Those Born In September (Virgo & Libra) Are Usually Smarter, Study Finds

A recent study , finds that People who are born in September are much smarter! Well, Astrologically speaking, we always say that Virgo is Ruled by Mercury, the ‘smart’ planet. Ok, you can now start bragging because science backs up this claim. Astrology and Those Born in September Mercury rules over thoughts, communication and intellectual abilities. Moreover, Libra is also a highly intellectual Sign who is capable of multitasking and can respond to the toughest situations. Furthermore, Mercury in these Zodiac Signs is also considered extremely revealing. Wanna see your Natal Chart? Click here! Science Backs up Astrology?

This is was not an easy claim to back up. Researchers did examined many variations, social and economical based data, gender based data etc. They actually concluded to this result after examining over 1.2 million (!!!) public school students in Florida, aged between 6 and 15. Researchers included Children born in any month. Of course researchers don’t follow astrological claims but the base their result to something else. The study explains this result, due to the fact, that people who are born on September makes them older in the School year, giving them a proper advantage. School Years usually begin in September and end in June-July. So what Do Scientists Say about those Born in September?

Also, according to the same study, people born in September:

  • Are Usually Smarter.
  • They have more chances to be left-handed.
  • Have less chances to spend time in prison.