Witch’s Weapons For Protection at Workplace

It’s true that our daily routine can be full of things we don’t like to do. Sometimes, this can get really annoying, especially when we have to ‘work’ with people who are radiating negativity. Well, it can get messy. However, remember that the main problem in this types of issues, is that we lost our immunity to this negativity. This is why it bothers us. Hence, we need to rediscover the Witch’s Weapons For Protection at Workplace. Why? Because it can affect our lives, our fate and even our health. So this is what this article is all about. Protecting our Aura should be our first priority.

Aura is our force field, our energy matrix, our signal to the universe along with a complex system of coded information about our past, our present and of course our future. Moreover, our aura interacts with all living and non living things exchanging energy. This is why we need to come up with clever solutions which grant us further magical protection from negativity and toxic people at Workplace. Witch’s Weapons For Protection at Workplace A Witch doesn’t need fancy tools of ingredients to cast magic. There are plenty of clever and powerful magical weapons to use against the darkness which lurks in our daily schedule. Well, come on, let’s defend our aura and our peace of mind. 1. Clear Quartz Crystal ?

It sounds simple and it actually is. Yet the power of this crystal is so unique that makes it a witch’s good friend. One of the most important properties of Quartz is that it creates a magical forcefield around around the bearer which filters all incoming and out-coming energies. However, you can actually ‘programme’ every quartz crystal and this is what we will show you how to do right now.

  • Get yourself a clear quartz pebble. Thankfully they are really affordable. 1-2 USD clear quartz can do the trick.
  • Get it inside your hands. Now go to a meditative state.
  • Visualise the Crystal’s door open for your ‘intentions’.
  • Start with simple ‘intentions’ every day. For example repeat ‘I am safe’ again and again until you feel it charged.
  • Remember that Quartz’s previous programming is still ‘saved’ in its crystal RAM. The more you ‘use’ it, you progressively ‘teach’ the intelligent energy of the crystal, to help you co-operate in the best way possible. It’s actually amazing how much you can do with it. The Clue is to keep on ‘programming’ it every day.

2. Garuda Mudra ? This powerful technique is known from India’s wise Yogis who gratefully introduced it to the Western World.

Garuda Mudra can help you fight anything sinister what you may encounter. How? Garuda is believed to wake up you magical potential actively shielding and protecting your body and aura. It can further assist you by giving you all the energy you need, fighting fatigue and promoting healing to a tired body.

  • Use Garuda Mudra in the morning.
  • Sit comfortably on your bed right after waking up.
  • Assume the gesture
  • Touch lightly your belly with your hands
  • Breathe normally for 3 minutes visualising the energy flowing freely in and out of your body.

3. Night-time Prayer ?

It’s probably the most underestimated magical method of all time. Yet there’s a reason why so many practice it daily and swear that they’ve got results, daily! Prayer is our conscious way to get in touch with our Divine Source from which we sprang. Of course you can elaborate by trying to contact your Guardian Angel (see here how) but you can always try the simplest and effective way of praying. The more you pray, the stronger the bond between you and the Divine source becomes. Let’s remember, how to pray as a repeating night ritual.

  • Right down on a piece of paper, a Prayer addressing what you hold dearest and most sacred of all. It can be you God, or Goddess, your Angel or anything you think is suitable.
  • Write down whatever there’s on you mind as if you are speaking to your closest friend. Tell the Divine whatever troubles you.
  • Get a white candle. Light it up – always paying attention to fire safety measures!
  • Read the Prayer out loud 3 times.
  • Extinguish the flame of the candle and keep the paper of the prayer in a secret spot where only you can find.
  • Repeat every night ?until you feel that you need to change the prayer and say something else.