Daily Predictions for Friday, 07 September 2018

General Daily Predictions: We slowly begin to receive all this positive impact of direct Saturn while it is also quite obvious why we were so thrilled with direct Mars and Mercury.

However, today something mysterious is happening. Sun opposites Neptune and spiritual fog is created. We are attracted more by the cosmic energies and at the same time we feel closer to our magical powers. It is a great day for contacting spirits and getting in touch with our intuition. Empaths will also feel this amazing energy. However, we should be careful in our everyday life, as misdirection can frustrate us and cause anxiety.

Moreover, today the Moon has entered Leo, helping us become more extroverted and playful than usual. We tend to focus on things that can help us banish negative feelings and embrace the divine happiness.

Thankfully, later at night the Moon will form a positive aspect with the Sun helping us find our inner balance and fight the chaos which lies in our heart. Dealing with the past is not easy but this is our chance to bind grief and banish sadness. Although we should be careful not to exaggerate as the Moon will square Jupiter later in the afternoon, making us prone to not-so-clever actions which we may regret afterwards.

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are the ones mostly favored along with Gemini and Libra!

Daily Predictions for Aries: With your governor being squared by Venus, you probably feel that you need to be spoiled and lose yourself in relaxing and doing things that bring you joy and/or lust. Although responsibilities might seem to bother your mind quite enough you will probably find a way to replenish you energy by doing something fun!

Daily Predictions for Taurus: Today is a day you will be asked to focus on extremely personal or family issues. Be careful though as things might not go as smoothly as one would hope.

You see, your governor receives a pretty tough influence from Mars and you might have to deal with quarrels and fights for no apparent reason. Keep calm!

Daily Predictions for Gemini: Today is such a useful day for you my dear. Your friends get closer to you and interesting people are somehow invited in your life. Moreover, your mind works in an excellent way and this is what makes this day so special. Invent solutions and get inspired!

Daily Predictions for Cancer: Your professional life is somehow enlightened by the passing of your governor through your second solar house. Moreover, you tend to focus on ways to increase your income and build a steady equilibrium in your financial status. Karmic relations still affect you although from on in a constructive way, co-creating a fruitful future.

Daily Predictions for Leo: It goes without saying the Magic can fill your life during the next couple of day as the stars give you the proper energy you need to spend in your personal and professional relationships. You can find clever ways to deal with the things that bother you. Now is your time!

Daily Predictions for Virgo: This is a very good day as your magical powers seem to effect your everyday life giving you all the hints you need to enchant your world! Look for signs as the Cosmos may already be trying to establish contact with you. Fairies may wait for your answer!

Daily Predictions for Libra: Today things are getting weird with your friends and all your social circles. It feels like you can not effectively express your thoughts and feelings and you end up either misunderstood or suppressed. However, this is just a phase and soon enough this influence will be decreased.

Daily Predictions for Scorpio: Today all your energy is focused on your professional life as people around you tend to become more demanding, regardless how much you’ve already achieved. However, this may also be a very good opportunity to show everyone what you’ve go.

Daily Predictions for Sagittarius: Hope finds a way to refresh your energy and your vitality. This is how your body works. Today is a great day to visualize your future and set new goals for your life. Good luck is by your side and interesting people seem to be attracted by your energy.

Commerce with foreign countries and traveling is also favoured.

Daily Predictions for Capricorn: A change of hearts or something more deep and meaningful? Today something weird is happening in you as for no apparent reason you feel irritated and vulnerable. What’s gone is gone. Time to focus on present and banish all the troubling thoughts!

Daily Predictions for Aquarius: Your relations are extremely important right now especially the ones you consider most powerful or profitable. Therefore, you need to pay attention to other people’s needs and find a calm yet effective way to solve and quarrels that might have been bothering you the past months. A smile is more important than rage.

Daily Predictions for Pisces: It is actually a very weird day for you as Friday, even from the beginning gives you mixed signals, troubling your thoughts. Misdirection can fool you and lead you to unworthy paths or people. However, you empathy grows stronger and soon enough you can tell what’s happening behind you back.

Pay attention to your health!