New Moon in Virgo – September 09

General Predictions: On September 09 at 18:02UT the Moon meets the Sun in Virgo forming the New Moon. This is the first New Moon after the Ecliptic period and the excessive retrograde activity. As such, it resets the energies and wipes away any remaining after-effects.

The sky changes. Now only three planets are in retrograde motion. Venus, just a few hours before the moment of the New Moon enters Scorpio. Mars, on the 11th returns back in Aquarius. The Earth signs are still under the influence of a Great Trine until the 13th. This is formed by the Retrograde Uranus in Taurus, the now direct Saturn in Capricorn and Mercury in Virgo. Amongst else, this trine puts Saturn in a good mood. Actually, the triangle between Saturn and Uranus will be active until long after the coming Full Moon, so Saturn will be kind enough for the whole period.

The most inauspicious influences are two. Firstly, Venus from Scorpio opposes the Retrograde Uranus in Taurus. This can affect our love life. There may be some clouds and some difficulties there. Those who wish to change their relationship status, whether this means stop being single or stop being in a relationship, may find it more difficult to achieve this. On the other hand, unwanted such changes may come to pass. Arts and artists are also pressed by this influence. The health industry, too. Keep in mind though, that Saturn blesses Uranus and is blessed by Venus. So, if we overcome the difficulties, the benefits will be strong and long lasting.

The second inauspicious influence is the opposition of Mercury from Virgo and the Retrograde Neptune in Pisces. This aspect becomes accurate on the 14th of the month but it will affect the whole period of the waxing Moon. Under this influence our judgement is not clear, so it’s better to take our time before making an important decision. Jobs where you should make many decisions in a hurry are probably the most stressful ones.

Back to the good news, as we said, Saturn and Venus are in a hexagon. This helps love – after overcoming the difficulties. It will help even more strongly relationships with a significant age difference. Also, it helps us healing previously emotional trauma and releasing ourselves of the negative energies our previous experiences burdens us with. As Venus is going to turn retrograde early next month, this aspect will be active – with a few days of a break – until the end of the year, but it will pay to start acting towards that end as soon as possible.

Predictions for Aries: This is not the best period for taking decisions. This is true for everyone, but even more for you. On the contrary, this is the time to pay attention to your social life, and to the details of what you are doing anyway. Adapting your methods and actions in order to be more likeable to the people around you can help you achieve much more. By that, of course, I don’t mean you should sell out yourself. But focus on the others, be supportive towards them and they will support you.

Finances are good this month. Your income, or earnings may rise. Also, this is a good period to reduce your debts. Reducing your unnecessary expenses is a good policy and will help you both in long tern and in short term. Finally, if you are working, or intend to start doing so, with your spouse or current love, this will be an even better and more profitable period.

Predictions for Taurus: Health gets better from this New Moon onwards. If you have had problems there, expect some good developments.

The hips, the colon and the sexual organs may need some more attention, though. At the same time, this is a good period to better their condition, too.

More or less, this is a lucky and joyful period for you. Doing activities that are enjoyable to you is possible, but, even more so, is recommended, too. They will help your mood, they will recharge you for the coming months and they may even improve your finances. The latter are also good this period. Earning can rise – in some cases, quite a lot – and spending money in things you like and enjoy is happening.

Predictions for Gemini: This New Moon affects your health in a dual way. On one hand, your physical health needs your attention.

Improvement happens where there have been issues, but forgetting to take proper care of yourself may cause relapses. On the other hand, emotional health can become much better. Healing of the past is in progress. If you are in a therapy, even more so. This is a good period to forgive and release the energies of unpleasant experiences of the past.

Home and family may overtake your time. This can be stressful on its own, but even more so if you are trying to deal with issues regarding your career. Things there are not so clear and work may demands much of your time, as well. Be extra careful when you need to make any decision.

Predictions for Cancer: Regarding love life, as we’ve seen it’s not the easiest field for anyone, but for you things are better during this period. At least, better than they used to be. Health is also relatively good, but try not to overtire yourself for as we are nearing the Full Moon things are getting more challenging there.

There doesn’t seem to be a significant financial stress this period. Trade is benefited. It’s also a good period to buy things you want and need. Advertising becomes very important. Even more so, if you want for people to learn of you and your products/services this is a good period to inform them, in every possible way.

Predictions for Leo: Finances look good this period. Mercury and the Sun in Virgo until almost the Full Moon spell good news about them.

Earnings are rising, most probably. If you have people supporting your finances, they may become even more supportive. Even more, you feel more prosperous. This is a good attitude as it attracts more prosperity, too. You may spend some money on your looks and also health and health products. Probably out of choice, as your health seems good. If you are the one offering such services and products, then your earnings will rise.

Studies and all forms of learning receive support. Learning things that are completely new to you receives more support than perfecting your knowledge in a subject. Changing your usual methods of learning can also help a lot.

Predictions for Virgo: This is a prosperous period for you. Even more so, your career progresses nicely and easily.

Opportunities to better your situation there or to raise your income can come to you, even out of the blue. You also seem to enjoy yourself. You feel wealthy and maybe you spend some money in your appearance.

Love life, on the other hand, can be quite challenging this period. If you are single your focus on finding a new love becomes less strong. If you are in a relationship, disagreeing with your special someone will be more usual than agreeing. Your plans and theirs, your goals and theirs, may be very different. In some cases, even the opposite.

Predictions for Libra: Money looks good from the New Moon onwards.

If you need to take some action regarding your financial matters, not only this period motivates you to do so, but also your actions are, most likely, successful. As we’ve seen in the general section, decision making is a bit challenging, but, regarding your finances, a bit less challenging for you. Nonetheless, avoid hasty decisions.

Spirituality is extra strong and important for you this period. At the very least you’ll be somewhat more interested in spiritual stuff and your abilities will be stronger. It’s a good period for attending seminars, visiting psychics, reading books about spirituality and for using spiritual methods to learn more about yourself and make yourself a better person.

Predictions for Scorpio: We’ve seen in the general section that love will be challenging this period. This isn’t as true for you.

In fact, you may even experience positive situations and events there. In most cases, if you are seeking a woman, many may come your way. You are attracting them naturally. If you are seeking a man, then taking better care of your looks can help you attract what you want. The hunters may not be as many, but they may be quite good. And yes, looks is not the most important thing in a relationship, but it is the key during this period. For those in a relationship, things are going smoothly enough. Your partner may be even more enthusiastic and devoted to you than they usually are.

Also, health is getting better, or is quite nice anyway. The legs and especially the knees and the ankles, though, may be sensitive.

Predictions for Sagittarius: Health is sensitive this period. Sexual health may need a bit more of your attention.

Resting and relaxing, as well as a healthy diet are very important. At the same time, you respond very well to spiritual and energy healing. Employing such means to better your health is recommended. Of course, alongside the traditional methods, rather than instead of those.

Career looks good and, most likely, it advances, too. Travelling for work matters is advisable. If it’s in schedule, it’s auspicious. People support your efforts, too. Love doesn’t look bad. For the singles opportunities may appear. For those in a relationship, showing your love and care towards your other half can help you avoid, or reducing significantly, any issue.

Predictions for Capricorn: The focus on work and career subsides a bit.

This isn’t a bad thing, but mostly a way to relax, recharge and take care of the details. Close to the Full Moon and after then the focus and good luck will fill this field of your life, again. Money, though, is good, regardless. Home based business and family business can be more prosperous than usual. You may also spend some money on home and family.

There is some cleansing regarding your way of seeing the world happening. Working on that end will help you achieve better and more results. This is the time to get rid of beliefs and ideas that either don’t serve you or they don’t represent reality.

Predictions for Aquarius: As Mars returns in your zodiac health is getting better and your overall energy and determination, too.

At the same time, you are in danger of over working, over tiring yourself, becoming more aggressive than necessary. Also, accidents are possible. Driving more carefully is advisable.

Career becomes even better. Work related travelling can happen and, if so, it’s auspicious. Foreign countries and distant places, as well as people from there can help you advance even more in your career. Practice your social skills as much as possible. The way you interact with people can help your work goals just as much – if not more – as your professional skills. Jobs where communicating with many people is important, will have a very productive period.

Predictions for Pisces: Try to avoid over-focusing on the problems in your love life.

This doesn’t mean you should turn a blind eye on them, but give them the proper gravity and not more. Also focus on the good points as well. The latter may be quite challenging, but make sure you do it, for else you’ll simply cause more problems in your love life. For the singles opportunities to meet a prospective love are easier to come. Real life socialisation can help more than internet socialisation.

Money matters seem to be mostly good. Money and career have been a bit chaotic but now you start feeling safer about them. This can either mean things calm down