Move on! You are not a Tree!

During our lifetime, we have all gone through difficult situations, personal, professional and economic. Most of the time, we throw the blame on others about our dreams that didn’t come true. Why do we stay static and not move on? Why not Move On? Before we start fixing the problem we first need to ask a couple of questions. For each one of us, the reason why we didn’t move on can be different but in weird way, they all end up to same root. So why did we get ourselves in such situation? And most importantly, why do we throw the weight of our responsibilities and do not try to find a solution?

The Centre of the Problem and how we fix it! The main reason that this happens is that we do not have the will or self-persuasion and the power to continue. Of course, this happens because we do not believe in ourselves, and we do not feel able to claim anything better. But the universe doesn’t work in this way. Move On! You are NOT a Tree! Move, you are not a tree, you are a human being who, with a little will and enough stubbornness, can do everything. So Practically:

  • If you do not like the job you do, look for the best one! You know, the one that suits you and is up to your expectations!
  • If you are NOT happy with your relationship, with your marriage, with your friends do not cast your responsibility on others. Remember that you determine your fate and your live!

And Magically…

  • If you find troubles finding you path , don’t just wait for it. Look for it! Here ! This is an article to help you find you path!
  • Not enough? Well, you are in Magical Recipes Online. Let’s do some magic! Try the Vegvisir , the Magical Icelandic Compass, who helps us find our way!

Where there is a will there is a way.

Or as we love to say in Magical Recipes Online, where there is a Witch, there is a Way!