9 Plants that Radiate Good Magic at Home

Herbal Magic has always been one of the most potent and popular paths in Witchcraft. Since the beginning of mankind, we have used plants to decorate our houses and our business premises, amongst others. In addition to giving a very fresh and natural touch to these areas. Moreover, they are thought to improve the flow of positive energy through their ability to banish and trap or transmute the negative. In other Words, plants Radiate Good Magic at home. Let’s see some of the Witches favorites plants. Hedge Witchcraft One of the most ancient paths of Magic, is the Hedge Witchcraft. Followers of this Magical Path, prepare to choose the plants that ‘decorate’ their houses, based on their correspondences.

This is what makes a Witch’s home, truly magical! According to alchemists and hedge witches, certain plants promote much better the positive energy and good magic at home, and give us a sense of daily well-being, compared to the rest. Based on this, below are the 9 magical plants that attract positive energy and transmute the negative one into pure magic. 9 Plants that Radiate Good Magic at Home Before we start, we should note that these plants should be alive and in good health, which means we should have them in pots and take care of them in particular. Take care of them, show them love and they will respond with Pure Magic! 1.

Basil This herb has a great magical reputation. Hence, it made it the most famous plant amongst Greek Houses and all around the mediterranean sea. It’s almost unable to find a house, especially an old one, where you won’t find Basil . In stairs, in balconies, in living rooms, almost everywhere a basil reigns. Old Greeks say “basil helps a house to be solid and a family to be healthy”. It’s a key ingredient to most benevolent spells but it”s not considered to be a catalyst (like cinnamon for example).

This means that the effect of this herb is gentle and not harsh. You must be wondering why don”t we use Basil instead of anything else then? The answer is that because of the special nature of this herb, spells with it requires a well planned routine. Some spell-casters want a sudden change, an instant intervention. Although Basil, as an ingredient, can help with this purpose *as long as it”s a benevolent one* you will need to be patient. Where to place them: Near Door and Windows to welcome the blessings in your house! 2. Cactus Cacti are a very beautiful and give an exotic decorative touch in your personal or professional space.

Although it’s believed that they don’t need enough care, that not true. If you show the proper attention though, they will help you act as spiritual purifiers repelling envy, and scaring intruders and hostile energies coming towards the ones who live in this house. Where to place them: Put them in all directions of the compass: North, East, South, West, as spiritual protectors. 3. Thyme Thyme (Sci. Name: thymus vulgaris) is one of the best examples that indicate how invaluable the treasure of Nature is. From a therapeutic perspective it acts as an excellent lung cleanser and will help to clear your lungs from phlegm and calm your cough.

Magically speaking, this plant is considered purifying as it aids in repelling negative energy. Most importantly it is considered to be the herb of courage . Hence it prevents nightmares and enhances self-confidence. Having a thyme in your home, you enhance the protection of your home and its occupants by making everyone feel stronger. Where to place them: In your living room, to make you feel its presence and receive its blessings! 4. Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum is associated with Autumn and the Autumnal Equinox. Moreover, it is believed to help you attune with your ancestors and receive wisdom from the above. Hence, it protects and blesses the home.

It can be used in banishing rituals or even worn to repel negative entities and the dark arts. Chrysanthemums are known for their beauty and the sense of well- being they bring home. This plant strengthens happiness and good mood, so it is recommended for places where there is constant tension or disagreements. Chrysanthemums are associated with a life of relaxation – giving a sense of balance which is associated with the Autumnal Equinox! Where to place them: Wherever you relax (avoid having flowers in your bedroom). 5. Eucalyptus From the ancient times, eucalyptus is associated with the Element of Air and its ability to radiate a sense of freedom. It does that by warding off the negativity.

Eucalyptus despises envy, which almost always comes from malicious entities. Hence, it cleanses and transmutes this energy. It is highly recommended for businesses, as it is believed to help money transactions hence it attracts prosperity. Where to place them: In your office or where you work. 6. Aloe Vera Aloe Vera, also know as the plant of immortality is one of the most potent magical herbs. It is used in good luck spells and in rituals against mistrust. This happens because alchemists and hedge witches believe that Aloe has one of the strongest auras in all nature. It guards, protects and neutralizes negativity while it helps us raise our vibrations too.

Many people believe that when aloe grows and is vital, it attracts good luck. If it fades, it means that it has absorbed the negative energies and has protected us. Hence it needs to be replaced. Where to place them: Near doors and windows. It is known for attracting prosperity and positive energy wherever it is placed at home while it also guards against evil. 7. Jasmine Jasmine is considered a flower of attraction which in magical terms means that it can be used in spells and magic when you wish to bring something (love, money, happiness – you name it!) in your life.

Hence, it is known as the plant of couples because it benefits relationships in the spiritual field as it helps them heal the emotional wounds. It corresponds to the element of Water and was always considered to be primarily a feminine and lunar flower loved by witches of all ages globally. From a deity perspective Jasmine is closely associated with lunar female deities such as Luna and Selene and with Goddesses of Love such as Venus and Aphrodite. Where to place them: It is recommended that this plant be outside of the bedroom or in the areas where the couple usually spend time together because it attracts positive energy, which strengthens the relationship and enhances romance. 8.

Bamboo Bamboo has become quite popular lately thanks to Feng Shui, the ancient chinese art of magic and balance at home. This plant in particular is believed to bless with Good Magic at home. When placed in a room with negative energy, bamboo acts as a spiritual purifier, filtering the energy and transmuting it into happy and good one. At the same time, however, it is said to attract all blessings and good spirits. According to Tao and Feng Shui, bamboo is associated with the Element of Water, hence it offers balance, prosperity and good health. Where to place them: Anywhere but most importantly where we feel that we need a magical touch to remove negativity.

Having this plant in our house will bring us a sense of comfort, calmness and will drive away envy. 9. Peppermint Peppermint is considered to be an aphrodisiac, and it also gives a sense of welcoming to your guests. But there are more magical properties associated with this herb! In a more spiritual level, peppermint helps in clearing negative energies, although spearmint and some other plants of the mint family could be more powerful. Besides being a plant with many health benefits, peppermint has also been used to protect itself from the magic and envy of others.

But peppermint s help is irreplaceable when it comes to banishing vampires and vampiric entities, such as incubus and succubus. It also helps earthbound ghosts to find their way to the otherworld. Not only that, but it also promotes the healing of the “wounds” that vampires and vampiric entities have caused to the aura and the astral and etheric body. Peppermint is a good plant for your wellbeing and some even believe that anyone who has a fresh mint plant attracts economic prosperity. Where to place them: On the table you eat and prepare your food, to ‘neutralize’ parasites and energies that drain your vitality.

Do you have any of these plants?