Young boy speaks English without ever having learnt it! A Reincarnation Case?

Learning a foreign language is a task much easier for children than for adults. But no matter how easily kids learn a language, they should anyway be exposed to it either within their family, a school or the media. Yet, a male toddler in Golan heights (an area controlled by Israel) surprised its family and its community by starting speaking English out of the blue! The boy did not speak at all until the age of 2. Then, suddenly, he started using English expressions such as “My dear” and “Oh my goodness!”.

His accent reminds of a typical child raised in Great Britain while its Arabic, the language of his family, is behind the level that one would expect at that age. None of the family speaks English and the boy didn´t watch a lot of English-speaking programs on TV. Αs a nurse reported, his parents first contacted her to ask her about boy´s difficulties to communicate in Arabic. “Then, they called me again and said he has a problem: He speaks, but he speaks like the king of England” she added. According to some experts on the other hand, he sounds like a Pakistani person abiding in Southern London.

In all cases, it remains inexplicable where he got this accent from. Xenoglossy: a proof for Reincarnation? The young boy comes from a Druze family. Although an Arabic-speaking minority living in Israel and in neighboring countries, the Druze faith considerably deviates from the monotheistic religions of that region. For the Druze community, reincarnation is a fundamental doctrine of their Faith.

A work authored by Gerard Russell under the title Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms: Journeys Into the Disappearing Religions of the Middle East refers to this exceptional faith which has roots to Platonism and Gnosticism as well. Generally, the phenomenon of a person speaking a language that has never heard before is called xenoglossy. The fact that a person suddenly speaks a language that she or he has never heard before is quite mysterious.

Reincarnation then sounds as a reasonable explanation. In this article Psi-Encyclopedia provides a number of cases that could be quite suggestive of that. And a classic work on this issue is the extraordinary Unlearned Language: New Studies in Xenoglossy written by Ian Stevenson. Phaethon See also: 7 Signs You Know Someone From A Past Life Love at First Sight: A Reincarnated Love?

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