December 22, 2018: Solstice Coincides With Full Moon & Meteor Shower

Are you one of the (really really) few who believe that this year was dull? Then, welcome to the most Magical Event of 2018. On December 22, 2018 something really rare is going to happen. A Vortex of great power is going to open affecting the Material Realm in ways not easily predictable. As a matter of fact, it will attract the powerful entities from the Spirit World, entities of Earth and Fire (due to the polarity of the Solstice) which will soon manifest important events. But let’s take it slowly in order to fully understand the power of this amazing day and night! The Night of December 22, 2018 So this will be a Night to remember.

A magical night which will only be repeated after 70 years, in 2094! In just few hours a marvellous phenomenon will take place in this Realm, shaking the Reality as we know it. Let’s see why!

  • The Sun will pass in Capricorn in the Night of the Solstice, December 21-22 marking the smallest day of the Year for the Northern Hemisphere and the longest one of the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Tonight, is the Most important Night of the Year. The Druids call it the Nameless Day . The day when Anything is possible according to them. A day of Unlimited Magic Power.

    Also called as the ‘Feast of Potentials’ as it is believed that wishes are like seeds in a fertile soil on this day.

  • But, not only will this Night be a great opportunity for all Witches because of the powers of the Solstice. But it will also coincide with the Cold Full Moon (discover the Predictions of your Zodiac Sign) !
  • This Full Moon occurs in Cancer, the house of the Moon where the Lunar Goddess shines out her true potential. When the Moon is in Cancer, astrologers believe that Artemis rejoices in her favourite Zodiac Sign.

    Moreover, then the Full Moon occurs in Cancer, it is believed to be the strongest Full Moon of all.

  • Last but not lease, a marvellous Meteor Shower called the Ursids, will add up to the Solstice Magic with some extra Star Power. This is not just another Meteor Shower as the falling stars will seem to drop from the ‘Northern Star’, also known as Polaris, from Ursa Minor.
  • Polaris is a fixed star who is considered a harbinger of Death and Change. Witches use the power of Polaris to bring change and surpass all obstacles of the Material Realm.

How to use the power of the Long Night of 2018 There are many things you can do in order to make perfect use of this amazing night. Here are some of the most amazing things you can try.