The University of Zambia now offers courses on Witchcraft!

According to UNESCO, a number of traditions or customs across the world belong to the so-called Intangible Cultural Heritage . This means that along with masterpieces of world’s architecture, places of significance or archaeological sites, there is equally a number of cultural practices such as music, oral poetry, rituals or performing arts, which UNESCO strives to preserve. Now, the Zambia National Commission for UNESCO succeeded in attracting funds for a project to safeguard the tradition of Witchcraft in this African country. As a result, the University of Zambia will be offering a course concerning the Intangible Culture of the country, in which Magic will be included.

As local media reported, UNESCO has actually granted US$340,000 to develop a Degree Program to train students in witchcraft, rituals and other aspects of traditional cultural heritage. The news was widespread through HotFmZambia Witchcraft, Science and Christianity The news about the initiation of a Witchcraft course in the University of Zambia gave rise to some hilarious rumors. As Government Spokesperson Kampamba Mulengahe put it, some Media claimed that the Government mobilizes Witchcraft as a science that can be productively used for the benefit of the nation. Ms. Mulengahe stated that the allegations are blatant falsehoods.

She also underscored that Zambia “is a Christian nation as enshrined in the preamble of the constitution”. Indeed, in 2010, according to World Christian Trends , 85.5% of the population identified as Christian while 11.2% identified with indigenous religions. However, the traditional religions frequently blend with Christian practices. In any case, we wish good luck to the students of this course! Phaethon See also: A free course on Witchcraft 5 TRUE Otherwordly Lessons from Master Yoda Your Native American Zodiac Sign A Spell for the Goddess of Love?

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