Daily Predictions for Thursday, December 20, 2018

General Daily Predictions: Just one day before the magical night of the Solstice, and the Moon is still in Taurus, although later, as the day progresses will eventually enter Gemini. Moreover, today, a very lucky aspect between the Sun and Uranus will occur, giving us all the power to make changes happen.

This day prepares us for the great energy shift of tomorrow’s Winter Solstice.

Daily Predictions for Aries: The effect of yesterday’s lunar aspects still favour your finances and your material possessions. Moreover, today you will have the chance to ‘score’ in your destiny and ignite your passion for a better future. Later, as the day progresses you become more and more extroverted wanting to hang out with your friends and closest relatives.

Daily Predictions for Taurus: This is still a day when you can promote and succeed in all tasks related with your personal agenda. What you want can now be accomplished as the power of the Moon favours you. Moreover, as the day progresses you will have the chance to shed some light regarding your financial situation and how you can create a wealthier future.

Daily Predictions for Gemini: The day begins with a very creative and fruitful look in your psyche and your deepest wishes and fears. You are more intuitive than usual and your empathic abilities can help you ‘connect’ with others. Yet as the day progresses, you actually become more and more empowered, feeling the urge to succeed in all tasks of your life.

Daily Predictions for Cancer: The Moon, the bright governor of your Zodiac Sign, is about to become whole again and her divine energy is now shining in your social circles, attracting new and interesting people who can help you broaden your horizons. As the day progresses you feel your spirit awakening and ready to deal with your inner insecurities. Work with this power.

Daily Predictions for Leo: The Day begins with a powerful message for your Career and your professional life.

Good luck seems to be by your side, saving you even at the last moment. Moreover, the auspicious aspect of the Sun with Uranus will give you the power you need to make things happen for you and your life. Vital energy flows better today, healing you from the inside. All you have to do is embrace change!

Daily Predictions for Virgo: As the day begins with a lucky influence of the Moon in Taurus, you will have the chance to work with your destiny and everything related with your educations, traveling and business abroad. Moreover, as the day progresses, the Moon will favour your career and how you actually evolve. Opportunities await.

Daily Predictions for Libra: Today, the Moon from Taurus will help you achieve some changes regarding your professional life. Let go of the past and listen to your heart. Moreover, the Moon gives you all the magical energy you need to wake up the best qualities in you, which wait your signal. Furthermore, as the day progresses you will feel the need to see your future from another point of view, setting new goals and inaugurating a new era of your life.

Daily Predictions for Scorpio: Today, it seems very important to nurture your personal and professional relationships which suffered so much the past weeks. Actually, there are so many things you can win with a cooperative attitude – and first of all your emotional balance. Later, as the day progresses, the Moon will help you focus on the future of your everyday life along with your inner and most powerful needs.

Daily Predictions for Sagittarius: The Day begins with a strong need to change things that bother you in your everyday life and your schedule. Something or someone close to you has a toxic effect on your body which lately seems to feel exhausted. This is why you need to cut off from these relationships. Thankfully, the Moon will help you realise it.

Daily Predictions for Capricorn: Today, you wake up with a smile on your face as you are getting closer to what you want, although it may still feel far way. Moreover, as the day progresses, your focus changes towards your professional life and your health. It’s a great time to start a diet and detoxify yourself from useless emotions that drag you down.

Daily Predictions for Aquarius: What a great day for you Aquarius.

Not only does the Sun trine your governor giving you all the power you need to initiate changes which will solve many problems the troubled you in the past. But also the Moon will help you bring Joy back into your heart, especially since the afternoon.

Daily Predictions for Pisces: This is a lovely day for you Pisces.

The Moon will help you deal with issues regarding your friends and your relatives. Possible misunderstandings can now be solved putting an end to exhausting quarrels. However, as the day progresses your focus changes towards your home and your family which need your help and your attention.

Astrology and Magic: Magic in general is strong today. The same goes for meditation and creative visualisation.

Magical philtres, potions, perfumes and oils, even more so.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day!