April’s New Moon Ritual: A New Era Arises

On the 15th and 16th of April a New Moon initiates a new lunar month. At the same time, it signalizes the beginning of a new era of spiritual growth and accomplishing of longstanding goals. The period after the Libra Full Moon (the Blue Moon) since the 31st of March was a period in which the waning moon called for inner inspection and preparation. You may have stepped back for a while in order to make difficult decisions. You may have realized that several relationships, amorous or professional have reached a dead end.

Or you may just feel unsatisfied with your life style and you want to change things radically. Now, April’s New Moon stimulates changes. Since the New Moon falls in the sign of Aries, a fiery sign, change will sweep away whatever is already dead inexorably. Still, the presence of Mercury may slow down the process of alteration. Although the movement of this planet is forward, and things are evolving, changes will occur in a slow pace. But this means that they will go deeper and will be more steadfast. The crucial point is to be honest with your need and wishes. The New Moon shifts the midpoint towards our personal needs.

This does not mean that we should become selfish. It is more about understanding what our Spirit and Soul longs for. To enhance the Powers of the New Moon, you can perform the following Ritual. April New Moon Ritual This is a Ritual of removing old habits and obstacles and enhancing the chances for the new to emerge. It is a call to the Universe to take away what is a burden and to encourage our efforts to introduce something new in our lives. The Ritual should be performed at the night of the New Moon. Direct contact with the Skies and the Moon will be fairly beneficial. The Ritual consists of three parts: I.

Write down whatever should become past: While sitting on a desk place five or seven small candles in a way that they form a crescent moon. Within the semicircle that the candles shape, write down on a paper what you believe it should fade away from your life. Be brave and honest to refer every obstacle or shadow which bothers your life. II. Go for a cleansing bath: Leave the paper and the candles burning in safety, and prepare a bath of aromatherapy oils of your preference. Take a long bath combined with meditation. Do not think about the past or the future, just enjoy the bath and the aromas.

III. Write down what you ask from the New Moon: Go back to your desk, where you wrote before. Replace any candles that have been out. Keep the same crescent shape of the candles. Next to the candles burn some incense that matches with the fiery character of Aries, such as Cedarwood, Juniper, Cinnamon or Thyme. Then, write down your goals, wishes and desires. Think big but with wisdom. After you have written everything down, say loud the following words: Old Moon, I am grateful for you remove the burden from my shoulders. New Moon, I am grateful for bringing me real change in my life. After that, recite what you have written on the paper in silent voice.

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