Daily Predictions for Monday, 22 October 2018

General Daily Predictions: Today, the Moon is void of course until 06:58 when it enters Aries. From there it squares Saturn in Capricorn.

Also today Mercury from Scorpio forms an accurate hexagon with Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect, amongst else, as we’ve seen in the New Moon’s article, gives an early awakening to Halloween’s powers and makes communication and contact with the other realm more intense. It’s also a turning point to the period, as from today the balance between the long term auspicious and inauspicious aspects Pluto forms starts favouring the auspicious ones. We may not feel the latter so clearly today and tomorrow as the Moon stresses Saturn today and Pluto tomorrow, nonetheless, some light is entering our souls and thoughts.

So, overall, this is a stressful day. We may need to try more than usually to achieve what we need to achieve.

Leo and probably Scorpio will be the luckiest zodiacs of the day. Aries, Capricorn, and probably Cancer and Libra will be the ones facing the most stress.

Daily Predictions for Aries: Career matters can be a bit tiresome and bothersome one way or an other. In most case, though, there won’t be big problems. Also, you may feel a bit unmotivated.

Daily Predictions for Taurus: This is probably a stressful day regarding studies and everything that employs the mind and the imagination. Also, there may be a tendency for negative thinking and pessimism.

Daily Predictions for Gemini: This is not the easiest day for whatever has to do with technology. Websites, social media (especially your professional ones), smartphones, computers and anything similar can cause you some stress. For the same reason, avoid buying today new such equipment, if possible.

Daily Predictions for Cancer: Business meetings and maybe business partners can become a little hard to deal with, or simply tiresome. Also, if you have issues with the law, today they can stress you a little more.

Daily Predictions for Leo: Studies need some more attention today. The same is true for all occupations and avocations that need your mental clarity and focus. Even more so if you missed the opportunity the previous days gave you to cover the ground you needed to cover.

Daily Predictions for Virgo: Your self-esteem and self-confidence are not in their best. Some forms of misfortune help, too. In most cases, nothing really serious, but probably a series of individually insignificant unlucky situations and events. Just keep thinking positive. Also, sex life needs some attention.

Daily Predictions for Libra: Your spouse or love can stress or upset you a little today. In many cases this is either you being extra stressed and therefore impatient with them, or them being extra stressed and bringing their stress in the relationship.

Daily Predictions for Scorpio: There may be an extra load of work to do today, or in other ways your schedule can become quite tight. In many cases, unpredictably so. Therefore, avoid postponing things and obligations when you have time to take care of them, even if you think you’ll have more than enough time later.

Daily Predictions for Sagittarius: This day can awaken the insecurities you have about your financial situation, as well as about anything and everything that makes you feel safe and in balance in this world. A more objective look at your situation can be quite helpful, in most cases.

Daily Predictions for Capricorn: Your most difficult battle today will be against your own insecurities. Your mind and some events in your environment can ignite your fears and your negative thinking. Try to face this challenge by encouraging yourself. Also, your home and family may need some more attention, today.

Daily Predictions for Aquarius: This can become an extra busy and extra stressful day. Also, it’s advisable to keep your schedule flexible as things can change unpredictably. In some cases, though, the situation can become quite the opposite and many scheduled things can be cancelled, instead.

Daily Predictions for Pisces: Your income, or your financial situation in general, can cause you some stress today. In most cases it’s a passing threat, or fear and nothing really changes for the worst. Also, in some cases this stress can be caused by your spouse’s finances.

Astrology and Magic: Contacting the dead and other realms, times and spaces is quite strong today.

That’s all.

Have fun, enjoy your day!