What Makes You Attractive based on Your Zodiac Sign

What makes you attractive? Well, there are so many things that make us unique. Therefore, just by looking at one’s Astrological Chart (click here to create yours) we are able to define the most attractive aspects of your personality. Astrologically speaking we are all bless with several things that make us attractive but we are all different. Here we will try to make things clearer. What Make You Attractive? Aries: The impulsive Force in Your Sweat You come from the Zodiac Sign which signifies the Regenerating force of Mother Nature, Spring! This imprint of spring is written on your aura which makes you want to conquer more and more every day.

You may don’t know it yet, but you radiate this force through your sweat. Yes, Your scent bring your Good luck! Although you may act recklessly from times to times, Aries will keep utilizing their impulse further bolstering their good fortune which just draws in you more. What Your Gift from the Gods? Taurus: Your Passionate Touch When Spring is at its peak, you were brought in this life. Hence, your passion is a Gift from Mother Nature. This is the passion of Mother Nature to keep spreading life everywhere. Furthermore, passion ignites your senses making you extremely magnetic when your energy is focused on a target. Your Libido is what fascinates and intrigues you.

Although it may sound, its the awakening force of nature in you. You can’t help it. And why should you? What Your Gift from the Gods? Gemini: The Wittiness in the Way You Move These guys are here to amaze us with the way they speak and proceed with what they need. Gemini don’t have to be beautiful or handsome to be sexy. They’ve got something much more attractive. Their brilliant mind. They will shock you with the way they will approach you. It seems impossible to resist a Gemini because they are like the air, they are already all around you. What Your Gift from the Gods?

Cancer: The Sea of Emotions on Your Aura Just a look at their eyes can make bewitch you. An ocean of emotions lives there and just by looking at them you can swim in their sweet minds. Cancers have an amazing ability to ‘sense’ and even ‘manipulate’ emotions unintentionally or not. They are masters of hearts and they are keen on getting what they desire even if they have to wait a bit. They are so attractive that even magical powers are drawn by them. What Your Gift from the Gods? Leo: Your Shining Grace There must be something in your genes that makes you so magnetic.

You see, it’s not just about how handsome or beautiful you may be. It’s so much more. The children of Sun, seem to have inherited their father’s grace. Everything about you, your hair, your skin, your clothes hint of your royal origin. Once a Leo realizes their power, they won’t stop magnetizing their targets, becoming the most attractive creatures of the World. What Your Gift from the Gods? Virgo: Your Crystal Words There is something so brutally mesmerizing in the way a Virgo talks. It’s a lethal cocktail of honesty, smartness and just a drop of irony only to ignite the power of laughter.

Virgo believes in the power of humor and they try to employ it in almost all parts of their life. Laughter is their best ally. Although they tend to be pessimistic, when they smile, they can melt even the coldest heart. What Your Gift from the Gods? Libra: Your Otherworldly Look on Reality Just like Doctor Strange, watching the infinite possibilities using the time stone, Libra is always looking at reality as something imbalanced and ever-changing. The truth is that Libra is probably right but other signs cannot make their minds work in this speed for such a long time.

Hence, this ability of Libra is so unique that makes them irresistible, like being in love with someone from another dimension. What Your Gift from the Gods? Scorpio: The Mystery in Your Aura No one can explain it. Even astrology is really messed up about the sexuality they radiate. However, all agree that Scorpio is the sexiest of all. They have something so primitive on their aura that ignites the most instinctive feelings. You don’t even have to look at a scorpio. Just be being in the same room, miracles start to happen. Their aura is like a giant talisman, bending reality with their every breath.

What Your Gift from the Gods? Sagittarius: Your Bewitching Smile Deep inside they are extremely responsible and wise creatures. But at the same time, a true Sagittarius is living for freedom and the thrill of mind-blowing adventure. Every morning they wake up, waiting for the right chance to break free from reality and chance their dreams. And this is when smile kicks in. They smile because they know that this day will come. Hence, every time they smile, other people are enchanted by their faith. What Your Gift from the Gods? Capricorn: Your Dominant Eyes Capricorn holds in them tremendous powers.

They may seem in peace but in their hearts is an ongoing war of feelings and experiences. No one really knows what forces are confined in their souls and this is why they try so hard to play calm. A true Capricorn learns about patience and discipline from a very young age. This is when they develop this attractive and dominant look. Although they rarely use it, when they do, you just need to follow them… What Your Gift from the Gods? Aquarius: Your Wicked Wisdom It’s not that they brag about their experiences or knowledge about versatile and interesting matters. They are who they are and all this comes so naturally.

Others love to listen what they learned in their travels or how they handled difficult situations. Aquarius breathes for wisdom and this is so obvious that makes them so attractive. What Your Gift from the Gods? Pisces: Your Poetic Breath Magically speaking, Pisces is the definition of enchanters and enchantresses as they create a constant illusion which is so thick that becomes real. They fantasize of other – possible yet utopian realities – and sometimes they manage to convince others live this truth. Once you are close to them you become aware of the other Realms they love to dwell and this makes them unimaginable attractive.

What Your Gift from the Gods?