15 Green Magic Charms

Green Magic is the path of Witchcraft, related to the power coming from Herbs, Trees and all that grows in the wild. Although it was not officially distinguished from all other paths of Magic, the Green Witchcraft has lately became quite famous, as it promotes spiritual balance and promotes awareness of nature. This is why we decided to give a whole article with Green Magic Charms. What is Green Magic or Green Witchcraft? Well let’s see some things which define the Green Magic:

  • All kinds of Spells Related with Herbs, Roots and Trees.
  • Also Every spell or ritual performed in Forests.
  • Moreover, the Spells that intend to bring ‘Yin-Yang’ balance in us.
  • Any Rootwork from different magical and religious traditions,
  • All about the Druids and their Ancestral Magical System and
  • Finally, the power of Nature derived from Flora.

Green Magic Charms In this article we are happy to give you charms and tips which can uplift your home’s energy as you vibrate higher along with the spirits of nature. Moreover, we are going to give you more feedback and techniques of Green Magic to make your living more and more enchanting. 1. An Apple for Love Apple is a fruit related with Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty. Thus, it’s her sacred fruit.

To ensure your relationship will be fruitful and meaningful, cut an apple in half. Then, together with your lover, eat each half of the fruit. Keep the seeds and later bury them in fertile soil. 2. Almonds will Show you the Way This tasty nut is related with fire and the power of Awakening. If you are looking for something you lost, or just want to be enlightened, carry with you a handful of almonds in your pocket. 3. Pine against ill One of the most powerful passive charms against ill and negativity it placing a branch of pine above your bed. Actually, pine is associated with Fire and immortality. Pine averts negative energies with the power of Fire. 4.

Sugar Attraction Power If you want to invite something in your life, just ‘burn’ some sugar over a charcoal while thinking what you want to attract. Make your visualisation as clear as possible (see more here) . Also, take care of fire safety measures. 5. Basil Solar Blessings Frankly, this is my favourite herb. It’s diverse blessing can help you in so many – clear and subtle – ways in your life. Even passively, by having 2-3 pots of basil around windows or door, can be enough. Basil attracts the Power of the Sun, enhancing all blessings, prosperity and love. 6.

Lilacs against Uninvited Spirits As we’ve told you long time before, having lilacs at home helps us banish ghosts and angry spirits. All you have to do is place some lilac flows in as many rooms as possible. That’s it. When they lose their virility replace them. 7. Sleeping power of Lettuce Maybe it seems kinda funny but many witches know it works. Just rub a lettuce leaf on your forehead – especially the third eye – to induce sleep. 8. Cotton Weather Magic As cottons look like clouds, burning them will help you attract clouds and rain. This is actually one of the most ancient forms of sympathetic magic. 9.

Allspice catalyst This ingredient speeds up all wishes. Witches used it to bring forth healing and prosperity, while some also use it to attract love. All you have to do is burn some Allspice on charcoal thinking of your wish! 10. Oranges and the Sun It’s amazing what something so little can do. Orange peel is one of the most powerful green magic charms. Usually, witches put some on windows or even door to invite the Sun’s energy at home. This can bring healing, prosperity and happiness in your home and family. 11. Peppermint against energy Parasites Witches love peppermint.

Smudging with peppermint (or just burning some on charcoal) is used to neutralise energy parasite and promote healing of the psychic wounds left by them. Gradually you feel a sense of vitality and euphoria. 12. Chilly Pepper against Curses If you feel that a curse has been put on you and/or your home, sprinkle cayenne pepper on your floor during waning moon and leave overnight. First thing in the morning clean it up and repeat for the following 6 nights (7 overall). 13.

Chamomile for Blessing After you’ve cleansed your home, probably with chilly pepper, sprinkle at night chamomile flowers on your floor during waxing moon and leave overnight. First thing in the morning clean it up and repeat for the following 6 nights (7 overall). 14. Thyme and Courage As we’ve already discussed, thyme is the herb of courage. You just need to eat a pinch of thyme before going for an interview or a very important date or when you need to boost your self-confidence. Moreover, eat a pinch of thyme to drive away fear when practicing magic or to fight nightmares. 15.

Coffee and Customers These odorous beans are known to wake up the energy of a place. Witches use coffee beans for its power to activate the will and attract happiness. Burning some coffee helps us remove negativity and the evil eye while it also invites customers and prosperity.