New Moon Predictions – 6 March 2019

General Predictions for the New Moon in Pisces: On the 6th of March, at 16:04 UT the Moon meets the Sun in Pisces, forming the New Moon. This is a unique New Moon, as Mercury turned retrograde less than a day before it, and Uranus changed its zodiac a few hours before the accurate conjunction of the Sun and the Moon. Uranus’ change of signs won’t affect just the New Moon and waxing Moon period, but it will affect the coming years, until 2025, as well. Therefore, a new era is starting with this New Moon.

The auspicious influences of the New Moon: Neptune is quite strong during this New Moon and waxing Moon period. Both the Moon and the Sun are in conjunction with it, charging it and empowering its influence for the entire fortnight until the Full Moon. Sun’s accurate conjunction to Neptune will take place at 01:00 of the 7th of the month, and it will be active until four days before the Full Moon.

Mars is also in a hexagon with Neptune. This hexagon will be accurate on the 10th of the month, but it’s already active and it will remain active until a few days after the coming Full Moon. On the downside, when the Moon stresses either planet our emotions can cloud our judgement, because of this hexagon. On the bright side, though we can fight against negative emotions and self-doubt and be victorious. Furthermore, all magic, and especially fire magic, that intends to bring immediate results, becomes stronger and more effective. Psychic and spiritual powers are also stronger and more active, now. Many a time, without even our conscious effort.

Further empowering magic and our inner self, the Sun and Pluto are forming a hexagon. This hexagon will be accurate on the 13th of the month. It has been active since a few days ago and will remain so until a few days after the Full Moon. Therefore, it will be quite perceivable during the whole waxing Moon period. As always, an hyper-active Pluto can awake negative feelings and thoughts and cause mental and psychological issues to act up. Watch out for such symptoms and try to control them. On the other side, this hexagon also help us deal with such issues and heal them. Energy and spiritual healing methods are strong.

Charms, potions, perfumes and the like are also strong and affective. Coming in contact with the other planes, too.

The Retrograde Mercury also supports Plutonian activity via a hexagon. The hexagon will be accurate on the 16th of the month, but it’s already active and will remain active until the 20th of April, while a second accurate hexagon will come to pass when Mercury will be back in direct motion.

Because of this hexagon, our past may come to haunt us. Our mistakes, our regrets, things we believe we have overcome, but in fact we haven’t may come back. This is mostly an inner procedure, but events may ignite it, as well. But, this is an auspicious aspect, regardless Mercury’s retrograde motion. In fact, all these chains than bind and restrict us, whether we realise it or not, are becoming obvious for us to deal with them, heal them and get rid of them, permanently. And the hexagon gives us the power to do so.

Working on these on our own, will cause the negative side effects to be less and less unpleasant, while, it will give us the chance to enjoy the much more of the beneficial influences this hexagon will have to offer us when Mercury will be in direct motion again.

The retrograde Mercury is also supporting Mars via a hexagon. This hexagon will be accurate on the 18th of this month but it will be active from the 11th of the month until the 26th. This hexagon may as well be one of the most important helpers we have during this period of Mercury’s retrograde motion. It keeps our mind clear enough, active enough, creative enough and practical enough. It helps us deal effectively with our everyday challenges. Also, it can help us with our long-term projects and goals.

Restarting projects we have abandoned, re-engaging with people we have lost contestant with, seeing ideas we have abandoned under a new light and finding ways to make better use of them, and things like those can happen. In the same time, healing is speeded up. This goes both for spiritual and traditional healing.

But Mercury is air and Mars is fire and under a hexagon, the one supports the other. You get the point, most probably. Becoming reckless is also possible. This goes both for our thoughts and for our actions. Be extra careful when in streets, when driving, when engaging with any and every dangerous activity. Avoid extreme dietary changes, unless, of course, your doctor has instructed you to adopt such a change. A tendency to work out our bodies may also come in mind. If you’ve already doing that, don’t overdo it. If you are starting now, do it cautiously. Overstraining our bodies is possible and this is not a good thing.

Doing that without realising it is also possible. Therefore, better be overly cautious, than slightly careless.

Mars is in a triangle with Pluto. This triangle will be accurate on the 20th of the Month, almost half a day before the Full Moon and the Spring Equinox, but it’s active since the day of the New Moon and it will remain active until the next New Moon. This can farther our tendency to be reckless. To the point of challenging death, too. Avoid this side-effect. Alcohol, drugs and other substances abuse can also take place under this influence.

On the good side, overcoming such addictions is possible and easier achievable than usual. Magic and spiritual means can produce results in the material plane much quicker and easier. Fire magic, charms, potions, perfumes and the likes of those are the methods that are more supported by this aspect. Summoning spirits (if you know how to do it) and asking for their help can also work miracles. It’s not the right time, though, to try new, dangerous magical methods, such as summoning spirits. Although it’s easier to produce results, it’s easier these results to be destructive ones for the one performing the ritual, as well.

As we’ve seen in our daily predictions, the Sun is also in a hexagon with Mars. Although this hexagon has passed it’s strongest day, it will be active almost until the next New Moon. This hexagon activates us and supports our luck, especially when we are wisely daring. Taurus and Pisces will enjoy this influence the most during this waxing Moon period.

The Sun is also supporting the Retrograde Mercury via a conjunction. This conjunction will be accurate on the 15th of March, but it will be active from the 9th until the 20th of the month, just before the Full Moon. This is a good thing, as it will reduce to some degree the negative side-effects of Mercury’s retrograde motion, while it will enhance all the positive ones. Around the 15th of the month (but not on the 14th) this effect will be much stronger, of course. In addition, long term projects and goals that need some help and luck in finding the right people, the right opportunities and similar things, get much help.

An other auspicious and helpful event of this waxing Moon is Saturn’s good mood. On the 9th of the month the Sun will be in an accurate hexagon with Saturn, on the 14th Mars will be in an accurate triangle with it, and on the 20th Mercury will be in an accurate hexagon with this strict teacher, as well. So, with a few exceptions, because of the Moon, we’ll mostly see Saturn’s good face. Strengthening our bodies (with caution, as we’ve seen), our minds and our spirits are all possible and easily feasible. Keeping our self-motivation strong and steady, too. Making it stronger, is both possible and advisable.

Self-healing and especially psychologically and psychically, can have great result. Setting the foundations for a better future, too.

The inauspicious influences of the New Moon: Although the strict teacher is in a good mood, the generous one is quite stressed. The Sun squares Jupiter, accurately on the 14th, while the Retrograde Mercury does the same on the 15th. Both squares will be active the whole period. The Sun’s square will stop acting a few days after the Full Moon, but Mercury’s square will be active until the 20th of April, as we’ve seen in the Full Moon’s article.

This is the second accurate square these planets have while the aspect is active, and a third one will come to pass on the 12th of April when Mercury will be in direct motion, but Jupiter will be retrograde. So this is a more inauspicious square than the one we encountered on the 22nd of February, when both planets were in direct motion and Jupiter had no additional long-lasting stress on it.

Daring and risky forms of expansion in business and otherwise are not advisable, during the period. Even wise and carefully thought ones can encounter some problems and obstacles. Even unpredictable ones. Studies, researches, arts – and mostly poetry, literature and the like – and spiritual organisations can also have some problems, or cause some stress. Overthinking matters can cause unwise decisions, too. If something troubles you, think about it a little, then clear your mind by doing something totally different, then think it over. This will reduce the risk of deciding wrongly. Asking other people’s opinions and advice can be both helpful and misleading, so do it cautiously and don’t take any advice without further consideration.

New Moon Predictions for Aries: Despite the difficulties the Retrograde Mercury may bring forth, work and career matters, as well as money matters receive mostly beneficial influences. Therefore, proceed carefully, wisely, but bravely, too. Some well planned risks are also advisable. Just make sure you have planned them carefully and thoroughly.

Studies, researches, artistic careers and hobbies can face some more challenges than other occupations. Nonetheless, overcoming these challenges is possible and, if you mange to do that, the outcome will be better than you’d think, most probably. Spiritual powers will be quite active and capable, but they can become unreliable and inaccurate, too. Therefore, intuition, omen reading and methods like those should be taken only as food for thought and you shouldn’t base your decisions entirely on such methods.

New Moon Predictions for Taurus: Although money is not bad, it can be more stressed and difficult during this period. This is partly because of your tendency to spend more and more carelessly. Avoid this can help a lot.

Some unpredictable expenses, though, can also come your way. Trade, and especially trade of services can also face some challenges. Health, although is mostly good, can occasionally get endangered, mostly because of carelessness.

Other than those, though, things are mostly good and much progress can happen under the influences of this New Moon and the waxing Moon period. Work, studies and your personal projects, all receive supporting influences. You can also find people and things you’ve been searching for some time now. This influence doesn’t affect finding a potential love, though.

New Moon Predictions for Gemini: The New Moon and the waxing Moon period empower your spiritual and magical powers. Using them to advance in your career can have great results.

Psychics, mediums, and other people that use such abilities for professional reasons can have a very good period, despite the Retrograde Mercury. All other careers also receive beneficial influences, just not as strong. Layers, legal advisors and the like, though, may have it a little more difficulty than the rest.

Business meetings can become a bit unproductive and stressful during the whole period, even when the Moon supports them. Of course, then, they will be more productive than during the rest of the days. Also, legal issues, and especially those you’ve been neglecting, can come knocking your door. In most cases, though, you can manage them quite well, and they’ll do nothing more than stress you.

New Moon Predictions for Cancer: Work can become quite stressful during this period. Not necessarily unproductive, or bad. Tiresome and stressful, most likely. Trade, of course, and whatever falls under the direct influences of the Retrograde Mercury, will experience more challenges.

Health, and especially mental health and well being also need some more attention. In most cases, nothing you can’t avoid with a little more care.

Social life gets better. Re-connecting with friends and acquittance you’ve lost contact with is possible. Some times, by accident, too, but most of the times this will be a pleasant and not a stressful happening. Healing your relationships, including the one with your spouse or current love is also possible.

New Moon Predictions for Leo: Love and sex life need some extra attention and care during this period. Singles searching for a relationship won’t be that lucky, but those in a relationship can have it a little difficult as well.

Being less demanding and more understanding can help a lot. This doesn’t mean you should insult your self-respect. It mostly means you should control your ego and understand that your other half may need your support and understanding as much as you need theirs, or more.

Work and career matters, on the other hand, receive mostly good energies. Things won’t be always easy going and pleasant, but progress is happening. Successes, too. Even careers directly falling under the influences of the Retrograde Mercury will experience these benefits, despite any obstacles Mercury will add.

New Moon Predictions for Virgo: Home, family and your other half can cause you some stress under the influences of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period. Misunderstandings are also possible. Overcoming these challenges can make your relationship with them a better one.

About your home, you can make it a better place to live in, or otherwise benefit it in a long-term manner. Changing your place of living is possible to happen, and it will be stressful enough. Doing it by choice is not recommended, but if you have to do it, be patient and search thoroughly.

Other than what we’ve already mentioned, love life is quite good during this period. People are attracted by you, too. Ex loves, or people reminding you ex-loves, can appear. This includes people you’ve fallen for, but a relationship was never formed. Work also receives some positive influences, just not really strong ones.

New Moon Predictions for Libra: Health and healing receive mostly beneficial influences. Accidents are possible, though. Also, the legs and the head are quite sensitive and need some attention. On the other hand, existing problems can have a significant pleasant progress, or you may overcome them completely.

Also, healers, both traditional and alternative can have a very good period work-wise.

In fact, work receives very good influences from the New Moon and this waxing Moon period. Trade, transportations, communications, and whatever falls under the direct influences of the Retrograde Mercury can face some more challenges than the rest, but even them will be good enough, or even better. Home and family life also receive mostly beneficial influences and healing problems there, as well as strengthening and deepening your bonds with your family and whomever you consider as such are possible to happen.