The Karmic Portal of 8 opens: (8)th of August (8) 201(8) – Cosmic Shift

Save the date. August 8, 2018. Tomorrow is a very important Day where the Universe is about to Send a Cosmic Message loud and clear to anyone who is ready. Tomorrow the power of 8 is unleashed and the Karmic Portal of 8 will open wide for all our Material Plane. On Wednesday 8th of the 8th month on the year, of 2018 a very weird astrological phenomenon is going to occur. The Karmic Portal of 8 also known as the Gate of Lions Let’s take a look what is going to happen.

As already seen in the article of synchronicities , there are some times of our lives when everything is so messed up yet a cosmic touch put all pieces of the puzzle in such a way that makes so much sense. Moreover, these times of our lives, can be regarded as so powerful that can even bridge this Material Realm with other higher ones creating a ‘magical moment’ we can never forget. Wednesday, August 08 2018 can be one of these days. Due to the fact that this happens on the Zodiac Sign of Lion this Karmic Portal is also known as the Cosmic Gate of Lions.

The Power of 8 This Wednesday, is the 8th day, of the 8th month of the year which ends in 8. Three times 8. Furthermore, 8 is not just a plain number as it embodies the infinite cosmic wisdom. It’s no surprise that the number 8 is also a symbol of infinity if rotated 90degrees. Moreover, the number of 8 is that number of sacrifice of matter and mundane to achieve higher states of awareness. Here’s where synchronicities kick in. Let’s not forget that 8 is the number of Karma. When this number is activated then we all know that some pretty serious Karmic stuff is going to manifest. It is the number of Mercury the Divine Messenger.

Karma and 8 Retrograde Planets We’ve already seen why tomorrow is a Magical Day based on Magic. But tomorrow is not only about numbers. It’s also about planets. On August 7th/8th Uranus turns retrograde adding one more planet to the ones who already run backwards. What is going on with the Universe? And have a guess… 8 Celestial Bodies bodies will be Retrograde, on the 8th day of the 8th month of the year which ends to the number 8. 1.Retrograde Mercury: July 26, 2018 – August 19, 2018 During the Summer of 2018, the Axis of Eclipses have changed affecting us in much different way that the previous years. Moreover, many planets are already retrograde like Mars, Pluto, Neptune and Saturn.

You know where I’m going with this don’t you. Karma makes us take a step back and reconsider all of our choices because soon enough, everything will change and go in fast forward. Read more about this summer’s Retrograde Mercury here and how it affects you! 2.Retrograde Mars: June 26, 2018 – August 27, 2018 Mars symbolizes the heat we hide within. This is one of the most important clues one needs to learn in order to comprehend the red planet’s energy. ‘If the Sun is the Light, the Mars is it’s heat’ old astrologers used to say. Wherever Mars is, tension and energy arrives.

However, this energy is most of the times so primitive and thick, that only the wise ones can handle completely. This Retrograde Mars in particular begins in Aquarius and end up in Capricorn (where is exalted). During this time, we will find our energy trapped or depleted. We feel that neither we properly express ourselves nor we want to. The sexual energy (all our desires) is so intense that actually frustrates us, leading us to faulty conclusions and desperate actions. Read more about this Retrograde Mars and how it affects you here! 3.Retrograde Saturn: April 17, 2018 – September 6, 2018 Everything that happens during the retrograde course of Saturn tests our limits and our patience.

Saturn want to reinforce our Will but what we perceive is an endless period of limitations and consecutive obstacles. We need to meditate and find our strength to act. Meditation is ruled by Saturn and the more we practice Meditation the more we are getting free from all this mess. Read more about this Retrograde Saturn and how it affects you here! 4.Retrograde Uranus, August 7-8, 2018 – January 6, 2018 Today, Uranus turns Retrograde. Change and innovation is slowed down. What has started can now wait to be finished. Catch up with Daily Predictions for more insight! 5.

Retrograde Neptune, June 18, 2018 – November 24, 2018 The lord of Waters, Chemistry and Alchemy, Retrograde Neptune shows that we need to be extra careful not to get sucked by a vortex of illusions. Clear mind is needed. 6. Retrograde Pluto, April 22, 2018 – September 30, 2018 The Lord of Power and transformation is retrograde too. Lack of Power, conflict with authorities and never ending struggles. But something great is slowly being created. 7. Retrograde Chiron, April 17, 2018 – September 6th, 2018 The wounded healer is slowed down. Universe is trying to tell us how we can heal our hearts from past wounds. During this time meditate daily and heal your heart! 8.

Retrograde Juno: May 09 2017 to December 23 2018 Many consider Retrograde Phases to be indicative of stress and malicious energy, and like with Mercury Juno is often associated with communication especially with things like emails, texts and letters in the post. When Juno enters it’s retrograde phase it is a time to take stock and revaluate what you are communicating to others. The devil is on the details, and by paying a little extra attention to things can’t go amiss. While Juno is in retrograde you may find the courage to communicate with someone from your past and set old wrongs right through clear and honest communication. The Karmic Portal of 8 is Now Open. So What Do We do ?

Well, when Universe is that sure about something, we better listen. It seems that our way of life has become somehow too material. We need to transmute matter to energy. Sacrifice some of our mundane and routine activities for the Divine. So take a Golden Candle and Carve the Infinity symbol on it (which practically is the Number 8 rotated). You can also use a Purple one, a Yellow one or a White one. Burn from frankincense and smudge your space. Now Meditate and ask from the Divine forces to guide you. Let the Universe give you signs.

Open your heart to the Infinite and Divine.