Predictions: New Moon in Taurus – May 15

General Predictions: On May 15, at 11:48UT the Moon meets the Sun in Taurus forming the New Moon.

Just a few hours later, at 15:18 UT, Uranus, in conjunction with Mercury, enters Taurus. From then on, and for about 5 hours, when the Moon exits Taurus, 4 planets – the Sun, the Moon, Mercury and Uranus – will be in Taurus. But, three will remain until the 21st when the Sun enters Gemini, and the other two will remain until the Full Moon. Well, Uranus will remain there much longer, of course.

This brings a great amount of focus on Taurus, and the Earth signs. Indeed, Both Uranus and Mercury are barely in a triangle with the Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn. Mercury’s triangle will become perfect on the 18th of the month, and will remain active until the 24th. Uranus’ triangle will get stronger by the day, but it won’t become accurate, ever. Informatively, on August it will be at its peak, and it will stop being active on early December.

Also, the Retrograde Pluto is in a fading triangle with the Sun in Taurus. This triangle will be affective until the next day of the Full Moon, although the Sun will be in Gemini by then.

Mars, which enters Aquarius the next day f the New Moon will be stressing, via squares, both Mercury and Uranus. Mercury not as strongly, and only for a few days, but Uranus very much so, and for the whole waxing Moon period.

Also, the Retrograde Jupiter from Scorpio now is still, barely, in opposition with the Sun. This will stop on the 18th. The very same day, though it will start opposing Mercury, an opposition which will last until the day of the Full Moon. These aspects, are not stress-free, but if we try to do our best, they’ll eventually give us good results.

Back on the auspicious aspects, Neptune from Pisces two days after this New Moon starts blessing Mercury in Taurus through a hexagon, which will be active until the Full Moon’s eve. Furthermore, from the 25th onwards, and almost until the next New Moon, it will be blessing Venus in Cancer via a triangle.

Finally, Taurus’ ruler, Venus, is in a hexagon with Uranus, for a few days while still in Gemini, but then on from Cancer. This hexagon will remain active until the eve of the Full Moon. Even more, until the 20th, from Gemini, it will be in a hexagon with Mercury in Taurus, as well.

So, yes, Taurus has many energies on itself, as all planets, indeed, are either in Taurus or interact with the planets in Taurus. Even more, Uranus demands flexibility, despite being in the most inflexible zodiac, and has Mercury making its demand even stronger. And in the same time, the inflexible Saturn, retrograde even worse, restricts this flexibility, and Mars raises the stress and irritability.

So, this is an important period. Balancing our energies will be important as the strongest of those energies are not very compatible one with the other. But, if we manage to do that, and we manage to adapt to the changes, and become more flexible, then we can also achieve many good things. In my opinion, this is a New Moon, and a waxing Moon period of alert. Don’t let “fate” rule your life. Create your fate according to your plans and desires.

Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo will be the luckiest zodiacs of the period. Cancer will also have a decent amount of luck. Gemini has probably a very important period, but your own actions are even more important than for any other zodiac. Aquarius and probably Scorpio and Libra will be the ones facing the most stress.

Predictions for Aries: Money receives the main focus of the period. Earning, gaining, investing and spending money. Not all focus is stress-free, so don’t expect everything to go smoothly on the matter. Spend with caution, but, also, avoid stinginess. Changing your source of income, or your methods receiving it, changing your money plans and investments, and things like those are possible. It’s also a good period to work on these matters. Once again, it’s a good period, but not necessarily an easy one. So, work your best, and take advice, whenever and wherever this is applicable. Of course, this means that finding a new job, or a change in salary are also possible.

Not only money, but your possessions, too, can be affected. Some may get lost, some may break down, some you may give away, but, also, new will come. For the latter, if you want any, it’s a good period to buy them.

Predictions for Taurus: With the whole Sky having set its eye on you, this is certainly a period to take advantage of. It’s not stress free, of course. Overcoming and breaking your limitations and restrictions as well as getting out of your comfort zone are challenges you will have to face. Actually, try to face them. Uranus will be challenging you on this for years. Now, at least, Saturn holds Uranus’ bridle. This may add some stress, but also gives some stability and helps you deal with it better.

In short, anything and everything you want to achieve, anything and everything you want to become, this is the period to work on it. Even if the waxing fortnight isn’t enough for you to reach your targets, it can become more than enough to set the wheels of Fate in motion.

Predictions for Gemini: Finding your inner balance during this period can become challenging. Your inner talk is loud. Even more, people around you affect you strongly. Supportive people can encourage you and inspire you and drive you to create miracles. Negative people can drain your enthusiasm, break your wings and disappoint you. Choose your company wisely. Inner fears are also a bad company. Avoid them. Inner enthusiasm, and inner strength are good company. Be with them all the time.

Imagination and creativity are also very promising now. This can affect every aspect of your life, but artists and creative hobbies will be affected even more. If you are into such kind of hobbies or occupations, do your best during this period. Obstacles may also come, though. Nonetheless, fight back courageously.

Predictions for Cancer: All forms of socialisation, trade and internet activity receive great focus during this period. It’s not a stress-free period, as we’ve seen, but it’s an overall beneficial. Or at least, holds the potential to become an overall beneficial if you act upon it. Those in the business of advertisement, PR and similar occupations, can have a very important period, too. If this is your job, or the one you are targeting, do your best.

Venus entering your zodiac on the 19th, in harmonious association with the Planet of Changes, can improve your love life and your situations there. As the Retrograde Saturn from your House of Love is also in the game, an existing relationship can become better, and maybe more official in some way, if it’s a good one. A breaking up can come for an unhealthy one. Also, for the singles, exes, or people reminding you of exes can appear.

Predictions for Leo: Your business, your career and your social status receive the main focus of the period. Things can be stressful there. Occasionally quite a lot. Nonetheless, this is a good period for you to do your best regarding these subjects. Finding new jobs, establishing new business, creating new, better position in the world for yourself are all things you can achieve. So, no matter how much the occasional stress is, be optimistic and do your best.

Love life can receive some stressful tension. This will be much more intense for those of you who were born in the first 5 days of the zodiac. As this tension demands a change in the current situation, it can bring a new relationship, a breaking up, or any kind of change in your relationship status. Make it a good one for you.

Predictions for Virgo: Set your eyes on your perfect self and perfect world. Then do your best to become this perfect self and to create this perfect world. Self expression, and the liberty of doing that, becomes very important. You may actually feel this impulse from the very day of the New Moon. Everything should become as you wish. That’s what you feel. It’s not something that comes in a purely harmonious way, so be alert. Nonetheless, being oneself is a form of self-respect, and this is a good and healthy thing.

Both the situations and your mind will drive you towards this direction. Not always in a pleasant way. Occasionally, making what’s not right, or restrictive, more intense will be the way the Universe talks to you. Fight with zest, but keep your mind cool.

Predictions for Libra: Money, and especially money management receives much focus during this waxing Moon period. If you are actually working in such line of work, then this can become a very successful and productive period for you. Keep in mind, though, that mistakes can also happen more easily, so be extra careful. If you aren’t working in such kind of work, finding a new accountant, changing your existing one, changing your bank, or investment plans, and anything like those, can happen. If this is what you want, it’s a good time to make these decisions and changes.

Also, getting satisfaction from your life, including your love and sex life, but not only these aspects of it, becomes more important for you. This can bring changes, for good or ill, in the degree of intimacy of your relationships, being them love affairs, friendships, or of whatever kind.

Predictions for Scorpio: Love life is one of the main focuses of the period for you. With the Lucky Star in your zodiac, this will be mostly in a good way. Nonetheless, as Jupiter is in retrograde motion, and receives some stress, this “good way” doesn’t necessarily mean a pleasant way. For example, breaking ups for the unhealthy relationships is also supported. Also, finding a new relationship is possible, but it’s not likely to come on its own. You have to work for it.

Business partnerships also receive a great focus of the energies of this New Moon. Finding new partners, forming new partnerships, breaking existing ones, or changing them one way or another, are all possible. Once again, luck is probably on your side, but only if you chase after it.

Predictions for Sagittarius: Work receives the main focus of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period. Changes in your job, work position, the environment you are working, as well as your working habits or schedule, can happen. The odds are that these changes will be beneficial ones. Nonetheless, they won’t come without stress. You’ll also probably need to fight for them, if you want them. If you want to advance in your job, this is a very potent period to achieve that, too.

Your everyday habits and schedule can also change. Make sure these changes will be for your best. Health becomes important, and probably a little sensitive. At least, a little stressful. Take good care of yourself and your health, and do not overtire yourself. This isn’t the change in your daily schedule you want to achieve, after all! In the same time, though, health problems can be benefited by the energies of this period.

Predictions for Capricorn: You are the zodiac with the second greatest focus of energies of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period. So, do make the most of it. Your happiness is what receives the greatest focus. What happiness is for each of you is a personal matter, but, whatever it is, work for it. The Universe will “encourage” you to realise and create this happiness. I use quotation, because, occasionally, this encouragement will come in an unpleasant form. Nonetheless, it’s not a bad period. It’s just the way the Universe makes cleared to you what brings you true joy. Learn it, and fight for it.

Love life in particular, and maybe your children’s love life, will be affected by these energies. From the 20th onwards, mostly positively so.

Predictions for Aquarius: Home, family, your environment and your foundations demand your attention during this period. Not everything is bad there, though. In fact, things have the potency and tendency to become better. But they aren’t stressless. Whatever change you want to establish there, this is a good period to work for it. This includes moving to a new place of resident. Secondarily, moving to a new place of business, as well. Also, buying or selling property, and anything alike, are supported by the energies of the period.

Your neighbourhood, or other forms of “environment” may also try to attract your attention. This can come in pleasant, or not so pleasant ways. Make sure, as far as it’s in your hand, to occupy yourself with only whatever is best for you, and do not waste your time and energies in things and situations which aren’t beneficial, or which hold no significance.

Predictions for Pisces: This will be a very busy period. Probably in a tiresome way, too, but it can become just as much productive, if not more. You need, though, to set your priorities right, for it to become successful and productive.

Travelling, and especially for work, receives gravity. By this I mean, it can become a more often occurrence, as well as, it can become quite successful. But, as it doesn’t come in a stress free manner, you have to do your best, and you may need to overcome some obstacles. Also, pay attention to the road, while driving. If your line of work is in transportation, even more.

Communication and transportation means may need your care and attention. Malfunctions can happen, so do your best to not let them cause you any inconvenience. Selling such equipment, and buying new such equipment are both possible, and auspicious. Nonetheless, research properly and thoroughly.

Astrology and Magic: Magic of all kinds is very capable and promising during this waxing Moon. Even more, all kinds of changes are favoured.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy this waxing Moon!