The Forbidden Fairy Food

Fairies also known as the Fae or the Fair Ones, dominate most esoteric and magical traditions worldwide. There are hundreds of stories about these playful spirits, interacting with humans in a benevolent or catastrophic way. Although, we do find differences between the traditions, there are many common details. One of these very interesting details, is the Forbidden Fairy Food. Who are the Fairies? Fairies are considered forces of nature who occupied the planet long before the coming of humans. They dwelled almost everywhere in the planet. Some fairies chose to live in the forests, others around lakes and rives while some chose mountains and the seas. Hence, Fairies actually believe that this world belongs to them.

This is a very important thing to memorize when interacting with them. Fairies and Humans The more humans spread around the Realm, the more fairies took interest in them. This is why, at the Dawn of our civilization, there are many stories about fairies who initiated contact with humans. Most stories of fairies talk about:

  • Humans falling in love with Fairies.
  • Fairies kidnapping children and replacing them with ‘changelings’.
  • Humans getting tricked by playful Fairies.
  • Fairies enchanting humans to do their bidding or as a defense mechanism.

Humans in the Fairy Realm In order to interact with the Fairies one should enter the Fairy Realm or a Fairy decide to visit our World. Although the latter seems rather impossible as Fairies hate the way of men. This is why, humans need to visit the fairy realm in order to see and communicate with fairies. This can happen:

  • By accident. A human loses his/her way and enters a portal.
  • By invitation. A fairy invites a human to enter their kingdom. This is more rare as the fairy needs to have a particular interest in the human.

    In this case, the human is destined to become a great king or queen, a great spiritual leader, a witch, a wizard etc.

  • By determination. A human works his/her magic to enter the Fairy Realm.
  • By Fairy Food. A human tastes the forbidden fairy food to travel into the Fairy Land.

The Forbidden Fairy Food Fairy Food, is a tricky yet powerful thing. Famous wizards, fairy doctors and powerful kings and queens in history, declared or secretly possessed fairy food. Although is undeniably mouth watering, it has unpredictable consequences for humans. But first things first. What is the fairy food?

  • It’s either the food from the Fairy Realm,
  • or some Regular food consumed by fairies.

Food from the Fairy Land Those who were lucky (or wise, or strong enough) to tasted the Fairy Food and live to tell the story, they described it ‘heavenly’. The taste was amazing. If you could describe it, it would taste like wheaten-bread drenched in honey and red wine. As most people cannot handle this energy, if it happens to be offered ‘fairy food’ one must respectfully decline. Let’s see why… Effects of Food from the Fairy Land

  • Enchantment: As it tastes heavenly one can never get enough.

    Hence, this food would never make a human fill full. A human will long for Fairy Food, never finding interest in regular food again. This is why people returning from fairy land are different, as they’ve experienced something uniquely beautiful and peaceful. Some are believed to be possessed by Fairy or Elven spirits, thus acting weird.

  • Magical Powers: A mortal who tastes food from fairy land can be transformed into animal. This ability can or cannot be controlled, depending on the magical power of the human. Moreover, the fairy food is believed to have amazing qualities, used for almost ALL kinds of enchantments, from love spells to healing.
  • Access to Fairy Land: Bearing food from the fairy land is a gateway to their realm. One can travel there immediately once s/he tastes it. However, Fairies don’t easily let you live the fairy land, once you’ve tasted their food. Although there are people who did return.

Regular food consumed by Fairies Although fairies have amazing food, they do like to taste human food. Some of their favorite human foods are freshly prepared cakes and breads, fruits (strawberries and all kinds of berries), fresh milk, butter, wine, quality mead and brew. Now here’s the tricky part. Fairies don’t actually consume the food.

They devour the ‘toradh’ or ‘foyson’ which actually means the ‘essence’ or astral energy of the food. This is why one of the signs when visited by fairies (see here more) is that milk goes bad rapidly. Because the energy has already been consumed thus leaving the food empty and useless. Hence, to invite fairies, one can offer food, calling the fairies. However, you must remember that once offered, the food belongs to fairies, thus should never be consumed by human. If you’ve been offered, would you taste Fairy Food?