How to Enchant an Object (Beginner’s and Advanced)

To learn how to enchant an object we need to clarify something first! So back to the basics! What is an enchantment? Charms and enchantments are simple spells, whose power do not depend on complicated rituals but solely on the spell-caster’s energy. Although enchantments can be parts of sophisticated ceremonies (which almost always try to combine the energy of those who pray or actively contribute), an enchantment is a practical spell which has the personal touch of the spell caster. This is the reason why enchantments are so versatile on both the way they have been created and their use as well.

Throughout the History of Witchcraft, enchantments were created as:

  • A Mojo to attract Good Luck or banish Bad Luck !
  • Witches love to create a Love Magnet! These Love attraction enchantments were very popular in the middle ages.
  • There are several Charms and Enchantments cast to repel evil.
  • Mothers loved to create Enchantments to ward off nightmares!
  • A charm for success is essential for the ambitious ones.

The List is endless because endless are the possibilities! Before we learn how to enchant an object, we need to make it clear that your Personal Energy is required!

What Do You Really Need for a Charm? Three things are genuinely needed to enchant an item.

  • Will (as clear as possible)
  • Focus (as strong as possible)
  • Current Energy Status (as healthy as possible)

Everything else is actually optional and is used to either help you symbolize your will, help you focus or better your current energy status. Rules and Advice on Enchantment

  • As the practice of enchantment can be extremely versatile, one needs to clarify what s/he want to achieve with this charm.
  • To proceed one needs to consecrate the object prior enchantment.
  • This is why, most usually, the enchantment takes place during waxing moon which follows the consecration time of waning moon. (Learn More here)
  • One can prepare for the enchantment with another enchantment. For example, if you feel rather tired, one can make an enchantment which will help the spell-caster gather the appropriate magical energy first.
  • You can re-enchant an object (with the same will) any time you feel it’s energy is consumed.
  • However, you should always think if it’s a better idea to enchant another item.
  • NEVER enchant an object which has already been enchanted and now is broken or torn or ruined.
  • It is not advised to leave an item unattended. The item could be stolen or receive uninvited energies.
  • The Enchantment should have a time of beginning and a time to end the ritual. Make it clear before beginning and set your goals.

How to Enchant an Object – Quick Way.

  • Clear your mind.
  • Set you will. Think only of your will.
  • Take the item in your hands.
  • Breathe in and breathe out towards the item. This process is called ‘pairing’. You actually infuse the item with your personal energy.
  • Now visualize a bright light with the color associated with your will ( see here about color magic ) all over you. Breathe in the light in you empowering your will and magic.
  • Breathe out the light towards the item. Repeat another 8 times (total 9 times of complete circle of breathing in and out).
  • Speak or whisper or sing the purpose of enchantment to the item as it’s a person and you set its goal.
  • The item has been enchanted.

How to Enchant an Object – Advanced Ways & Ideas. These are magical elements to employ in order to empower your enchanting.

  • Start by creating a holy space. Cast a Magic Circle.
  • Surround the item with herbs and resins which are associated with your will. (Example: a love charm could be surrounded with Roses).
  • Moreover, you can surround the item with crystals and candles which are associated with your will. (Example: a good luck charm should be surrounded by ruby and Golden Candles).
  • You can also add some magic with Tarot Cards from your Magic Deck (NOT from the deck used for fortune telling).
  • Empower the item with the 4 Elements (Air, Fire, Water and Earth) or only one of them, depending on what you want you enchant and what you want to achieve.
  • Use your sexual energy to empower it. The easiest way is masturbating while thinking your will and getting excited and aroused by it. On climax, grab the item and focus on your will.
  • Inscribe a Magic Sigil or simply inscribe a Rune or a Symbol which is appropriate.
  • Summon a force of nature or invoke a deity or angel to help you with the procedure.

Whatever you do, keep it White and respect free Will. Always take fire safety measures.

Never leave candles unattended.