Connecting to Your Deities

➡️ Connecting to Your Deities ⬅️ From time to time we feel like we have lost the connection to the Gods or Goddesses we follow and this can leave us feeling lost and empty, here are some tips to Connect to your deities, whether is for the first time or the tenth. ? Research ? Research is a great way to Connect to your deity, by reading the history and more of your deities. Taking a look at how others have connected in the last; looking at how others have formed the bonds and kept them strong. When you read the stories, mythology and history you are actively connecting to that being through your own interest. ? Offerings ?

When you are doing your research you will most likely come across what kind of offerings are associated with your deity. Most of the time we use food and drinks as an offering to the Gods. For example; grains, ? Acorns, vervain are offerings to Cerridwen . ? Wine and grapes are associated with Bacchus. ? Bread, grains, rosemary, milk, cider, salt and thyme are offerings for Brighid. ? Mead, red meat, tobacco, parsley, dry red wines, leek or asparagus are offerings for Odin. If you work with the Fae a lot you can leave offerings of sweet treats and milk, they do have a bit of a sweet tooth.

I have a gnome in the garden and we leave offerings of tobacco for looking after the garden. I leave out left over cat meat ad an offering to Bastet, to look after all the cats in our area. ? Divination ? Divination is a way of connecting to the energy of the Universe and the deity you are wanting to Connect to. Divination can come in the form of advice from tarot cards or runes, it can be direction from a pendulum or through interpretation of dreams to find meanings and wisdom from the Gods – as sometimes they have a tendency to be illusive and secretive, giving vague answers. ? Journalling ?

For some people Journalling is a way they are able to Connect to their deities because they have written down the information about their experiences, and this allows you to use this to reconnect through the past experiences. It can also be a way for you to fully explore how you felt at the time compared to how you felt now. This could also form part of your Book of Shadows. ?‍? Crafts ?‍? When you make something with your own hands you are putting your energy, effort and time into that object, and the intention while making it will help to form a bond with the deity you are crafting for.

If you’re making a Brighid’s Cross or Brides bed, you are forming a connection to the Goddess Brighid. ? Exploration & Travel ? Travelling to sacred sites, and other sites that are associated with the deity you wish to Connect to will help form a connection with them. Stone circles, ley lines, sacred wells or towns etc… are fantastic for connecting to the the wide range of divine energies. ? The Ganges River is one of the holiest place for Hindu’s. ? Bodh Gaya is the place where the Buddha reached enlightenment. ? Jerusalem is a sacred place to both Jews and Christians ? Mecca is the sacred place for Muslims. ? Anandpur Sahib is one of the holiest places in Sikhism.

?‍♀️ Hobbies ?‍♀️ The things we love to do in our spare time can also help us to Connect to the energies of the divine. Gardening, cooking, painting and drawing can allow a fluid connection between you and the divine energies, being open to these energies can bring you closet to your deity. ?‍♀️ Talking and Sharing ?‍♂️ We live in a world where in an instant we can talk to someone who lives the other side of the world, asking them about their ways of worship, sharing your stories, talking about how you came to find your path, and how you connect to your divine entities. Sometimes sharing with others can help you to realise your passions and devotions. ? Shrines and Sacred Spaces ?

Going to shrines and Sacred Spaces or making your own will help you focus your mind, spirit and energy on the deity you wish to Connect to. The Goddess Temple or Chalice well on Glastonbury and Stonehenge are examples of shrines and Sacred Spaces. ? Prayer ? Prayers don’t have to be formal, long or well known, they can be simple and from the heart and at times these are the ones that speak louder to the divine as all ego is stripped away and it’s just you and them I do hope this has been helpful to you all *)O(* Rainbow Love, Light and Blessings *)O(*