Ways to Banish Negative Energy from your Body

A New Era has come to Magical Recipes Online. Day by day, hour by hour we grow stronger and we are able to give you the best Magical feedback possible. For this reason and for so many much more, we would like to give you our point of view for what we witches do when we ‘detect’ negative energy in our body. This article focuses on ways to banish negative energy which is trying to infiltrate our aura and body. Before we proceed we need to make sure you already know how to ‘Shield your Aura’ in order to avoid all these negative repercussions.

Moreover, it’s extremely important to learn how to ‘avoid absorbing negative energy ‘. Last be not least, if you are afraid that you might be affected by negative energy it would be good to ‘check signs of Curses ‘ or if things are more difficult, ‘detect evil magic’ with this simple spell. Banish Negative Energy from your Body Let’s see one by one, simple yet effective ways to banish negativity from your body.

Before we start we should warn you though that if you keep on ‘attracting’ negative energy with your thoughts and your actions, these ways will just temporarily cut you off the circle of pain and despair. Acknowledge the fact that you are a powerful Witch and your Will will be respected, whether this brings you to heavenly bliss or the edge of self-destruction! 1. The Sound of Fire One of the best ways to banish negative energy is by invoking the divine energy of fire in you to cleanse and regulate your energy. The Sound of Fire is ‘Ram’ and using Ram can benefit you in unpredictable ways!

Ra(m) is associated with Lord Rama of Hinduism but interestingly it’s also the Name of the Superior God of the Sun – Ra! Removing blocks, and burning away problems, evil spells, and evil spirits are also attitudes of Fire. Creating success, personal or not, too. In my opinion, Fire is the most flexible of the elements, as it rules creation and destruction. Tip! In times of need, just shout out loud Ra! The name of the Solar God will energise your body and shield your Aura! 2. Just Clap your hands! In the centre of your palms there are two powerful chakras.

Sometimes these chakras are ‘closed’ or blocked as an instinctive defence mechanism to ‘isolate’ your ‘energy gates’ from negativity. By clappng your hands, you consciously activate these chakras and unblock your energy flow. Moreover, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCI) and Acupuncture, your palm is a microcosm of your whole body (just like your ear). By clapping your hands you actually ‘energise’ all your organs and meridians and energy flows in a better and more effective way. However, when you do clap your hands, make sure you visualise healing and protection. 3. Sing! It’s well proven that singing and music affects your brain function while improving your overall health.

While you sing, your aura vibrates in ‘higher’ frequencies and when you vibrate higher all parasites flee away. So whether you think you’ve got a nice voice or not. Sing! Just Sing! 4. Plan a walk to the Sea. For those who are able to visit a sea coast this will replenish your energy. As you probably have already understood, we love Sea and Poseidon. But do you know that sea salt is actually the most powerful cleaner of negative energy. This is exactly why we showed you the 40 Waves Recipe.

Whatever the problem is, whether you suffer psychologically or physically, a walk near the sea, breathing the gentle yet rejuvenating breath of sea, can cleanse you from the inside. If its appropriate (weather, health condition etc) walk barefoot where the waves break. 5. Move it! Keep in mind that when you exercise, move or dance , you give the breath of life to your body and aura. As a matter of fact, many benevolent hormones and chemical reactions result in extinguishing toxins and negative feeling. Moreover, your meridians are activated, helping the Chi run freely. 6.

Throw a ‘Priestess Ritual Bath’ Ritual bath is one of the most essential ways of cleansing your aura and replenishing your magic. It has been used by priests, priestesses and witches for millennia. Although it may differ in details, it usually consists of two parts. The Warm part and the Refreshing one. The first one intends to gently prepare yourself by opening your energy centres ( chakras ) and relaxing your aura, while the next one to rejuvenate and shield your aura.

  • Part one: Fill your tab with hot water (as hot as you like it).

    Create a mixture of equal parts Lavender , Rosemary and Lemon peel and put them in a tea-ball. This energy mixture intends to heal you from the inside. Throw a cup of Sea Salt in it and stir in the tub. The salt will help you cleanse your aura and ground your excessive energy while banishing all negativity and the influence of the dark arts. Have a relaxing bath.

  • Part two: Shower yourself with cool water (not cold if you can’t take it). Visualise that your aura is cleansed from all parasites and energy blocks.

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