Your Shadow Moon Name and What it Means

As the Moon travels through the night skies, it affects the entire land of the living. Moreover, the Moon affect Other Realms preparing in the Astral and Spiritual planes ‘what’s coming into being’ as the Egyptian Priests used to say. This is when the ‘Shadow Moon Name’ comes. What’s Your ‘Shadow Moon Name’? The ‘Shadow Moon Name’ is a made up phrase from the ‘High Priest of the Phoenix’ , to describe how the power of the Moon affects the new born humans. Furthermore, the ‘Shadow Moon Name’ is personalized and hints about possible magical powers one can develop in his/her life span.

It can also show where do we come from as our spirit is immortal and experienced many lifetimes. How to Find your Shadow Moon Name: To find your ‘Shadow Moon Name’, all you have to do is know you Birthday.

  • For example Let’s say you were born on January 01. Your Shadow Moon Name is (January = Ancient , 01 = Leader) ‘Ancient Leader’.
  • Or maybe you were born on December 30. Your Shadow Moon Name is Oak Charisma.
  • REMEMBER that your Shadow Moon Name is a code name, a mystical name.

Your Month of Birth is used for the first part of your Shadow Moon Name: January: Ancient The Night of January falls heavy on the dark forests and everything seems to sleep. Is is known as Ancient or Old Moon. Silence conquers the freezing air and the Old woods stand proudly until the howling of the Wolves chills the human blood as it sounds like an invocation to the Moon. The Wolves have long been associated to the Moon and its deities. Artemis/Diana, Goddess of the Moon have usually been accompanied by Wolves. Magic of the Ancient Moon relies on how wolves interact with each other. Wolves go in pacts, like us, humans.

Wolf society have leaders and strong family bonds. People born under the Moon are extra powerful when it comes to leadership and family bonds. February: Snow The Winter is still powerful and the snow falls over the land. The food resources grow thin and everybody waits for Spring although there is still much time. Snow is believed to be more common in February rather than December and January according to folk magic. It is also known as Hunger Moon due to the lack of food in the last month of Winter. Magic of the Snow Moon relies on the pure and absolute qualities of snow itself.

People born under the powers of the Snow Moon are believed to invoke the refreshing and purifying powers of the Moon. March: Sugar The Air gets warmer and silence is ending. Tiny vibrations from the Earth shake Winter’s throne. As the ice and snow begins to melt and the ground is watered and softened, earthworms appear digging holes preparing the land to be fertile again. Something is changing rapidly although in the beginning there were only worms. Spring is here. During the Sugar Moon, sap begins to leak from wrinkles in maple tree. Under the surface everything moves. People born under the Worm Moon are blessed with the Magic of Goals and Opportunities.

People born under the influence of Worm moon can contact Mother Earth to warm the “seeds” of the Goals and let them flourish and bloom! April: Pink The fertile soil has been watered and plants have grown. The Green conquers the land until Flowers begin to bloom. Mother Nature celebrates its resurrection with vivid colors. Another reason that Pink was picked for the April’s Moon is because it is also the color of Venus, the Governor of Taurus. Egg Moon is an alternative name given to April’s Moon due to its close connection with Ostara (Spring Equinox). Let the Pink Moon affect your romantic life.

People born under the power of Pink moon are great on manipulating energies of Romance and Beauty. Work your magic then and enchant your love life. Let your life bloom! May: Flower It is happening all over. The Flowers conquer all lands and the animal kingdom begins to celebrate the new fruitful time. Bees gather around flowers and birds play all over them. Everything seems to grow bigger. Everything seems to become greater, fancier and better. Its officially the Era of Flowers hence your shadow moon name! The Era of Flower Moon is also the Era of productivity and creativity. The Magical energy is so intense and is very handy even for the novice practitioners.

People born under the influence of Flower Moon can use their magical energy for Fertility spells and everything they want to create! June: Strawberry For many tribes this is the peak of the Strawberry picking season. This is the time when we feel right and full. Fruits and heat are the keywords defining the era of the Strawberry Moon. Our fertility spells have worked miracles and now we taste the results of them. People born under Strawberry Moon have something unfinished from the Past Lives. They set something in motion and in this life they are going to complete it. Use the powers of your Strawberry Moon for prosperity and abundance spells.

Please understand that in all nature, everything is free. Prosperity is your right, your birth-right! You own the World along with all beings. Use this energy to expand your life and conquer more! July: Buck Your Shadow Moon Name is clear. The Buck deer walks proudly over the green land enjoying his life in harmony. Eating fresh green worts, playing with birds and running towards rivers. The Buck Moon is the era of obvious success of Nature. Everything happened according to plan. This year is one more success of Nature. And the magnificent Buck knows that. The energies of the Buck Moon bless the ones born under it’s influence with imminent success in their lives.

If you are a ‘buck’ person you can use your life energy to charge charms to help you succeed in everything. Use the Buck Moon to take control of your life. August: Red Red comes from the color of the Moon which looks reddish when rising through the summer heat. The Great blue Lakes are filled with life. The Sturgeon is a large fish often spotted in these lakes. The message is clear. The Waters are calm and seem to connect all nature. The Lakes seem to “communicate” will all waters, the seas, the rainfalls, the rivers and the oceans. Everything is connected. We are the Sturgeons who swim in these Lakes.

We are full of energy and know we are ready to make a step further. People born under the Red Moon can use the energy to connect better with each other and look for people who share the same interests as them! September: Harvest The Autumn has arrived and your Shadow Moon Name is here to make you remember it. The corps are ready to harvest and the Wine is prepared. Wine is the ultimate harvest. Not only does it embody the essence of harvest but it also transform is to a potent magical potion capable to lift our spirituality.

Remember that Wine is sacred to many religions – including Christianity – and is used as a portal to alter our awareness. Those born under the influence of the harvest Moon are blessed with a strong intuition and the power to foretell the future. Do this: bless a glass of Red Wine in order to help you open the Gates to other realms. Ask for blessings to charge the Wine in order to become a powerful tool for divination and prophecy. October: Blood Your Shadow Moon Name tells you a very interesting story about the time of your birth. You see, Nature’s pace is slowing down and the animal kingdom feasted over the fruitful land for months.

It’s time for a hunter to aim for what is now needed. Hunting Rites are very common in Ancient Religions as they symbolise our will to fulfill our lives with what’s missing. Hunting was considered sacred as the ancient hunters honoured the hunted animal in many ways. They always tried to end the life of the prey with a quickest and painless way possible. Blood of the hunted prey which was spilled was considered sacred. Again Diana/ Artemis , Goddess of the Moon is associated with the Hunt. Blood is the essence and carrier of Life’s energy. Honour your blood and raise your energy.

It’s the perfect time to empower your every cell and strengthen your aura. Be the hunter and the prey, embrace all nature and connect with Her divine forces. It is also the time to connect with your animal instincts and come closer to the animal in you. November: Dark The Days are significantly smaller and the temperature decreases dramatically. We are now preparing for Winter as we walk down the last days of Autumn. The Darkness is powerful but that’s not a bad thing. Balance is restored. The beavers know what’s coming and humbly prepare for the challenges, this is why it is also known as Beaver Moon.

Beavers work hard and come back to their nest with supplies for Winter’s cold nights. The Dark/Beaver Moon is the Signal that it’s time to focus on indoor activities. People born under its influence are prepared for anything that can happen. Beavers don’t try to impress anyone, but always succeed. Moreover, the Shadow Moon is telling you that you came into this life as you’ve got some unfinished business. December: Oak Winter is here, powerful and dominating. The Truth is simple now. Everything falls only to rise again. Right now the energies are slow, cold and dark but this is only one part of truth. Cold signifies the lack of energy. But what’s missing is only a breath away.

The Oak or Cold Moon blesses those born under its influence with a great chance to master candle Magic . Melt the cold from your heart and let the sorrow flow away from you. Light symbolises hope and a new beginning. In the Winter Solstice the Sun God dies and is reborn. Tap into this energy. Light a candle and wish for change! Your Day of Birth is used for the second part of your Shadow Moon Name: 1st of any month: Leader. You are born with a natural ability to rule and express your power. Independence is a very important virtue for you. You breathe fire of creativity.

Thus you can become a great self-employed individual. On the other hand, the ego-centrism might bring problems in your relationships. See Who’s Your Patron Goddess Based on your Birthday. 2nd of any month: Diplomat You are born with empathic abilities. Balance and intuition are the keys for a happy life. You want to see smiles on everybody’s faces and you warm heart might easily get broken by people who just don’t get you. Beauty, art and music can help you bring balance in your life. You work great in co-operations. See Who’s Your Patron Goddess Based on your Birthday.

3rd of any month: Enthusiast The spark of creativity burns in your heart and its light shines in your eyes. This “X-factor” attracts people around you who truly believe that you have something special on your aura. This charisma can help you in all parts of your life, especially if your work has to do with publicity. See Who’s Your Patron Goddess Based on your Birthday. 4th of any month: Reliable People seem to be attracted by your ability to give them hope and power. It seems that many around you depend on you and your trustworthy character. You are a hard working person but at the same time you are sensitive.

Be careful of your energy levels though as they easily get depleted. See Who’s Your Patron Goddess Based on your Birthday. 5th of any month: Socialiser Your communication skills seem invaluable. Everyone around you get easily fascinated by your words and this is a talent you can actually cultivate more to a very commercial extent. Moreover, traveling can become very lucky for you (financially, professionally or personally). See Who’s Your Patron Goddess Based on your Birthday. 6th of any month: Lover Even from a young age you have a tendency to seek your other half. Hence, you are whole only when you find it.

You see, you are a relationship-oriented person with the ability to make a very good family. Somehow, empathically you feel the vibes of your beloved one and know exactly what to do. See Who’s Your Patron Goddess Based on your Birthday. 7th of any month: Visionary Your Shadow Moon name is telling you about your highly developed intuition combined with philosophical tendency and a very sharp mind. You are truly a born Visionary. Your ideas can change the world. Unfortunately you tend to get influenced and ‘drained’ by others around you. Therefore, you need to spend more time alone. See Who’s Your Patron Goddess Based on your Birthday.

8th of any month: Boss The power which is in you is remarkable. This is why you should choose to work alone as you don’t easily get along with partners. Probably, it’s because of your control issues which have to do with your power. You also have a great sense of how to acquire more money. Use this along with power and the results will be remarkable. See Who’s Your Patron Goddess Based on your Birthday. 9th of any month: Genius Although not always very obvious you are indeed my friend a born genius. Your wise traits often push you to acquire even more experiences in order to further broaden your horizons.

There are many times in your life when things mysteriously screw up. This is because this life you’re are living has an exceptional karmic significance. But you already know that… Use your wisdom! See Who’s Your Patron Goddess Based on your Birthday. 10th of any month: Transmuter Whether you’ve realised it yet or not you are born to change the rules. Wherever you are, your aura constantly is changing everything around you as if you are part of a greater mechanism. Have you noticed it? You are born to manage difficult situations and you are really capable on leading.

See Who’s Your Patron Goddess Based on your Birthday. 11th of any month: Equalizer Balance is the key for your soul’s bliss. You are born to find the golden section in any possible quarrel and/or partnerships. Your intuitive nature helps you find the most suitable solutions for every kind of issue. Born with empathic ability you can sense when things are going wrong thus get easily hurt. Try spend some time on your own meditating. See Who’s Your Patron Goddess Based on your Birthday.

12th of any month: Catalyst You possess unimaginable amounts of energy which – when used in the right way – can really change the lives of people around. Your body seems to work in a different way than others. As a result, this energy can make you really creative and imaginative, however, if you are in a bad mood, you can become really dangerous. See Who’s Your Patron Goddess Based on your Birthday. 13th of any month: Winner Energy and determination are the two keywords for you.

You indeed have the capability to achieve almost anything you can as long as you find a way to combine your – sometimes – diverse and conflicting dreams and goals. You work hard and you can work even harden if you manage to focus on your goals. See Who’s Your Patron Goddess Based on your Birthday. 14th of any month: Traveller Your Shadow Moon Name is telling you something very important. The karmic currents seem to be very powerful in this life for you. You have already noticed that things change easily in your life and in just one day you may reach the top or be get trapped.

This flow of energy is what defines you indeed. When traveling, things get magical as if you are born to travel. See Who’s Your Patron Goddess Based on your Birthday. 15th of any month: Enchanter/Enchantress It seems that your aura possesses something really unique which hypnotises others around you and be attracted by it. Your personal magnetism is strong and can be used in both your personal and your professional life. You also do great with arts. Love life is an area which always needs your attention. See Who’s Your Patron Goddess Based on your Birthday.

16th of any month: Outlander Your Shadow Moon Name implies that you come from another World. You probably have realised since a very young age that you don’t belong in this world. This is probably because you are meant to create a new one. Or maybe all that you’ve experienced is a signal to look to other worlds. You see, your whole life is a powerful karmic message. You are born for great things – possibly in the material plane too. See Who’s Your Patron Goddess Based on your Birthday. 17th of any month: Gift It seems that you are blessed with such gifts that makes you so unique.

Listen to your heart, as your intuition will probably show you the way to succeed in all areas of your life. You are a truly gifted person whose skills have yet to be discovered. Art could set your powers free, so again, listen to your heart and walk on the path you feel more comfortable with. See Who’s Your Patron Goddess Based on your Birthday. 18th of any month: Inspiration Your Shadow Moon Name is blessed with Divine Energy. Although you can lead successfully, you are better in managing and nurturing projects.

This probably comes from your unique empathic ability, which – if cultivated – can help you greater awareness hence broaden your horizons in any possible way. Your magical mind meets creativity. Success is certain if you are patient enough. See Who’s Your Patron Goddess Based on your Birthday. 19th of any month: Achiever There is only one thing in your mind and that’s winning in all areas of your life. It seems that you can do that – relatively easy. That’s probably something, other people envy you for. You have that magical something that can open the doors of all opportunities. Your aura possesses attractive abilities. Use it to attract good fortune.

See Who’s Your Patron Goddess Based on your Birthday. 20th of any month: Empath Its’ quite impossible to turn down your natural intuitive abilities. Actually there are so great that can freak out others. Although your abilities can help you in many areas of your life you have to ground and shield yourself from times to times because all these emotions can turn you into a ticking bomb! See Who’s Your Patron Goddess Based on your Birthday. 21st of any month: Grace Your ‘Shadow Moon Name’ could also be ‘famous’ or even ‘celebrity’. You tend to make quite large social circles even from a young age.

But even if you don’t prefer the company of many people, you must have already realized that others crave your attention, probably because of your many talents and of course the magical way you communicate. This particular ability is what defines your from all others. See Who’s Your Patron Goddess B