February Energy Calendar

Good Morning February! This month is always a busy one for the RoaRW HQ with five birthdays, and this year I have another three hospital appointments to make this February even busier. As with all of the Energy Calender this year they will come from the Ramblings of a Rainbow Witch 2019 Almanac which can be found on Amazon .

I will also add a link to a site where you can find out the tie conversion for your little corner of the world. The Birthstones for February include: AMETHYST for the month of February. GARNET, AMETHYST, OPAL, MOSS AGATE, and SUGILITE for the sign of Aquarius. AMETHYST, AQUAMARINE, MOONSTONE, BLOODSTONE, JADE, ROCK CRYSTAL and SAPPHIRE.

The Moon names for February include: * Colonial American – The Trappers Moon * Cherokee Native American – The Bony Moon * Choctaw Native American – The Little Famine Moon * Sioux Native American – The Moon of the Racoon * Celtic – The Moon of Ice * English – The Storm Moon * Neo-Pagan – The Snow Moon February Energy Calendar 1st February: * IMBOLC in the Northern Hemisphere * LUGHNASADH in the Southern Hemisphere * The Moon enters Capricorn at 00:46 * The Time of Amon Ra Begins (Egyptian Zodiac) 3rd February: * The Moon enters Aquarius at 13:02 4th February: * The New Moon in Aquarius at 21:03 6th February: * The Moon enters Pisces at 02:01 8th February: * The Moon enters Aries at 22:13 11th February: * The Moon enters Taurus at 01:28 * The Time of Amon Ra Ends (Egyptian Zodiac) 12th February: * The Moon enters it’s First Quarter at 22:26 in Taurus * The Tiem of Geb Begins (Egyptian Zodiac) 13th February: * The Moon enters Gemini at 09:31 15th February: * The Moon enters Cancer at 14:02 17th February: * The Moon enters Leo at 15:20 * The Month of the Cat Ends (Celtic Animal Zodiac) * The Month of Rowan Ends (Celtic Tree Zodiac) 18th February: * Pallas Athene enters Retrograde * The Month of the Snake Begins (Celtic Animal Zodaic) * The Month of Ash Begins (Celtic Tree Zodiac) * The Month of Aquarius Ends (Astrology) * The time of the Otter Ends (Native American Zodiac) 19th February: * The Moon enters Virgo at 14:46 * The Full Moon in Virgo at 15:53 * Mercury enters Rx Zone at 08:19 in Pisces * The Month of Pisces Begins (Astrological Zodiac) * The Month of the Wolf Begins (Native American Zodiac) 21st February: * The Moon enters Libra at 14:17 23rd February: * The Moon enters Scorpio at 15:55 25th February: * The Moon enters Sagittarius at 21:19 26th February: * The Moon entersit’s Last Quarter at 11:27 in Sagittarius 28th February: * The Moon enters Capricorn at 06:47 * Neptune enters Rx Zone at 13:55 in Pisces * The Time of Geb Ends (Egyptian Zodiac) I do hope you have a fantastic february, and this energy calender is beneficial.

Here is a link to www.timeanddate.com to find out time-zone conversions for your ara of the world. *)O(* Rainbow Love, Light and Blessings *)O(*