The Master Day – November 11 2018 – the Gate of Impossible

Save the Date. November 11 2018. This is one of the most powerful days of the decade. And why is that? The short version: Because, numerologically speaking, it correlates to the master number of 11. But let’s take it from the beginning. Numerology and the Magical Arts I bet you’ve already become familiar with the basics of Numerology . All the Magic of this form of divination, is based on the belief that everything in this material world is created by ‘God’, and He used patterns. Therefore, if we learn to acknowledge these patterns we can be able to decipher the mysteries of this Realm. Moreover, we might even be able to predict and also alter the future.

So each number is associated with a a quality, an entity, a planet, an angel, a deity… etc. What few numerologists explain though, are the master numbers. Eleven and twelve. Furthermore, they avoid speaking about the multiple energy radiating from the ‘repeating numbers’ . As we have clearly mentioned in a very detailed article, the repeating numbers are omens called “synchronicities” . We witches, pay much attention to synchronicities are these are the signs of the Cosmos, telling us that spells & rituals are going ok! Numerology of November 11 2018: So, according to Numerology, November 11, 2018 is a Master Day. Let’s decipher the Date.

November, is the 11th month of the Year. Sunday, is the 11th day of the month. And 2018 is associated with 11 (2+0+1+8 = 11). So why don’t we say that 2018 is associated with 2? Because when the summary comes down to 11 or 12 we keep this number too because these are the Master Numbers. Master Numbers, are actually an octave of higher frequency, exceeding the Human Limits and the trap of this Realm. This is why Gods we 12, Zodiac signs are 12 etc. They transcend the human realms. What’s so special about November 11 2018? Oh well. To come down to this synchronicity we have to wait another decade (next date of similar power is on November 11th 2027 !!!) Sunday, is a ‘Wake Up’ call.

It is drenched with karmic lessons and arcane forces, altering our perception and our reality! This Sunday, on the 11th month – 11th day – 11th hour this year (1918 – 2018) marks the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI. It’s the Armistice Day, which occurred on Nov. 11, 1918. We celebrate the “Great War to End All Wars.” as our friend Dawn Skipp reminds us. So, on Sunday, the Master Number of 11 will open the gates of Impossible. Who knows what will happen this time! The Master Number of 11 is associated with the Divine aspect of the Lunar energy. There are hidden truths, secret powers and arcane forces.

So on Sunday, the world may ‘seem like working as usual’ but actually it won’t. Because on Sunday, the Spirit Realm will cross ours. Thus, we are going to experience an overwhelming psychic tide. We will come across spirits and forces of other Worlds. What is going to Happen on November 11 2018: If all the above makes no sense to you, let’s get to the chase. On Sunday, this is what will happen to us all!

  • Today, we will feel enlightened!
  • Spirits will visit this world, trying to establish contact with us!
  • Note your dreams and all synchronicities that may occur.
  • Arcane forces from the Astral Realm will be here for us, to try and use them as we please!
  • Angels and Entities will be easier to communicate with! They are here to guide us!
  • Intuition will be enhanced.
  • Empaths will feel empowered!

Ritual for November 11 2018

  • On Sunday, take a White or Silver candle.
  • Inscribe two parallel lines, like an ’11’.
  • Right above the ’11’ inscribe the symbol of eternity.
  • Now anoint the candle with a Lunar oil (I usually prefer sandalwood but feel free to use jasmine too).
  • Dedicate this candle to your ‘Guardian Angel’ who is here to guide and protect you.
  • Meditate on your powers and ask him his blessings!
  • Join our ‘Facebook Live’ Ritual on Sunday if you need to join forces!
  • Blessed be!