Predictions: Full Moon in Sagittarius – May 29

General Predictions: On May 29, at 14:19UT the Moon from Sagittarius accurately opposes the Sun in Gemini, forming the Full Moon.

A few hours later, Mercury exits Taurus and enters Gemini and by doing that all the excessive focus of energies on Taurus which were present and active during the waxing Moon, now stops.

Uranus, of course, remains in Taurus and its triangle with the retrograde Saturn from Capricorn gets a bit stronger, but it is still weak. In the same time, its square with Mars from Aquarius is still active, but loses power by the day. It will remain active, though for the next few months, as Mars will turn retrograde during the next lunar month. Venus from Cancer will also add a little stress on Uranus after the Third Quarter as it will start squaring it even before entering Leo on the day of the New Moon.

But Venus plays quite an interesting role during this period as it triangles Neptune in Pisces and opposes the retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. The triangle is already active during the Full Moon, and the opposition will be active until the end of the lunar month, but the peak of both their activities happens in the same period, from the 1st to the 8th of June. Not only love and beauty magic will be strong during this period, but unexpected events can also happen in the mundane world.

On the other hand, Mercury from Gemini will start blessing Uranus via a hexagon from the 9th onwards and this hexagon will be perfect on the day of the New Moon, when Mercury will be in Cancer. In the same time, though, from the 11th onwards, just a day before Mercury enters Cancer, it will start opposing the Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn.

So, overall, this is a calmer period. Both the beneficial and the inauspicious aspects are less and less intense than they were until this Full Moon. It’s like the sky gives us time to deal with the after-effects (good or bad) of the previous waxing Moon, and get ready for the coming one. Even the Retrograde Pluto doesn’t receive much focus during this period, so our mood will be much steadier, in a good way. At least other than the days Moon will stress Pluto.

So, this is a good period for stress-relief therapies, balancing our energies and setting things in order. Mercury going through its own House will be a good thing and it will support, more or less, all forms of trade, communications, transportations, and travelling. Meeting new people, including potential friends, lovers, or clients, will also be supported by this Full Moon and the waning Moon.

Predictions for Aries: Social life and social activities receive most of the focus of this Full Moon and the waning Moon after it. This includes your job. In the same time family and home seek your attention, demandingly so from time to time. Finding a balance between the two can be a challenge, but work on it. The next lunar month can become more challenging.

Meeting new people, including potential lovers, is possible. Them being friends or acquaintances of your friends and family, or other similar people in your life, is the most possible way this influence will manifest. Finally, your neck and shoulders may need your care and attention.

Predictions for Taurus: This is a love year for you, as we have said many a times, since Jupiter and your love planet Pluto are in a 13-months long hexagon. This period with your governor and general love planet, Venus, playing a challenging game, things can become unpredictable. New loves can appear, especially people of high or compatible spirituality. Love spells can become extra potent for you. And in the same time, existing relationships can face some problems, but this will be a temporal situation for most cases.

Your natural energy levels are good, but you tend to overwork. Try to avoid that. Give proper focus on your job, of course, but don’t overdo it. Money is also good and receives beneficial influences. Save some money though, as the coming New Moon may challenge you a little.

Predictions for Gemini: Creating your perfect world is something you should be focusing on. This trend may have started appearing even before the Full Moon, and you may have created some desired changes in your life already. Now this tendency will be even stronger. Of course, if you have made everything happen already, you’ll be enjoying them now.

Money matters also receive good influences until the New Moon. Progress there is happening, and you can make it even better. Family, or other important people of your life, may also support your efforts there.

Predictions for Cancer: This is a mostly happy Full Moon and waning Moon period for you. It’ not totally problem-free, but joy will overshadow most, if not all, the problems. Your financial matters receive much support and things there seem to proceed nicely. Your financial intuition also is in peak condition, so you tend to take wise and inspired decisions regarding such subjects.

For those in a relationship tension can enter the field as Venus from your zodiac opposes Pluto. This, in most cases, simply means you see things differently and not that there is a real problem between the two of you. Understanding that, and opening your mind to understand your other half’s opinion can help a lot.

Predictions for Leo: Minor, or not so minor, changes can happen in your career and work. In some cases one after the other. Overall this is a good development, but it can become stressful from time to time. So, do your best and be optimistic. You may find yourself in the need to try new things on this field. If so, accept the challenge, employing your judgement and wisdom, of course, but not your fear.. It will pay back.

Money also looks good for the most of the month, but some occasional difficulties and some excessive expenses are to be expected, too. In most cases, nothing too much for you to handle.

Predictions for Virgo: Health can be sensitive, or may need some extra attention from your part. Head, neck, shoulders, as well as the legs from the knees and under are probably the most sensitive parts. Energy levels can also drop from time to time. Resting well, and massaging the sensitive areas may help you a lot.

On the other hand, career seems quite bright during this period. If any difficulties appear they are, most likely, problems you can easily deal with and overcome. Finances are proceeding even better. This will be the case at least until the New Moon, but for most, even after then.

Predictions for Libra: This period can be quite stressful for you, although most likely a beneficial one, in the same time. Financial matters need some extra attention and care. During this period they don’t seem to face important problems, but the coming waxing Moon period will challenge them more, so it would be wise for you to get ready from now. Work, on the other hand, seems to proceed mostly nicely. If anything, the worst part of it will be that it is quite tiresome.

Love life for the singles and those in a fresh relationship seems quite nice. Serious and long standing relationships, though, may face problems. Spicing things up in and out of the bed can help a lot.

Predictions for Scorpio: This is a mostly a beneficial Full Moon for you and you should expect a happy and satisfactory waning Moon period. Love and sex life receive the best influences of the period. Meeting new people, and maybe people outside your usual target group, can happen. In existing relationships you may try new things, sexually and not. In fact, if the opportunity comes to you, grab it. If it doesn’t, create it.

Business and finances also receive similar influences, so trying new things there, and maybe hiring or co-operating with people you wouldn’t normally do, may be the key of success. Contrary to love, though, this aspect of your life may have a few extra problems, but nothing too much for you to handle.

Predictions for Sagittarius: Resting, relaxing and balancing your self, energies and then life is important now. Your energy levels are not too great, so managing them correctly and prioritising wisely can help you achieve more of what you want to, while keeping yourself healthy.

This Full Moon tries to benefit your love life. If you are a single seeking for a relationship, or you are in a relationship with some problems, this is a good period to do your best to better the situations there.

Finally, handle your financials with extra care and avoid, whenever possible, risky actions there.

Predictions for Capricorn: Finances look good during this period, and even more, building a good financial stability, or the foundations of steady financial progress are possible. This can manifest in many forms, but most importantly, for those seeking a job, this means it’s a good period to find one.

Overall health is good this period too. You may want to make some small changes in your daily routine and diet in order to make it even better. Do so. Especially concerning your diet. During the coming lunar month the stomach and digestive system will be more sensitive, and, therefore, taking good care of them now will ease that period as well.

Predictions for Aquarius: Family could have been extra demanding the previous period, especially for those having kids. And it will remain so during this period, as well. This can be stressful and tiresome, but in most cases nothing really bad happens. Just a lot of normal situations all together. Whether this is your case, or not, a need for having some fun has been built inside you. It will become stronger during this period, and it would be for your best to give in to it.

Enjoy this period as much as possible. Create reasons and opportunities to do so. Many improvements can happen by means of it, or even because of the good mood this will put you in. Love included.

Predictions for Pisces: Home, family and your inner self receive most of the focus of the energies of this Full Moon and the waning Moon period, and they also receive most of your own focus. Work and career may try to steal some of it from time to time, but, in most cases, by simply following your normal routine about these, you’ll have quite good results.

Family and people you consider as such will probably be the ones you spend most of your time with, including your enjoyment time. Meeting new people, either for love or for friendship is also possible. Even them, though, are more likely to come through your “family” time.

Astrology and Magic: Grounding, balancing and gentle methods of problem solving, healing and even changing receive support.

That’s all.

Have fun and enjoy this Full Moon and the waning Moon!