Daily Predictions for Monday 26 November 2018

General Daily Predictions: Thank God, this week begins with a great omen. A trine of the Moon with Neptune will give make the beginning of the Week dreamy and really promising. We can actually build so much and we are capable of reaching higher levels of awareness as this effect is still strong. The Moon from Cancer gives a sense of peace, protection and nurturing.

So, this is going to be a good day and a very promising beginning of the New Week. Catch up with our Weekly Predictions later tonight.

Daily Predictions for Aries: Good news and solutions are coming in your life through your family and your home. Things that you’ve been expected can now be presented at last. Especially due to the retrograde course of Mercury, you can actually find what you were looking for and put an end to issues that have been troubling you for a long long time!

Daily Predictions for Taurus: This week begins with a Great and dreamy way. New friends are attracted to you and your old ones can support you in unimaginable ways while also your transportation can be a source of great satisfaction. What you begin today can actually last for a long time.

Daily Predictions for Gemini: The Moon from Cancer will give you the opportunity to be inspired and think of alternative ways to put a balance in your finances. Moreover, Good news may also come from your career as dreamy opportunities may be presented.

Daily Predictions for Cancer: The Moon, your shining governor is in your sign and things that you care about, receive her loving energy. The new week begins with a promising trine with Neptune, giving you the opportunity to be inspired and find solutions to problems that may been bothering you for a long time. Also you may also get the chance to ‘visualise’ yourself in the way you’ve always wanted. Ready?

Daily Predictions for Leo: The week begins with healing influences and sense of optimism. Every little things is going to be alright. Now with Good Luck by your side you are ready to overcome the difficulties your were facing. Try to meditate and solve as many problems as you can during this good influence!

Daily Predictions for Virgo: The new week begins with a lucky influence in your social circles, making you more powerful and attractive towards a broader audience. If your job has to do with communication, teams or the internet, this is a very profitable time.

Daily Predictions for Libra: Your job and your professional relationships are under the blessings of the Moon. Although you might have had some issues regarding this part of your life, the week begins giving you inspiring solutions and ideas that can get your out of that mess. Keep an eye on possible opportunities!

Daily Predictions for Scorpio: The energy of the Moon is about to give you some very interesting moments regarding your destiny. How do you ‘see’ yourself in a couple of years? Right now, cosmic energy can actually help you reach your goals or at least come closer. Long distance travels and business with foreign countries is favoured.

Daily Predictions for Sagittarius: The Lunar Energy today is focused on your professional life and all the things you can do to improve your status there. Everyone seems to like you more right now and with the help of Jupiter nothings seems to be able to stand in your way. New beginnings are favoured .

Daily Predictions for Capricorn: The Arcane Powers are focused on your relationships and things you can do bring balance and peace. Although you’ve been so much the past months now there is a very good opportunity to heal the wounds of the past and begin a new and profitable endeavour in most parts of your life. However, I advice you today, to let the magical energies in and begin the healing process.

Daily Predictions for Aquarius: The energy of the Moon is fixed on your daily schedule. Use this opportunity to change your everyday life by adding healthy and creative habits so that you can feel whole again. Whatever was bothering you can now be altered. Use the power of the Stars to feel better. Meditate and detox yourself from energies, food and people who drag you down.

Daily Predictions for Pisces: The new week begins with great opportunities to have fun and pay attention to your inner child who thirsts for laughter and adventures. Optimism and good energy is coming towards you. You may meet a very important (new?) person today who can actually change your life! Interesting right?

Astrology and Magic: This is a good day for reversing bad luck and for road opening kind of spells.

That’s all.

Have fun, enjoy your day!