Hints, Tips & Tricks of Witchcraft, Spirituality & Paganism – Part 3

Witchcraft is the Art of the Wise. Throughout millennia, witches have been practicing the Craft with numerous ways. Here we are going to see more tips, tips and tricks of Witchcraft which survived all these yeats. Make sure you got Part 1 , and Part 2 as now we are ready to move on to… ??? Hints, Tips & Tricks of Witchcraft, Spirituality & Paganism, PART 3 ??? ?Deities ? When you’re working with a deity, spirit or other entity you haven’t worked with Before, it’s important to do research before hand. Ask questions in social media groups, look for information in books or websites. If you feel anything “off” when researching, Don’t do it or rethink it. ?

Round We Go ? Deosil – Deosil means “with the sun” which in the northern hemisphere is clockwise and in the southern hemisphere is anti-clockwise. Widdershins – Widdershins means “against the sun” and in the northern hemisphere is anti-clockwise and in the southern hemisphere is clockwise. ?️‍? Belief in Oneself ?️‍? If you believe it will work, it will work. When you’re doing any kind of magical work it’s 85% mindset and 15% tools. Magic can come from anywhere, including and especially yourself – which is the most important. All you need to really make a spell work is to have faith in yourself and in the work you are doing. ? Listen ? Always listen to your instincts!

If you have a feeling in your gut about something or someone; pay attention. Energy never lies, and they could be important messages from the Universe. ? Old vs New ? Don’t worry about if a technique is ‘new’ or ‘old’. If you have found a technique that works for you, that is what’s important.It could be as old as time, or invented yesterday. If it works for you ? Don’t Give Up ? if your spell doesn’t work the first time don’t become frustrated or disheartened. Spell work can take time and practice and most of all patience. Sometimes a spellcan take time to work. Magic isn’t like it is in Charmed or Buffy.

Failures can teach you more than a success as it allows you room to grow as a witch. ? Strapped for Cash ? If you are on a tight budget and can’t afford a fancy or crystal wand, worry not..You can get inventive with what you use as a wand, look around your home, around the natural world around your home. Here are some ideas for wands: ? A Flower ?Your Arm ? A Wooden Spoon ? A Twig or Stick ? A Feather ✏ A Pen or Pencil (and if you are a painter, you can use your paint brush) ? ? Snuff or Blow ?

When you are wanting to put out a candle flame, use your fingers to pinch the falme out or use a candle snuffer. Blowing the flame out of a candle used in spells and rituals is said that if you blow out a candle you will blow the magic and energy away from the spell or ritual. ? Fruit ? If you are wanting to attract prosperity, abundance and harmony into your home, place a fruit bowl with a range of fruit in somewhere in your home. The kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home too, so the kitchen is a good idea.

The fruit will help to attract positive in your life and said to attract a everending supply of food to you. ? Hands and Hearts ? When you are doing any kind of spellwork, your hands and your heart are the most powerful, valuable and indepensible tools in your magical tool kit of tricks. ? Shower Cleansing ? Having ashower is effective at cleaning the physical body, but is also very effective as a way to cleanse your energies. Visuaise the shower washing all the negative enegies downthe drain. ? Great Tasting Food ? If you are wantingto increase the flavour of your food, or any kitchen magic, place a quartz crystal next to your cooker. This will amplify whatever you do in the kitchen.

❄ Ice, Ice Baby! ❄ You can keep your candles in great shape and have them burn for longer, pop them in the freezer for a few days before you use them; even better, keep some candles in the freezer at all times in case of emergencies. ☃️ Let It Go… ☃️ If you are struggling to let something go and are at a loss as to what to do; write what you want to let go of on a piece of toilet paper. Once you have finished flush it away, and while it’s being flushed away visualise the problem going along with it, away from you. ? A Spoonful of Sugar ?

If you have a situation or relationship that has gone a little sour, use a little sugar in spells to help sweeten the situation, this will give you a chance to either fix the situation or repair the relationship. *)O(* Rainbow Love, Light and Blessings *)O(*