Express Meditation for Mental Balance

There as sometimes in our lives, when we are forced to face challenging situations or be asked to deal with obstacles. So forgetting to care for ourselves, to love and to deal with our needs is usual. In the next article, we suggest a healing express meditation that will help us to find peace in our life and find the inner tranquility. Why Express Meditation is Needed Everyday our minds are bombarded with a huge amount of information, emotions and thoughts. As already seen in ‘5 Witchy Ways to Clean our Minds’ your daily routine -by definition- distracts your attention so much, that you consequently neglect your inner world.

Try to have a break in the day to eliminate the stress, tension, pressure, problems, thoughts, worries and stress of your external environment. You have to find your own balance and tranquility and to come into contact with your inner world and your soul. Moreover, some times, all we have is few minutes. In this little time, miracles can happen. Let’s see how! Express Meditation for Mental Balance How can you manage all the above? Through meditation, yoga or any other spiritual practice can work for you.

  • Close your eyes and sit comfortably.
  • Take a deep breath and, as you exhale, take out all of your tension, anxiety and worries.
  • With the next inhalation, you begin to breathe, feeling calm and relaxing. Gather in the pulses of your heart and with every breath, let your body fill up energy.
  • Focus on your belly and begin to breathe deeply. Your heart and belly are the centers of your emotions and the core of your energy and will. Place the right hand on your heart (the Chakra of Heart ) and the left on your belly (where a secondary chakra lies which is responsible for our ego and our self-identification). Imagine that a bridge joins these two centers.
  • Relax your mind. Focus on breathing trying to forget who you are.

    Forget your feelings and your thoughts for a few minutes.

Although, at first it might seem difficult to control your thoughts, by following the above steps you will learn to ground yourselves. It will also help you positively face the everyday challenges much easier. dreamCATcher