Predictions: New Moon in Pisces – March 17

General Predictions: On the 17th of March 2018, at 13:12 UT, the Moon meets the Sun in Pisces forming the New Moon. Keep in mind that from that very moment and until 18:57 UT the Moon will be void of course. Also, at 16:40 UT Mars enters Capricorn.

Mars has already started influencing Saturn via their conjunction. This conjunction will affect the whole lunar month,, and even more. It will be active even a few days after Saturn will turn retrograde on the 18th of April. A conjunction is a beneficial influence, but Mars’s and Saturn’s energies are not harmonious, so their cooperation easily brings stress even when there is nothing stressing it. And there will be enough stress upon it, unfortunately.

The Sun will start stressing Saturn on the 19th of the month and has already started stressing Mars. The squares Sun forms with the two planets for long time. The one with Saturn will be active until the Third Quarter, while the one with Mars will be active the next New Moon. So this influence will affect not only the waxing Moon period, but the whole Lunar month. During the waxing Moon it will have a protagonist’s role.

The Retrograde Jupiter has stopped supporting Mercury and Venus, and it will stop supporting the Sun two days after the Equinox. It only supports Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. The latter barely, for the waxing Moon. But this aspect will keep becoming stronger and stronger and it will reach its peak on the 25th of May.

Mercury’s and Venus conjunction hurriedly becomes perfect on the 20th of the month. This is the day of the Equinox, too, so this is a very good blessing. Even more so because, Mercury has slowed down, but it will be in direct motion during the day. But it will turn retrograde a few days after, on the 23rd. And this is the other protagonist of the period. The Retrograde Mercury will affect just as much the waning Moon period, too. Keep in mind that both planets stress Pluto. Mercury won’t stress Pluto too much, as it turns retrograde, but Venus will be stressing Pluto much more.

So, in sort, this New Moon and the waxing Moon period are quite peculiar. When it comes to the mundane world and our activities there, the stressful influences are more and stronger than the beneficial ones. But, there is the potential to overcome them all. The difficultly is that we need to find the balance between holding back and rush in. That’s the challenge of the Saturn-Mars conjunction. The better we’ll make this happen, the more we can achieve.

Also, Pluto is very active and stressed enough now, even when the Moon doesn’t interact with this planet. This means our mood and our emotional well being both need all the care we can provide to them. This, of course, will influence more those who have some issues there, as most of Pluto’s activity is auspicious. Nonetheless, we all need to take care of ourselves, especially when the Moon stresses Pluto, Mercury, Venus, or all of them.

On the other hand, magic is very strong during this period. Very productive, too. It’s a good advice to employ it even for our everyday lives. The Equinox in the middle of the period and the coming Blue Moon make the magical energies of the period even stronger.

Pluto’s strong a peculiar activity makes filters, perfumes, potions and the likes of those very strong and promising. Talismans, too. But we need to discipline our concentration when making them. If you are not experienced, try methods that need just a few minutes work per day, and many days to complete the charging. This is a much easier way to keep your concentration.

Also, travelling in other times and planes, or contacting them, is very promising, but it can be a difficult task to achieve. Especially if you don’t have previous experience. When Pluto is supported by the Moon, though, such travels and contacts can spontaneously happen, as well. These can include coming in contact with spirits, or our departed ancestors as well. They can also come in contact with us, on their own. Keep your eyes open for their omens and signs.

The Saturn-Mars cooperation also gives us a great wish-fulfilment potency. Meditative techniques and visualisation are the best ways to employ Saturn’s help. Sex magic and fire magic are the best ways to employ Mars’ energies. Whatever combine both, will help us the most. Mercury, though, also governs over meditation. Being in odds with Saturn can cause some difficulties either on achieving a good meditative state, or to actually find the time to practice these methods. Overcoming these obstacles, though, holds the promise of great results. So see this as a challenge and not as a discouragement.

For better or worse, the zodiacs with the most energies upon them are Capricorn, Aries, and secondarily Taurus, Virgo, Leo and Sagittarius. This means that, depending one the way you’ll deal with the energies of the period you can be the luckiest or the unluckiest zodiacs of the period. Also, the three Water Signs will be lucky on the aspect that they will receive the stressful aspects less intensively. Even more, when the Moon blesses Jupiter, Neptune, or both, they will have very good days. From the 24th to the 26th, when the Moon will be in Cancer, you’ll have very promising days. Not stress-free, but promising.

Predictions for Aries: This is probably a very important period of your life. There are too many energies focused on you, and therefore, everything is possible. And probably, nothing is really calm, for better or worse. Rethinking and remaking your “public” image – whether this needs the quote marks or not – becomes important. Does the image people have for you serves your dreams and goals? Does it make you feel you belong in your own world? Or does it do exact the opposite? Breaking down an image that isn’t helpful can be difficult and stressful, but it’s a healthy thing to do. Even more, now you have the power and energy to do that.

It won’t be easy, but you can make miracles.

Your own self, your fears and insecurities can be your greater obstacle in this procedure, though. Do not let negative thoughts, fears and insecurities to keep you away from your own dreams and happiness. Instead, heal them and overcome them. Doing that with small steps can be much more productive than starting a war against yourself. After all, yourself is your friend. Not your enemy. Loving, accepting and forgiving yourself, is also a challenge this period provides you with.

The more you work towards your dreams and desires, the better the results you’ll have. If you know your dreams and desires or, at the very least, have a vague idea about what they are, then the benefits of your efforts now will be long lasting. If you don’t know them, ask yourself about them. Otherwise you may build a new “prison” for yourself.

Finally all business and career matters receive mostly beneficial influences. Not very lucky, not stress-free, but beneficial. If you want to advance there, do your best on the matter during this period.

Predictions for Taurus: During the 3 years long Saturn’s stay in Capricorn your freedom and your sense of it are important. Now there are too many energies there and enough stress, so this is going to be an important matter for you during this whole Lunar month. Even more so during the waxing Moon. Breaking down your restrictions without breaking down the important things of your life it’s the challenge this period offers you. Don’t stress over it. Instead start acting upon it. Allowing small, controllable freedoms to yourself in a daily bases is a good practice.

This affects all aspects of your life but even more your love life. The ruler of your zodiac is being in odds with both your traditional love planet (Mars) and your nowadays love planet (Pluto), makes freedom in your love affairs a very demanding matter. This can be either good, or bad for those in a relationship. If your relationship helps you feel more free and helps you express yourself more, then this will be a period you’ll appreciate your relationship more, and it will become stronger. Of course, try not to restrict your beloved, as well. On the other hand, if your relationship holds you back and restricts you things won’t be easy.

Break ups can also happen. And in fact, unless you act hastily, they should happen. For those searching a relationship, focus on the freedoms it will provide you with, and don’t see it as a restriction.

Finally, whatever has to do with studies, mental activities and jobs, as well as whatever has to do with other countries and people from there, receives support. Travelling is auspicious, and mostly auspicious when Mercury turns retrograde. When this happens, dealing with unfinished obligations in other countries, as well as visits or returns of important people of yours living in other countries, can also happen.

Predictions for Gemini: There is some focus on your financials during this period. Opportunities to make them better can appear. In the same time, though, obstacles in achieving that end are also very possible. As a general advice, be a little more sceptical about the “too good” opportunities that may appear. On the other hand, not that promising opportunities and methods can generate much better results. As said, this is a general advice. Exceptions can happen, so whatever the case think carefully and investigate thoroughly, before deciding what to do. On the other hand, taking care of debts and things like this, are very advisable. This can produce some temporal stress, but the benefits will be more long lasting.

Other sources in your life from where you receive joy and satisfaction can get a little stressed now. Your social life will be one of those areas of your life. You may become more social that you would love, less social than you would like, or you may receive less joy from your interactions than you would expect. This aspect can manifest with any of these forms, or it can alternatively take all of these forms. Whatever the case, the whole thing happens to help you realise what is good and healthy in your social life, and what isn’t. Support the good parts, and heal or cut off the unhealthy parts.

Be decisive, but not too hasty when it comes to the cut-offs. Keep in mind that internet socialisation is also under this influence.

Trade of goods and services can be difficult, or stressful during this period. Even more so when Mercury will be in retrograde motion. Nonetheless, the potential of a success and progress there also is strong. So, do not despair. Instead, strengthen and support your determination. Both the stressful and the beneficial influences are somewhat stronger for the trade of services.

Predictions for Cancer: Love life receives much focus during this period. If you are searching for a relationship, then this will be a very promising period for you. Luck actually may knock your door on its own. Of course, acting for this goal, will help you much more than expecting luck’s visit. Naturally, by acting on this, you are inviting luck to come. So yes, do your best on this matter. When Mercury will turn retrograde, things can become a little more difficult, but there will still be enough hope.

Those already in a relationship will have an intense period. If everything is good, then this tension will be a good, pleasant and beneficial one. On the other hand, if there are problems, they may become very loud. Relationships between people with considerable difference in social status, as well as relationships between bosses and employees will receive the greatest amount of stress. This sounds bad, but if you overcome this challenge, your relationship will become stronger and more stable. Relationships where the one influences the career or social image of the other, even indirectly, will face a similar situation.

Finally, business and career affairs receive much focus during this period. Do not depend on your superiors’ support now. They may be unable, or unwilling to support you, this time. Instead, do your best to prove your abilities and value. In fact, improving your superior’s image can be the key of your future success. But, don’t sacrifice yourself and your image to achieve that end. This can be a dilemma you may face. Similarly, business partners can become a source of stress. Supporting them can be the best for you, as long as you don’t sacrifice yourself.

Predictions for Leo: Setting your everyday life in order and balance, whatever this means for you, is the challenge you are facing during this period. Whatever isn’t quite right for you it can become irritating, stressful and annoying. This, of course, includes your job, or the lack of it, your relationships with your family, or whomever you live with and interact in a regular bases, and your health. The latter can face some extra stress, so please do take good care of it.

Studies and whatever needs mental work and concentration can cause you some extra stress during this period. In the same time, though, important, positive developments can happen in this area of your life. Official kinds of studies – such as in schools and Universities – will receive both the stress and the blessings even more intensively. If this is your case, keep in mind that this is a challenge you can overcome and end up victorious. It’s not an obstacle that intends to hold you back.

Travelling is something that you want to do during this period, and many of you will actually do. There is more stress in it than joy. Most likely the purpose of your trip will be achieved successfully, unless you are travelling just for fun. The fine details though, can cause you some stress, and the fun part can do the same, as well. Making sure your flight, hotel or whatever booking is done in time and maybe confirm it is properly done, can help with this. Things like that. Think according to your case, and do whatever you can do to reduce, or completely avoid the stress of it.

Predictions for Virgo: Joy is a key element in your life this period. Progress can happen through joy in all aspects of your life, including your love life and your professional life. In the same manner, whatever keeps you away from joy both stresses you and withers. So, consciously add joy in every aspect of your life you want to see some progress in. What can I do to bring some joy in my life today? Or, what can I do to bring some joy in this aspect of my life today? These are questions you should be doing daily, and then follow the answers. Don’t focus on what is out of your control. Do the best you can.

Even if the benefits are not obvious right away, or the outcome is not what you would like to be, this method will benefit your life for sure.

Your friendships, your love affairs, your sexual affairs, your financials, and whatever bring you joy, satisfaction and excitement will be stressed and challenged during this period. This can be unpleasant, but it is a healing progress for your life. It will help you realise what is really important and healthy in your life and what isn’t. What needs healing, what needs care and what you need to cut off. Realise those, and then act accordingly with determination and, especially regarding the cutting-off, with caution.

Finding new sources of joy and satisfaction is also possible during this period. It’s not easy, but it is just as possible. If we are talking about a new love, or a new friend, make sure they actually give you joy and satisfaction. Mind that, it is easy to rush in to wrong decisions, so make small, careful steps. You must find a balance between thinking too much and acting impulsively, as well as acting hastily and delaying too much. The better you manage to do that, the more certain your new sources of joy will keep providing you with joy for long time to come.

Predictions for Libra: Your home, your family and your domestic affairs receive the focus of this period. Stress and challenges will be all around, but this doesn’t mean this period is a bad one. It can be unpleasant – at least, at times – but it can be a very beneficial period as well. Strengthening your bonds with your family, receiving their support, or bettering your place of living are some of the benefits this period can bring you. In this end, your relationship with your spouse, or current love, can be the most challenging.

There may be an emotional distance between the two of you. If so, try to talk with your other half and make your feelings and your thoughts clear. After the 23rd, when Mercury will be in retrograde motion, discussions can be more stressful and more difficult to bring good results. Misunderstandings, then, will also be quite common.

Finally, the ruler of your zodiac (Venus) is in odds with both the traditional ruler of your financials (Mars) and the nowadays ruler of your financials (Pluto). This makes your financials a big issue of the period. There are, probably, too many problems there, or reasons to feel insecure about your financial situation. Unwise handling of your financials can cause you even more problems. The good thing is that both planets receive some strong support as well. Solutions are possible. A figure of power can help you with your financials. And this figure of power is more likely to come either form your circle of friends and co-workers, or from your family.

So, if you haven’t asked for their help, this is probably a good time to ask for it. Even if you don’t expect they can help you, they may know someone who can.

Predictions for Scorpio: This will probably be an extremely busy period for you. Not really stress-free. Quite the opposite, in fact, is much more possible. But, in the same time, it can also become an extremely productive period. Progress in your work and in your personal affairs can happen. I’m not talking about love life here. I’m talking about your friendships and all other personal affairs. The more you work now, on any goal of yours, the more you’ll advance with it. People promising to help you with your goals can also appear. Don’t invest on those promises too much.

They may be truthful, intension-wise, but whether they’ll come to pass, this is an other matter. And even if this help actually arrives, it may arrives with delays. So, don’t count on those. Then, if they come, they will give you an extra boost.

Love life is a little challenged this period. Your traditional ruler, Mars, and your nowadays ruler, Pluto, both receive stressful aspects from your love planet, Venus. Relationships that support and benefit your dreams and goals can have a nice period, but those relationships that h