Daily Predictions for Thursday, 25 October 2018

General Daily Predictions: Today, just few hours after the Hunter’s Full Moon , things are still pretty tense and we are drenched from all this lunar light which is making us anxious and impatient. However, as the Hunter’s Full Moon energy is still trying to find a way to be directed in a constructive manner, retrograde Venus starts her conjunction with the Sun, giving us a sense of pleasure we all thirst for.


From this day on, we’ve officially entered the Season of Samhain, aka Halloween. Now the veil is thinning and we are closest to our magical powers than ever. Spirits interact more intensely with this world as day by day the Realms collide.

The Moon from Taurus favours Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus.

Daily Predictions for Aries: The day that you need to successfully handle your finances has come. I’m pretty sure you’ve already felt the need to make things right and unblock your money flow. But first things first. Due to the excessive energy of the Full Moon, your expenses seem out of control. However, even from Friday, you can find out what you could do in order to get things back on track.

Daily Predictions for Taurus: Yeah dear. This is your time! As the Full Moon occurred in your Zodiac Sign, the lunar blessings and energy run through ever cell of your body, shining through your aura. All this excessive energy may seem overwhelming, but as the day progresses you will have the chance to feel calmer. However, why don’t you try to ground yourself?

Daily Predictions for Gemini: No one can really know what is happening inside your heart, as the Lunar energy keeps pushing you to discover your emotional limits. It feels that anxiety cannot let you relax and catch your breath. However, as the day progresses you will get the chance to find some peaceful moments. Meditation can work miracles. Oh, and due to the position of the Moon, your magical powers are indeed thriving!

Daily Predictions for Cancer: The Hunter’s Full Moon can give you opportunities you’ve long been waiting for. Let me put it this way. Whatever it is you’ve been longing for since April 2018, now you’ve got the chance to make it real! What are you waiting for?

Daily Predictions for Leo: The Full Moon’s energy is shedding light on your professional life creating advances and changes in your environment. Of course this is usually accompanied with turbulence with your co-workers and your supervisors. However, if you try not to engage in quarrels in your work-space, I think you’ll be fine! Keep calm and look for opportunities!

Daily Predictions for Virgo: The Full Moon is creating amazing opportunities in your destiny, shedding light on how you can accomplish long-term goals. Beware though, you need to complete important things before the New Moon because you might get caught by the upcoming Retrograde Mercury – yeah, it’s happening again!

Daily Predictions for Libra: The Full Moon in Taurus creates a profound change in your heart as you take -sometimes difficult- decisions affecting your destiny. However, as the Sun conjuncts with Venus, your governor, you should expect good news regarding your financial status – although this might take some time to be completed.

Daily Predictions for Scorpio: Happy birthday! As the Sun has entered your Zodiac Sign, you feel the vital & magical power coming back to your aura, replenishing your energy pool. Although the Full Moon has caused turbulence in your relationships, something is about to change. As retrograde Venus starts conjuncting with the Sun, you will feel better with yourself, your body and your choices. Healing is on its way.

Daily Predictions for Sagittarius: The energy of the Full Moon is affecting your everyday life, your body and your energy. As things can unexpectedly go out of hands you need to find a way to relax and keep calm when the going gets tough. To do so, you need to replenish the pool of optimism which seems drained. In few months, Jupiter will come to you, helping you shine brighter than before.

Daily Predictions for Capricorn: The Hunter’s Full Moon gave you a glimpse on how you can make your life better and bring satisfaction in your heart. This is why you can now act towards your goals and fulfil your dreams. As the energy of the Full Moon fades, you will see clearer what blessings have just arrived!

Daily Predictions for Aquarius: The Full Moon may have brought some turbulence in your home and your family, as emotions were both intense and difficult to handle. Quarrels and misunderstandings were part of the Hunter’s Full Moon agenda. However, as the day progresses healing will arrive, giving you the chance to fix what’s already hurt or broken!

Daily Predictions for Pisces: Friends are relatives may gave you a hard time during the effect of the Hunter’s Full Moon. However, as the day progresses things are getting better and healing emotions influence your relationships. All kinds of trouble you might had with transportation and travelling, now fade away.

Astrology and Magic: Fire magic and road opening are quite strong today.

That’s all.

Have fun, enjoy your day!