Ginger Root’s Magical Properties. Magic Hacks with Ginger

Since the Ancient Times, ginger root was used as a food preservative. Our ancestors have noticed that when food was prepared with ginger did not go bad as quickly. Hence they considered Ginger Root to be magical. It’s true that Ginger has antimicrobial qualities. Ginger is quite effective against salmonella and parasites. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Ginger Root’s ancient History This magnificent root is one of the first spices exported from Asia. It is believed that Alexander the Great was the first to introduce it to the Western World. Hence, ginger arrived in Europe through Ancient Greece during the Spice Trade Age. It was extensively used by ancient Greeks and later by Romans.

The English origin of the word, “ginger” comes from the mid-14th century English ‘gingifer’, which comes from the ancient Sanskrit ‘srngaveram’, which actually means horned body, referring to the shape of the root. Ginger Root’s occult History As you can understand ‘horned body’ is a pretty sacred word to give to a root right? Well you are absolutely right. Ginger Root is indeed sacred and used by ancient Priests and Priestesses to invoke the power of Fire. How to Use Ginger Root in Magic As we said above, Ginger is used to invoke the powers of fire. Ginger is a catalyst, a force of fire.

It is also believed to conjure the powers of Mars and the Sun and raise the Chi . There are so many ways to use Ginger and we will try to divide them in ways one can use this magnificent and magical Root. Basic Magical Use of Ginger Root Get a very small fresh or crystalized part of ginger root and put in your mouth. Meditate on your desire (love, protection, magical powers, healing etch) and start chewing it. Let it’s passionate magic fill your body and aura. Keep on visualizing your desire. Finally, spit it. Magical Properties of Ginger Root:

  • Ginger is associated with the Forces of Fire and Sun.
  • It is used as a ‘magical catalyst’ (like cinnamon ) to ‘speed things up’.
  • The Root is used extensively as tool to bring forth prosperity and banish poverty.
  • When chewed, drank or eaten, it is believed to help us raise more magical energy.
  • Due to it’s correspondence with fire, Ginger is believed to be a potent aphrodisiac.

Magic Hacks with Ginger Root Books of Shadows are full with the amazing uses of ginger. Their dusty pages tell us amazing stories of how the old witches used ginger for their magical spells and rituals.

These ‘magic hacks’ were used for ages to conjure the fiery qualities of Ginger. The Wise Ones propose these ‘magic hacks’ for all these alleged uses. Of course you can ‘invent’ your own or channel more uses from the other realms! Please, always seek professional medical help when facing health issues.

  • Keep or plant Ginger Root to attract prosperity in house.
  • A human-shaped ginger root is believed to be EXTRA powerful.
  • Chew some (cleaned) root and spit it on the source of the ‘sickness’ to banish it (be it a part of a body, a photograph of the sick person etc)
  • Prepare a ginger-infused wine or cocktail to rejuvenate the passion in a healthy relationship.
  • Sprinkle powered ginger root in your purse or pocket to attract more money.
  • Burn some powered root for success.
  • The smoke of burned root is used to consecrate rituals tools, charge amulets and break evil spells.
  • Chew or ear or drink some ginger infused food/drink to banish fatigue.
  • Do the same prior any spell, especially when it comes to Love, Prosperity, Protection and Exorcism.
  • Throw a root in the Sea to calm down a thunderstorm and invoke peace.

Use Ginger in Potions

  • Ginger is used in many potions. It’s spicy taste is used to ignite passion and love.
  • Due to it’s connection with the Sun, Ginger Root is also used in health potions used to promote health. Here we give you the Recipe for a Potion used to abolish colds.
  • Furthermore, Ginger is used to help us maintain a healthy silhouette.
  • Finally, Ginger is now used in many cocktails, with or without alcohol.

    These cocktails can be seen as ‘modern magic potions’, which can be used as aphrodisiacs or energy drinks.

Use Ginger in ritual Food

  • The use of this magic root in baked goods is preferred to replenish our magical energy.
  • It is also used to prepare food as libation to Sun and Fire entities and deities.
  • Furthermore, eating food with ginger prior spellcasting is believed to power up our magical capacity. Hence, it gives more power to the spells.

Use Ginger as magic Incense or in Perfumes and Aromatherapy

  • The Smell of Ginger is believed to conjure the forces of Fire.

    This is why we use ginger as incense to catalyze the spells.

  • Moreover, it can help you ‘wake up’ your vital and magical energy.
  • Precious substances come from Ginger Root and used extensively for creating spicy and fresh perfumes. Most of these perfumes are also used as magical scents which are believed to summon forces from other realms.