7 Magical Ways to Bond with any Animal

Nature is a wondrous equilibrium of diverse and magical forces, all settle in green/blue balance. And witches know that since the beginning of time. One of the most popular ways throughout the centuries, is tapping into Nature’s pool of magical energy. There are numerous ways to achieve that. However, one of the most satisfying ways is to bond with any animal you respect and admire.This is what the article is all about. Just close your eyes and think of a Witch. Can you imagine one without a fluffy cat climbing on the witch’s leg, or maybe an owl patiently waiting nearby? Most of the times a witch is accompanied with an animal.

Why do Witches choose animals as permanent companions? Although there are more ways for a witch to be empowered (tapping into the astral realm, calling upon the Angels or Deities etc) Nature just feels… natural. Well, to tap into this huge pool of energy, you just have to ‘connect’ with any animal you admire. Do it like a real witch. So, why do Witches choose animals as permanent companions and have magical ways to bond with any animal?

  • Drawing energy from Nature. Most importantly witches love to bond with any animal to keep intact their relationship with nature.
  • Helps with healing & grounding.

    Animals can quickly remind us of the material plane and quickly ground any excessive energy maintaining balance. Furthermore, through this relationship a witch can draw healing energy.

  • Can help with all Magical Rituals. Cat hair, owl feathers etc are used in magical procedures. If hair or feather is fallen naturally, witches collect it and use it to better their spells and their connection with nature. (Never extract parts of the animals in a violent way. Not only will you hurt an innocent creature but you will also make their totems angry. Let hair, feathers etc fall naturally in their own time.)

Magical Ways to Bond with any Animal 1.

Calling upon (your) Totem First of all, what is a totem? Totem Animal are the spiritual archetypes of all animal species which act like patrons over the animal kingdom. Moreover, they can play the role of spiritual protectors and mediums of the Animal kingdom, Dominion of Spirits and human kind. Each human soul is ‘linked’ with at least one Totem Animal. As your Horoscope’s Ascendant (find here yours) – the Zodiac Sign which rises the time of your birth – is the Zodiac Sign you are bound with in this like, the totem animal is the animal which helps you connect with this world.

This is why each of us has a different totem animal. Because frankly, each of us is different, searching for a different life message. So first things first, call upon your Totem. 2. Choose any Animal You currently need Based on your current situation – excluding your totem animal which is here to stay with your forever – you can choose any other animal to connect with. This will help you tap into its special powers. For example, let’s say that lately you feel imprisoned in your own life. Personally, I would choose to ‘connect’ with a Hawk in order to fly up high, and see my life objectively. Thus breaking free from my life’s prison.

Ok. Let’s see more example of how animals are related with Virtues and solutions. Here is a complete list of the archetypical powers – linked with all Animals. 3. Go for a Walk to where your Animal Dwells If that’s applicable (and safe) go for a walk where the animal you chose dwells. This can be a sea coast, near a river, to the woods… etc. Of course your safety and common sense comes first. The point is to meet with ‘your animal’ and discover a way to connect with it in the best way possible.

Once you’ve spotted ‘your animal’ sit quietly for as much as possible (and as many times as possible) and just observe how the animal interacts with the environment. How does it behave? Keep focus on your animal and later at night, meditate once again. Repeating this procedure will help you a lot. However, if for any reason you cannot go where the animal dwells, create a mental image through meditation, and ‘move your consciousness’ where your animal dwells. In the same way, just pay attention to what the animal does. Let your mind free but also keep focus. The results are the same. 4.

Send Healing energy to the Animal You Chose One of the best and tested ways to bond with an animal is by sending it healing energy and energy balls . Try daily sending some energy to either the same or a different animal of the same species. Either you actually see the animal or not, follow the instructions given and send healing energy. You will notice how the bond strengthens minute after minute. 5. The Mirror Ritual

  • Get a picture of your chosen animal in front of you.
  • Light a white candle which symbolises your connection (and use this candle ONLY when you need to communicate and link with this animal).
  • Visualise that the animal is alive – and not just a picture. Focus on that as the animal is actually sitting right in front of you.
  • Now focus on the animal’s breath. Observe how its chest moves.
  • Once you’re sure that you’ve observed its breath enough, synchronise your breathing with the animal’s. You inhale what the animal exhales, and it inhales what you exhale. Repeat it 9 times and keep focus.

6. Charge Moon water and Devote it to your Animal In the next full moon, make sure you’ve charged a bowl of Water with the power of the Moon – see here how to do this.

Now, devote this bowl of magical and healing water to the animal you’ve chosen and leave it outside – preferably where your animal dwells or just outside your window or door. The Moon will help you bond with your animal in the next Lunar Circle (28 days). 7. Make a charm with your Animal On a small pebble found where your animal dwells, or just any pebble, inscribe a symbol that represents your chosen animal. It can be as simple as you want but you need to remember that this symbol clearly links to this animal. Carry this small pebble in your pocket and 9 times per day, grab the stone and mentally picture your animal appearing around you.

Keep this image ‘alive’ for at least 30 seconds. Visualise the animal moving around the space you are, keeping you company. Once you are ready say ‘Thank you for meeting with me. May you are Blessed and ready to meet with me always.’ Leave the stone in your pocket and let the mental image fade away.