Jupiter in Scorpio turns Retrograde – Friday, March 9 – July 11 2018

Jupiter in Scorpio turns Retrograde – General influences On March 9, 2018 Jupiter in Scorpio turned retrograde there. This event will influence greatly our lives for the months to come. Indeed, Jupiter will remain in retrograde motion, without leaving Scorpio, until the 11th of July 2018.

Also, as we’ve seen, Jupiter is in a constant hexagon with Pluto in Capricorn this year. Although the first moment this hexagon became perfect was in January, now, with Jupiter turning retrograde, a second perfect hexagon is going to happen on the 14th of April. This will be just a few days before Pluto will also turn retrograde. But in any case, this means that the retrograde motion of Jupiter keeps its hexagon with Pluto strong and active. This is a good thing.

I often call Jupiter the Lucky Star, or one of the two Lucky Stars. The other is the Sun. And indeed, Jupiter brings luck and blessings even when it forms negative aspects. This doesn’t happen that obviously when Jupiter is in retrograde motion. We need to work for our luck and not depend on it. We need to support ourselves and goals and not wait for luck and others to do that for us. And this “lack” of support will become even more intense when Saturn and then Pluto will turn retrograde as well.

Jupiter in Scorpio helps us expand and progress through cutting and reducing. Now that it turns retrograde, this trend will become more intense. The retrograde Lucy Star suggests we stop our expansion and strengthen the foundations of whatever we have achieved. It also “demands” we perfect our methods, rather than adding to them. Of course, progress can happen, but keep a slow pace. The tiniest the steps, the better.

Spiritually, the retrograde Jupiter asks us to look inside. It asks us to purify our souls and learn ourselves better. And of course, to strengthen ourselves. Once again, not by acquiring more abilities, but by perfecting our existing ones. Have you had some abilities you think you don’t posses any more? If you want to awake these abilities once again, the retrograde Jupiter can help you with it. Age reversing magical techniques and non magical ones are also supported by the retrograde Jupiter. And in fact, this will become even more powerful when Saturn will turn retrograde too.

Keep in mind that retrograde or not, Jupiter in Scorpio is still Jupiter in Scorpio. So, do refer to our article about it. Here we are going to see some of the specific influences the retrograde motion will bring to each and every zodiac. It would be advisable that you look at your zodiac, your ascendant and at any other zodiac that is strong in your natal chart.

Retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio for Aries: The Retrograde Jupiter may bring some financial difficulties to you. In actuality it expects from you to draw from your deposits of whatever – money included. Therefore, if you have saved much money in the previous period, then you’ll probably face no problem. For the very same reason, take a look at your possessions. Do you have things you don’t use? Start using them. Make the best use of every means you have. If you have things you don’t need, then of course, get rid of them. Even better, gift them to people who may need them.

Everything that brings, or should bring, pleasure to you is tested by the Retrograde Jupiter. This includes your sexual life, romantic relationships, friendships and everything. This is a time to understand what brings you joy and pleasure, and then start working on achieving these. Cutting off negative thoughts, habits and whatever keeps you apart from your happiness is more suggestible for the retrograde period, while targeting the desired things is more advisable for when Jupiter will turn in direct motion again. Of course, if you successfully free yourself of much negativity, positive energy and blessings will fill the vacuum.

Finally, this is a period to perfect your magical and spiritual methods. Finding better, more compatible to you, methods to do what you do is possible. You may need to work a little more to achieve the results you are used to achieving, but this is only for you to see more clearly how to better your methods.

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Retrograde Jupiter for Taurus: Jupiter in Scorpio, and even more in constant hexagon with Pluto, gives a great focus in your love life. The Retrograde Jupiter there, also focuses on your love life. This is a period to correct problems in this aspect of your life. Healing existing relationships, and ending unhealthy relationships is possible and advisable. People around you may teach you through their example how you want your relationship to be, and even what to do to achieve that. Watch carefully. They may offer some advice, too, but the actual examples are those that hold the most significance.

For the singles, this is a good period to find what keeps you away from finding a relationship and work to correct this. In actuality, the Retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio can bring many opportunities for finding a relationship. You just need to realise what you want and go after it. If you were doing this for some time, then it is even more possible that during the Retrograde Jupiter you’ll find your desired relationship. But, even if not, you still can. The Retrograde Jupiter asks you to break down your restrictions and limitations. It asks you to overcome yourself.

It doesn’t shower you with good luck without your getting yourself under the shower, but it will turn on the shower once you do it.

Bettering your relationships with your business partners is also possible and advisable under the influence of the Retrograde Jupiter.

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Retrograde Jupiter for Gemini: This can become a restless period for you. Work and other matters of your everyday life can exhaust you. Be alert, and make sure you rest properly and take good care of your health in any possible way. It can become sensitive. In most cases, though, this sensitivity is because of your overexerting yourself. Also, if you have some chronic problems, or some repeated ones, you may find them revisiting you, or acting up a little.

Work wise, this is not the best time to evolve and expand. This is a good time to take care of the work load you have neglected. Even more, the situations will add to it. Tremendously so, in more than a few cases. To achieve progress you need to focus in the details. Prepare all the “insignificant” things, and correct all the little problems now, so that you can achieve your success when Jupiter will turn again in direct motion. You’ll find that realising what’s wrong, or even not just right is easier. You’ll also realise that things you thought to be perfect, are not so.

Even more, it will be easier for you to find ways to make them better and perfect.

This influence will affect other aspects of your life as well, all in the same manner. Finding imperfections and turning them to perfections is a trend the Retrograde Jupiter brings in your life. Once again, though, should I remind you to rest properly and take good care of your health.

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Retrograde Jupiter for Cancer: The pleasure in your life is tested by the Retrograde Jupiter. Sex, of course, is part of it, but even more since Scorpio rules over sex. Love life, social life, and all experiences that bring you joy fall under the influence of Jupiter in Scorpio. In the same manner, of course, they are tested under the Retrograde Jupiter there. So, finding problems, and issues there, and how to make these aspects of your life better and more joyful is what you’ll be doing and should be doing while while Jupiter is retrograde.

For those who have been doing that for some time, they can – at least more easily – enjoy the fruits of their efforts now. But even if you haven’t done so, you have enough time to achieve these now. Jupiter won’t hold its blessings from those who work for them. It just doesn’t feel too generous to force them upon you without your effort. You may need to overcome yourself, your restrictions and your fears in order to achieve what you desire. Jupiter in Scorpio asks from you to do so. The Retrograde Jupiter there can demand it, instead. So, fight willingly to avoid finding yourself in the middle of a fight you have no control over it.

Your kids can also be affected by this transit. If you are trying to have one, then this period can help you with this, one way or another. If you do have kids, then being happy for their happiness can become something you have to work with. Do so now, and your relationship with them will be benefited for years to come.

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Retrograde Jupiter for Leo: Home, family and whatever you consider as such – the very foundations of your lives – are tested by the Retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio. Moving to a new place is possible. It can come as a necessity, or, if you have planned for it, it can come with more difficulties, or delays, than you were expecting. None of these, though, mean that moving is a bad thing. Also, taking care of your home, making it a better place to live in, is also something you’ll feel the compulsion to do. Cleansing, throwing away whatever you don’t need to make room for whatever you need, and things like those are auspicious.

Renovations, and especially long scale ones, though, are not very advisable. Do them, if there is a practical need, but if there isn’t, you may prefer to rethink about them, and maybe postpone them until after Jupiter turns in direct motion again.

The relationships with your family and your important people of your life can also change during this period. Building stronger and healthier bonds is what you need to do and tend to do. In some cases, though, healthier can mean going away from each other. Therefore, divorces and other separations are also possible.

Of course, your inner foundations are also need some polishing. Finding your inner power, strengthening yourself, realising your needs and wishes is something that will happen to a degree. Work on this, and the results will be many more and come much more pleasantly.

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Retrograde Jupiter for Virgo: Your friendships, your relationships with your siblings and your relationships with your co-workers are tested by the Retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio. Every problem in these relationships will become more vivid and obvious, and it will demand your attention. Working with those issues and healing them, is, of course, also possible. After all, this is why Jupiter will bring these up. Communications and communication equipment can also go through a few tests. This is not the right time to buy new phones, computers and the like. If you don’t need them right now, wait until after the retrograde Jupiter. The same pattern will be true for transportations and your vehicles.

Instead of buying new vehicles and equipment, try to make the most of the ones you have, and don’t neglect their service.

As all the previous fall under Mercury’s dominion too, when Mercury will be retrograde, from the 23rd of March until the 15th of April, things can get much more stressful. But keep in mind that finding friends, co-workers and other people you are seeking for, is supported by both the Retrograde Jupiter and the Retrograde Mercury.

Mental activity is strong during the presence of Jupiter in Scorpio. Works that need this kind of activity, as well as studies, receive Jupiter’s blessings. Now, though, these blessings won’t come easily. Changing your way of thinking and seeing things in a more open and realistic way is what you should do. Finding problems in your ways and theories and correcting them is also something you can and should do. Once again, the Retrograde Mercury will make all these more difficult, but when Mercury is in direct motion, Jupiter will be willing to bless you, given that you work hard for its blessings.

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Retrograde Jupiter for Libra: Your financials are the main focus of the Retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio. A financial growth is unlikely while Jupiter will be in retrograde motion. But still, there are many ways you can better your financial situation. For one, the Retrograde Jupiter will make you more reluctant about overspending. This is a good thing, but avoid taking it to the extreme. Make sure you satisfy your needs, and also offer yourself a few luxuries. But, nonetheless, reducing expenses to a minimum is a good and wise choice.

An other way to better your financial situation is by making better use – or use, for that matter – of the resources you have and don’t use. This can mean things as simple as wearing clothes you have, instead of buying new ones. If you haven’t used these clothes a enough, then this is an even more important step to take. This sounds like a way to reduce expenses, but it isn’t just that. By making use of what you have, you honour and realise the wealth you already have. This is a way to attract more wealth.

Even if the outcome isn’t clear right away now that Jupiter is Retrograde, it is a wise thing to do.

Finally, paying back money you own and similar things can feel like burdening yourself with more expenses, but, in fact, they better your financial situation in the long run. So, this is an other way to take advantage of the Retrograde Jupiter, and make the planet more willing to bless you more, while it is, and after it will have stopped being, in retrograde motion.

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Retrograde Jupiter for Scorpio: Jupiter in your own zodiac is certainly a great blessing for you and your goals. Even more so, as the Lucky Star is in a constantly active hexagon with the ruler of your zodiac, Pluto, almost for the whole period. But now Jupiter, and later Pluto too, turns Retrograde. This is a period to hold your horses, take a break, and rethink who you are, who you want to be, what you want to achieve and how to do so. Taking this break can be a challenge on its own, but if you don’t do it willingly, the Retrograde Jupiter will force it upon you. So do, at the very least, slow down your pace.

Until now good luck wouldn’t abandon you completely even during the unlucky days and periods. Even when it got weaker, you could still use your assertiveness and brilliance to force your way. Now luck is more stingy and your assertiveness and brilliance are not as strong. You may need to give more effort to achieve the same results. The Sun is in triangle with Jupiter right now, and it will remain in such until the 29th of the month, so you may not feel this right away but it happens.

Turn inside, find yourself, understand it, and build stronger bonds with it. Do the same with your plans, your dreams, and the way you live your life. Cut off or heal whatever you don’t need and don’t want. Whatever doesn’t serve you any longer. And also, cultivate and empower whatever you need. By finding your inner balance and strength, the negative influences of the Retrograde Jupiter will seemingly disappear and the blessings to come will be yours for twelve years. It is worth doing that.

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Retrograde Jupiter for Sagittarius: Jupiter is the ruler of your zodiac and affects greatly the aspects of your life under the dominion of the House it currently is. While in Scorpio, progress happens in a not so obvious way for you. Your luck is built in ways you may not ever realise. You’ll do so when Jupiter will come in your zodiac. Now that Jupiter has turned Retrograde, this sense of luck of progress will become even more intense. This is a period for preparation even more than when Jupiter is in direct motion.

For starters, save money. Reduce your expenses to a minimum and don’t overload your credit cards. Now good luck is not something you can depend on. Even more, your money planet, Saturn, is in your money House and has started receiving stress. It’s going to turn retrograde soon enough, too. This will happen on the 18th of April and it will last until the 5th of September. Make the best you can to be prepared for this period.

Realising, facing and overcoming your fears and restrictions is also something you’ll be doing, to a degree, during the Retrograde Jupiter. Do this willingly and the results will be better and come in a less unpleasant way. Even more, the power and positivity that comes as a result, will support everything you do for years to come.

Finally, creativity can swimmingly stop, or change the way it is expressed. In either way, this happens to allow and encourage you to refine your talents, your techniques and your creative works. Creating a masterpiece right now is difficult, but acquiring the skills and whatever you need to create a few of them is very possible. It’s actually very supported.

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Retrograde Jupiter for Capricorn: Jupiter in Scorpio raised your social activity for business and personal reasons even in ways you don’t really like. Even more, it is possible that from this social activity your goals received some support. Some may have already been achieved. Now, the Retrograde Jupiter gives you the opportunity to clear things up, there. You can find your balance between you social and private time. Do you feel like you are overwhelmed by your obligations to others? Now you can correct your manners and mindset, and then the situations, so that you’ll have time for yourself and time to enjoy being with others. Enjoy is the key word.

Of course, trade and all jobs where success