Connecting to Your Path day-to-day

? Connecting to Your Path Day to Day ? In this modern world it’s easy to get distracted or so busy things get set aside and for many witches the thing that gets left behind is their connection to their path. It can be hard to reconnect after a long period of time, but the truth is, no matter how busy you are there are ways in which you can connect with you chosen path without losing anything ? Open Your Curtains ? The sun has a very invigorating and can bring a beautiful energy into your home and all you have to do is open your curtains in the morning once you wake up.

Take a look outside and take deep breaths, allowing the Sun’s energy to wash over you. ? Check what’s in your Products ? The more natural the product is, the more it will help keep you grounded and know the correspondences of what’s in them so you can work them into your practice, allowing you to clean or shower/bathe with intent…. ? Sigils ? Sigils can be used for a wide range of things, and can be used in a plethora of ways. You can use them when cooking or baking by carving them into pastry. You can draw them on your body, your shoes, see them into clothing, on the walls and floors of your home. ? Chanting Mantras ?

Mantras and Affirmations said in your head throughout the day can help keep your mind active and in a positive state, even when there are challenges at home or at work ? The Great Outdoors ? Being outside has an effect on the mind, body, spirit and the emotions. It can be as simple as a 10 minute walk outside so you can fill your lungs with fresh air and let the breeze blow away any cobwebs… or it can be laying on the grass watching the clouds roll by or the leaves on the trees dancing as the breeze blow by. ?? Crystals and Plants ??

Carrying Crystals and Plants that work with your intent for the day can help boost both yourself and people around you. If you work with negative nellies then Smoky Quartz and Rosemary in a pouch can help to keep their negative energies away from you while transmuting it into a more positive energy. ? Time to Self ? It can be extremely hard to make time for yourself, but when you can it’s extremely rewarding because you get to unwind and decompress. This doesn’t have to be great blocks of time, even a short 5 minutes can be time to yourself. Take the time when you’re making a cuppa, going to the bathroom.

Take deep breaths during this time to help keep your energies even ? Music ? Its scientifically proven that music has a direct affect on our moods and our energy frequencies. Listening to music that you find uplifting and therapeutic will allow you to “zone out” from the real world and into your ow space. For me it’s Vivaldi’s Four Seasons or Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite. ? Colour Magic ? Choosing your clothing or accessories using colour magic. If you have an important meeting at work, Indigo is the colour for you. If you have a class of students who need to feel inspired and buoyed, wear yellow. Colour has a great deal of influence over our moods. ? Candles ?

Lighting a candle with positive intentions cam help to align you back with your highest good. Sending out this kind of energy into the universe will do you a service down the line and help you to connect to the magic that’s all around you, even when you can’t see it. I do hope these suggestions helps to connect to your path day to day. *)O(* Rainbow Love, Light and Blessings *)O(*