Go Smudge Yourself to Free Yourself

Hey you, yes you…. Yes, I am talking to you…. When was the last times you had a good smudge? Okay… When was the last time you cleansed your own personal energy? A nice soak in the bath, or a luxuriously long shower can really work wonders for your physical body, what about the other Subtle Bodies, what about the energy that makes up your Aura? Let me remind you to Go Smudge Yourself! Go Smudge Yourself! We all know we have to cleans our bodies from the day-to-day grind, but how many of you (be honest) think to cleanse their own energy?

If I am honest, I never used to, I always forget to cleanse more than just my physical body, I always left my etheric body, and other layers of my aura, not thinking that the other layers of the Aura need to be cleansed and freshened up. I saw a post about smudging my energy, and gave it a try, and holy monkeys batman, it felt incredible, so I decided that I would make this apart of my witchy routine. It is deceptively simple to be honest, and if I can introduce it to my routine, I am positive you can add it to your own. Here are a few different idea that you may want to give a go.

1) Incense This is possible the easiest variation. There are so many different incense sticks out there, you will be able to find at least one that you like. Always use a scent that you like, rather than one that’s “cheap” (I am partial to fruity scents rather than floral). Once you have found the one that is right for you, light the incense stick and allow to burn for 5-10 seconds then blow it out. The embers will burn gently, and will release their scented smoke. To cleanse your energy slowly surround yourself in this smoke, making sure you surround you own body.

The best place to do this is outdoors, as the ash will fall to the floor, and you don’t want to be ruining the carpet or floors….and I don’t want the blame (or the bill) because I didn’t mention it. 2) Crystals As I have mentioned a bazillion times before, crystals are FANTASTIC for cleansing, and especially cleansing at an energy level. When you use crystals, they are interacting with your Etheric Body (which is the layer of the aura closest to your physical body, about 3-4 inches from your body. There are crystals out there that make brilliant cleansers. Take your time choosing which crystal(s) you want to use.

Once you have chosen the best one for you, carry it around with you, or keep it in close proximity to you. 3) Sage Smudging If you feel like you need something a little stronger than incense and crystals, you can go smudge yourself with the good old Sage . This will clear almost anything and everything away. When you choose this option, you are essentially doing a deep cleanse. Like incense, you light the smudge stick or dried Sage leaves and surround yourself in he smoke. Again, this is best done outside, so you don’t set alarms off, or ruin carpets or floors.

You can use a container to hold the Sage if you wish, and a popular choice is an Abalone shell, but anything that is heat resistant will work too. I have used the base of a terracotta pot or a candle holder. Remember which every you choose as your method of cleansing, don’t resist the cleansing energy. Also, don’t leave the incense sticks or sage burning, remember to blow them out, so they are smouldering embers, not a blaze. Always leave your incense or smudge sticks in a heatproof container, and have something to catch the ash of you are indoors. We don’t to have any damaged furniture or altars out there. )O( Rainbow Love, Light and Blessings )O(