Predictions: New Moon in Gemini – June 13

General Predictions for the New Moon: On June 13, at 19:44 UT the Moon meets the Sun in Gemini, forming the New Moon.

Mercury has enter Cancer since the previous day, and Venus enters Leo a few hours after the New Moon. Also, on the 21st of the month, at 10:07 UT, the Sun enters Cancer indicating the Summer Solstice, or the Winter one for the Southern Hemisphere. Just informatively, Mars at that time will be very active, making it a very fiery Solstice.

50% of the Planets in Retrograde motion: Although no other planet changes its position during the waxing Moon period, two more planets turn retrograde. Neptune turns retrograde on the 18th of the month, and Mars on the 26th of the month, almost two days before the Full Moon. So, the Full Moon will be formed under the influence of five planets in retrograde motion. This is the second greatest amount of retrograde activity this year. On top of that, the coming Full Moon will initiate the ecliptic period which will last until the 26th of August.

Informatively the greatest retrograde activity, with six planets in retrograde motion then, will happen during the ecliptic period, from August 7 to August 19, and in the midst of it the third and last eclipse will take place.

A Magically strong New Moon and waxing Moon period: Neptune in Pisces will be quite strong during the whole period, before and after turning into retrograde motion. The Retrograde Jupiter from Scorpio supports it via a near-perfect triangle. From three days after the New Moon and until the Full Moon, Mercury from Cancer will also support Neptune via a triangle, which will become perfect on the day of the Solstice. And even the Retrograde Pluto from Capricorn supports Neptune through a hexagon. It’s a mild one, but, under the circumstances, significant enough. Mercury also supports Uranus via a hexagon which is perfect the day of the New Moon. All this activity, makes the period quite capable for magic.

Even more so since the Solstice is in the middle of it.

On the negative side, Venus, Mars and, even more, the Retrograde Saturn receive much stress. Mercury, the Sun and the Retrograde Jupiter, too, receive some stress.

So, this is an important and capable period, but not an easy one. Even more, because of the great retrograde activity, correcting and healing situations can help us advance the best way. On the other hand, actual advancement and openings of any kind should be done under good consideration. Of course, as the ecliptic period is coming just after, it’s better do such things now, than during the ecliptic period.

Predictions for Aries: Things seem to get slower and slower this period. The excessive retrograde activity is the most important reason for that. Even more, as Mars, the ruler of your zodiac, slows down and finally turns retrograde, this feeling will become even more intense. All of you will feel this strongly, but those born in the first 20 degrees of the zodiac, as well as all having their Ascendant there, even more so. You have to slow down your pace. Even if you don’t do it voluntarily, life will force you do it. This is not the best period for advancements. In some cases, the best thing you can do is, actually, to take a step back.

It is, though, a good period for research, rethinking, and for acquiring, or bettering, your knowledge and skills.

Health is also quite sensitive. Resting enough, correcting your dietary habits and keeping your emotional balance can become important helpers on the subject. On the other hand, avoid excessive working out and dangerous sports, or at least be extra careful.

Magical Suggestions: Meditative techniques are both capable and very helpful for you this period. Recalling and changing the past, too. The same goes for acquiring, empowering, or putting back in action, mental and spiritual abilities

Predictions for Taurus: Trade and sales of all kind, advertising yourself and your business, as well as your engagement with your social media and web pages are more likely to be successful during this period. Profitable, too. The only problem work can provide is probably it being too busy. Watch your tendency to overwork and overtire yourself. In fact, find some time to rest and relax, if possible in a daily bases. Also, avoid excessive work out, especially if you are not used to it.

Although finances are mostly good, a few days before until a few days after the Solstice some stress may occur on the matter, especially for those in a relationship, as their partner may play a role in it. Calmingly dealing with it is the best policy.

Also, this is a good period for upgrading your image and your social circle – both in everyday life and on social media – and also your knowledge. In fact, it’s both a good period to learn things, and to pass knowledge about things you have a proficiency in.

Magical Suggestions: Summoning interesting people, including friends, potential lovers, etc. Beautification of all kinds. Money and prosperity magic, too, but maybe not as strongly as the others mentioned.

Predictions for Gemini: The way you want things to proceed and the way they actually do can be quite different, and this may bring you some stress. In fact, though, the world doesn’t fight against you. If anything, it blesses you and your life, but maybe not the way you want it to. Taking a deep breath, accepting the situations and then making the best out of what’s in hand, can be the best policy. Going with the flow can help you advance better and more – sometimes surprisingly so – than trying to go against it.

Money and career matters still receive beneficial influences. The latter for the whole period, the former from the Solstice onwards. Small careful advancements there, as well as realising plans you’ve been preparing for some time now, is favoured, despite the great retrograde activity. Of course, though, be vigilant and proceed wisely.

Magical Suggestions: Wish fulfilment, fame and success magic are all extra potent for you. Magically supporting your long term goals, too.

Predictions for Cancer: The New Moon and the waxing Moon period is probably as happy and lucky as the previous period. In some aspects even happier and luckier. From the Solstice onwards things will be even better. Like the previous period, it’s not a stress free time, but it’s a good time, nonetheless.

The two major issues you have to deal with is finding a balance between your personal goals and wishes and your social obligations. The general advice there is, if you need to sacrifice the one or the other, do not sacrifice your personal goals. The other issue is your love life. It’s not really bad, but you and your loved one may see things differently, or wish for different things. Calmingly discussing things between the two of you, and finding a way to satisfy the both of you is the best thing you can do.

Finally, finding some alone time, or some time to take proper care of yourself and your personal goals and wishes can help your mood, advancement and well being, even in ways seemingly unrelated. The universe, after all, always supports us when we support ourselves.

Magical Suggestions: Money drawing, business success, and good luck magic are very strong. Creating talismans, potions and the like for these reasons, is also very strong.

Predictions for Leo: Career and work matters can continue being unstable, but not in a bad way, mostly. Many changes, many of them unexpected, can happen, minor or not so, but, overall, the odds are they’ll end up being beneficial for you. Of course, do your best to achieve that. Money also looks good. Probably better and steadier than the previous period, especially after 23rd. This doesn’t mean that pleasant surprises can’t happen before then. On the contrary. But after the 23rd the unpleasant ones will be less and less intense. Also, your intuition can be very good and clear regarding money issues. In many cases more clear than your rational mind.

It can also help you in games of luck, but as we’ve said, many times over, the stars raise your odds, but they don’t secure your win, so play wisely.

Love life can be a little problematic, as you tend to be either a little extra demanding from your other half, or you open your wings to expanding, or changing, your social circle, and this can make your current lover insecure. If you avoid these traps things will be good. The same applies for the singles. Keep in mind that the expansion, or change, is a good thing. Making your lover insecure is the possible trap.

Magical Suggestions: Money magic is strong. Raising of sexual energy, sexual satisfaction and sexual magnetism, too. Finally, summoning new people, and especially potential lovers.

Predictions for Virgo: Heal can still be sensitive until the Solstice. Then it seems to improve, though. Head, neck, shoulders and the legs continue being the most sensitive parts. Resting well and paying enough attention to your health can help you avoid most, if not all, problems there, and this isn’t a period you should let untapped.

In fact, both money and career receive much support during this period. A significant beneficial development can happen career-wise and this may also help your income to rise. Careers of spiritual nature receive this influence even more intensively. But even if your job isn’t of spiritual nature, using spiritual means to improve your work, or career, can help you a lot.

Since the eve of the New Moon love life started receiving many and strong blessings. This can help both those in a relationship and those seeking one. Neptune, your love planet, turning retrograde on the 18th may cause some difficulties, but it receives too much support. So, there may be problems and delays, but things are getting better.

Magical Suggestions: Love magic, beautification magic and also money drawing, fame and success are all extra strong for you.

Predictions for Libra: This New Moon and the waxing Moon period can be challenging in many ways. Health can be an issue. Especially from the Solstice onwards. In most cases, though, the challenges there are ones you can overcome. Keeping your cool and not overstressing about them is a wise policy. Of course, along with taking good and proper care of them!

An other issue can be love, especially because what you want from your other half and what you receive are two different things. In some cases, though, this problem can be solved by simply explaining what you want. Don’t just assume the other party knows.

Money matters can also be quite stressful. Especially from the Solstice onwards. This, in most cases, doesn’t mean problems in your job and career, though. On the contrary, those aspects proceed quite to very nicely and successfully. So, maybe your expenses are more, or you invest unwisely, or something like that. If you need to make a move to support and further your career, especially one you’ve been thinking of for some time now, this is a good period to make it. Nonetheless, proceed carefully and wisely. Careers affected by, or based on hi-tech equipment, or the use of it will receive even greater support.

Magical Suggestions: Health and beautification magic are strong. Success in business, too. Using Money Drawing can be quite helpful, especially as charging of magical oils is promising for all.

Predictions for Scorpio: This New Moon and the waxing Moon period are quite happy and satisfactory for you. Your sexual energy is still quite strong and will remain so until the Solstice. Until then, sexual satisfaction is important, sexual magnetism is quite strong, and it is a good period to try new things in bed. Of course, using sexual energy in magic can also help. Even after then it won’t lose all its focus. Just some of it.

The first half of the waxing Moon period, aka until the eve of the Solstice, is also good for cleansing. Cleansing negative energies, getting rid of useless things, even useless property, cutting ties with negative people, and actual cleansing of your home and place of working, all receive support.

Overall career and money matters are good, but some problems may occur after the Solstice. They are not too grate, so keep your cool and react calmly to whatever comes your way. You job may call for some travelling, too. If so, it will be, most likely, successful.

Magical Suggestions: Love magic, beautification magic and also wish fulfilment, but mostly for wishes that brings you happiness rather than material success and abundance, are all very strong for you. Magic to help having a new child is also rather promising.

Predictions for Sagittarius: Health is still sensitive and will remain so until the Solstice. Your energy levels can be quite low, and, therefore, managing them correctly and resting enough can help you a lot. If you have heart and circulatory issues, pay extra attention to those, too. After the 21st, though, things are getting better. In most cases, very much so.

The now more stressed and retrograde Saturn can cause some stress regarding money. Mistakes can happen easily. Sometimes they can initially seem little and insignificant, yet they may end up being more than that. In most cases, having a keen eye on details and trying to avoid mistakes before happening, can help a lot on the matter. Also, delays can happen in receiving money you’ve been expecting.

Finally, career and love life can have some nice developments, especially around the Solstice. This is especially true for those seeking a new job or a new relationship.

Magical Suggestions: All forms of strengthening and reinforcing the good aspects of your life and your blessings are strong. Make use of this influence even when you feel the situations are not good enough. For example you may want to solve your financial problems. Focus on what (money wise) you do have, and then empower this wealth.

Predictions for Capricorn: Health, and especially the stomach and the digestive system, is more sensitive this period, and probably even more from the Solstice and afterwards. Paying some attention on your diet and dietary habits can help a lot. Reducing stress, will also be of significant help.

Work and money, on the other hand, are mostly good. This is a good period for those searching for a new job. Money can receive an indirect support too, as your spouse’s or partner’s financial situation improves. This influence gets even stronger after the Solstice. Also, you tend to get attracted and, also, to attract wealthy (enough) people, even as potential love relationships, for those seeking one. But in any case, social engagement and having fun can benefit your career, finances and love life.

Social life becomes important even without a connection to work and money. You want to socialise more, and the opportunities to achieve that, happen. They may not appear by themselves, though. Taking the first step is, most likely, necessary.

Magical Suggestions: Attracting friends, lovers, clients and any kind of people you want and need is strong. Communications with spirits, also is strong. Money drawing magic is very promising.

Predictions for Aquarius: Do make a point to have some fun in a daily bases, at least until the Solstice. Such a habit can benefit one’s life in any time, but during this period this can create a good karma for the months to come. Family and other important people of your life may still try to steal away your time, but do not let this happen. Of course, pay attention to them, but do not neglect yourself. Having fun can also help your love life. This goes especially for those in a relationship with troubles.

After the Solstice work receives most of your focus. Those seeking a new job can find one more easily, and those already working may achieve some progress there. But even without a significant progress your good efficiency and productiveness help your mood and self-esteem. Money also proceeds nicely this period. When Neptune turns retrograde, some stress may appear there, but, probably, nothing too serious. Nonetheless, from the 18th onwards, avoid unnecessary expenses, and be slow and extra careful when deciding new investments and similar things.

Magical Suggestions: Money drawing, prosperity and all magic about money is strong. Finding new job, and success in business is quite strong, too. Love spells, and especially those intending to find your soulmate are strong from the Solstice and then on.

Predictions for Pisces: This is a very strong magical and spiritual period. Improving your magical and spiritual abilities is possible and employing them in your everyday life can become a great help. Receiving an initiation is both supported and auspicious. This includes the ordination of priests and the like. Careers based on intuition, empathy and other similar abilities can become quite successful, too.

Until the Solstice health can be quite sensitive and needs some attention. Proper diet, and proper rest can help the body a lot, but what needs even more of your attention is your emotional health and well being. In fact, this aspect may need your support and attention even after the Solstice, just not as strongly. As depression is one of the most probable situations there, make sure you support your mood in a daily bases.

Finally, finances are mostly good this period. Probably nothing out of the ordinary, but naturally and peacefully good. Nonetheless, web pages, social media and the like can become a source of income. If your income comes from there, anyway, do your best during this period. After the 26th, when Mars turns retrograde some delays and problems may start appearing, but this will become more obvious after the Full Moon.

Magical Suggestions: There is too much magical power concentrated on your zodiac, hence all kinds of magic, for all purposes are very strong and promising for you. If I have to point out an trump card, this would be Water Magic.

Astrology and Magic: All kinds of magic are supported during this period. Potions, philtres, magical perfumes, talismans, and anything that stores magical power for future use, as well as the