Will you fulfil your wish? The Wind and Ashes Ritual

Either for casting Spells or Divination, combining the powers of the five Elements can create far more effective results towards our goals. Our ritual combines the powers of Fire, Wind and Aether as means of divination. After performing the ritual, you will have a better understanding about the decisions you should make. The Universe sends us always signs in order to show us if we have to immediately pursue a goal or stand back for a while until hindrances are removed. The burning wish The Ritual has two parts: The gathering of the Ashes and their Scattering to the Wind. The first step for the Ritual is to get a Candle and a large piece of high-quality paper.

It is preferable that the Color of the Candle is yellow or white made of beeswax. Yellow is the color of summoning and honoring the element of the Wind, while the white color is appropriate for clairvoyance. Afterwards, you proceed like that: Write down your wish in a brief but lucid way. Take care of your expressions and handwriting. Preferably, use a pencil. At the end of the text, draw your beloved magic symbol or the symbol of your zodiac sign. While writing, try to visualize your wish. If you are wishing for promotion, imagine how is it going to be to hold it. Are you yearning for a journey?

Then, think of yourself enjoying your time in the place you wish. If you are in love, imagine you and your loved one as a happy couple, and so on. Bring your dream into your mind in a concrete and vivid manner, the vibes you send become more positive. This, in turn, increases the chances of success. Use the Candle to burn the written paper. Collect carefully the ashes in a dry container. Be careful that the ashes can be scattered afterwards out of this container. Leave the candle burn in a safe place and meditate.

Send the ashes to the four winds The second part of the Ritual involves the scattering of the ashes of the wish paper to the four winds. The divination works like this: the direction of the wind and they way the ashes will be scattered reveals how you should act regarding your wish. Select a day for the ritual at least two weeks before so that you are not influenced from the meteorological prognose. Choose a Moon phase according to the nature of your wish, waxing if you want to achieve or obtain something, waning, if you want to get rid of something. Get on a spot that stands high, like a hill or the roof of a building.

By using a scarf, you can assess the direction of the wind. Each direction relates to different energies: East Winds are associated with initiatives and new beginnings. You will fulfil your goals and desires by applying new ideas and a fresh approach to old problems. Communication, open-mindedness and clarity of thought will assist you to achieve what you desire. South Winds have to do with expansion, rapid growth, blossoming and development. You can realize your wishes through radical changes. This may also mean that you have to get rid of old habits or toxic relationships, but the results will deserve the sacrifices. West Winds is about acceptance and understanding.

Sometimes, we cannot act against our destiny, therefore we have to accept things the way they are and be grateful of what we already have. This is not fatalism. If we know our limitations, we will be able to have realistic goals. North Winds are about Knowledge and Spirituality. Your goals and wishes can become true when you come to harmony with your destiny. Intuition and Empathy will assist you to achieve your dreams. After the Ritual, accept the signs with gratitude and think how you can realize your wishes. Phaethon Readings: The Ritual was inspired by the work of Cassandra Eason Candle Power: Using Candlelight For Ritual, Magic Self-Discovery.

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