the only way to proceed is to accept yourself. You’ve been wrong and you will be again. As long as we live we may make mistakes. Some lesser, some greater. Now that Chiron is in your soul, healing through spirituality is predicted. Gemini.

Social circles can be a mess For the next 10 years the new position of Chiron will show you that friends is our treasure yet every relationship is not the same. You might get upset many times or even feel betrayed. Moreover, you may feel that you no longer belong in the same social circles or be trapped in one. Independence is the key. Cancer. Success can be a curse It’s not everything about the money or the success. I know that you’ve been through so much the past years and these words might sound a bit absurd. But trust me that success is not everything.

You are amongst the ones who can become very obsessive over everything you actually want to do. This is why you need to keep balance. Leo. Development feels frozen. For the next 10 years you need to cultivate more of your optimism in order to stay on track. It’s not that bad position for your sign due to the nature of this dwarf planet. Thus, it gives you many many lessons about your life and your spirituality. Learn that obstacles may actually help you find multiple ways for success. Virgo. Rebirth can be painful For the next 10 years you will undergo a peculiar phase of your life and things might get very interesting yet challenging at the same time.

Spirituality, your career and money will play a very important role for you. You need to find the fine line between earning money and slaving for it. Libra. Relations can be a prison Not all people are the same and if you really think about it you are not the same with everyone. So please make sure you understand that some of your relationships have been toxic for your life and your sanity. That’s actually may also be your fault too. Now it’s time to break free from them and learn your own value. Scorpio. Health comes first. You had your chance to thrive and you did. You also had so much fun.

Now Chiron tells you that you need to focus more on your health and take good care of your body. It’s what you soul uses and you need to be caring with it. Start healthy habits and renew your gym membership. Sagittarius. Fun can be tricky. I know that you are amongst the bravest explorers and that you dare to go where no one would. This applies to your realm of fun and satisfaction too. However, this time you need first to clarify what really brings joy to your life. Then you can take (some) risks but you need always to be safe. Capricorn. Home sweet (?) home. During the last 10 years you may have felt that friends hurt you.

They may have even betrayed your trust. However, now things change and you focus more on your home and your family. Pain in this area of your life is expected so please make sure you find a good way to ground your energies and not get that much affected by it. Aquarius. Friends or foes? Well, unfortunately for the next years of your life, friends can become a pain in your head. For this reason you need to be ready and not get too dramatic if something goes out of your hands. This actually means that although you love your friends you may need to understand that not everyone thinks the same as you. Pisces.

Money is an open wound For the next 10 years you are going to learn the value and the traps of the money and of a good financial situation. This is exactly why you need to be more focused and take better care of your finances. Moreover, you may need to understand that money is actually a manifestation of your energy. The more unblocked your energy centers are, the better money flows.