Was Church Leader Mauled by Lions trying to Prove God will Save him ?

I’m pretty sure you’ve came across these news since yesterday. It sounds legit. A mad man proclaiming himself a prophet, blinded by his faith, making a suicidal-like act only to prove he is the Chosen one. According to Ghanaweb and several other websites, a Modern self-proclaimed prophet runs at lions making a religious claim that God bestowed him – due to his faith – power over animals. Although he tried to prove that God would ultimately save him, he had his buttocks brutally mauled by lions.

Power Over Beasts While on Safari in ‘South Africa’s Kruger national Park’, with other members of his church, Alec Ndiwane run towards a bunch of lions to prove he was a channel of ‘Lord’s power over animals’. I’m pretty sure you know where this is going. The self-proclaimed prophet spoke in ‘other languages’ and was reportedly in a trance state. Only few seconds later he proudly went after this pack of lions, who did not see ‘the power’ he preached. Well… he was Mauled by Lions… Mauled by Lions Soon enough, Ndiwane realized that he was at the mercy of mother nature. Hence he tried to run fast back. However, Lions run faster than humans.

As Ghanaweb reported, the lion managed to get ‘a piece’ of him. He was saved because of a fireshot, armed by a game ranger, who scared the lions. Later that day, he was taken to the Emergency room where doctors fixed his injuries. Leaving the hospital he stated “I do not know what came over me. I thought the Lord wanted to use me to show his power over animals… Is it not we were given dominion over all creatures of the earth.” Is it True? As it turns out it’s not.

According to Hoax-Alert, Kruger National Park spokesman William Mabasa has said that park officials are not aware of any such incident taking place in the park. ‘It would have been reported to us if any of our rangers had taken part in this incident as reported.’ And the article on GhanaWeb the Daily Mail story was based on has been taken down: https://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/worldNews/Lion-nearly-killed-prophet-after-botched-miracle-421860 What Does This Teach Us?

  • There is a global War against all belief systems, trying to debunk the power of Faith.

    Whether this is Christian based or not, faith Does help us.

  • We don’t need Fake News to know that Fundamentalism and Blind Faith can kill you.
  • Lions Run Faster than Humans 🙂