9 Ways to Stop Absorbing Negative Energy

Negativity is all around us. But how come some people are more affected than others? Here, in this article, we will try to figure out why do we become ‘negativity sponges’, thus getting affected by these dark energies. We will learn how to stop absorbing negative energy, becoming immune to it. Energy is the Key We’ve already learned how to passively Shield our Aura. Now we are going to make a step forward. Learning how to stop absorbing Negative Energy is Prevention. Hence, this procedure will help us actively learn how to recognize and avoid this energy exposure. How to Stop Absorbing Negative Energy 1.

Avoid Criticism When we criticize or judge, we automatically put ourselves in subject’s place. This is an excellent way to practice empathy . However, this also makes us vulnerable to subject’s energy matrix. Hence, we passively ‘blend’ our energy with theirs. Imagine judging all the time… this habit can make us extremely vulnerable, unintentionally absorbing all nearby negativity. 2. Learn to Say ‘No’ Yes and No are the two most powerful words in all languages. With these simple words, we either allow interaction or we shut the door. By ‘playing nice’ you unintentionally allow access to your energy deposit. Not all people have good intentions.

This means that some of them might want to take advantage of you. Hence, learn to (politely?) refuse when you don’t want to do something. However, sometimes, sacrifices must be made… 3. Choose Your Battles Not all fights are yours to join. Yet, even if there are, you can’t seriously believe that you can fight multiple causes at the same time, with the same success rate. When you meddle you project your energy matrix. This makes you vulnerable to others and to possible dangers. You may think that your shields are enough, but what happens when you get sick, or feel disappointed? All this energy might strike back! Hence, choose the battles you want and can fight! 4.

Don’t Try to Convince others about Your Beliefs This is actually the worst thing you can do. No matter how sure you are about what you’ve experienced, trying to force a ‘low vibrational person’ to spiritual awareness, is exhausting. You may feel the need ‘to fight for them’ and show them the ‘truth’ but this will most likely begin a quarrel. Most likely, they will drag you down to their low frequency, and you will feel guilty of letting yourself fall for that. This begins a ‘bad’ karmic circle, which is absolutely unnecessary. Remember, Wisdom is gained, not forced! 5. You don’t Always have to Pick Sides Not all things in this world is Black and White.

Who is wrong or right is often a false question. Moreover, you may not always be aware of the bigger picture. Hence, it is most likely to be dragged down to a selfish debate, feeling disappointed or hurting someone else. This doesn’t mean that you should always be neutral, just be wiser and intervene when its most needed. 6. Express Yourself & Have Fun It is not wise to continuously suppress your emotions. Although bursting out should be avoided, you should learn to express your emotions and show your true colors. In this way you are true to yourself, thus empowered, feeling more comfortable with who you are.

By having fun you actively raise your vibrations , thus becoming immune to darkness. The more you practice on that, the more protected you will be! Singing, dancing and laughing can always affect your energy! Remember that! 7. Do Not ‘Play God’ Sending energy (reiki, magical energy, kundalini reiki… etc) to people in need is a divine work. However, you should always be aware of Karma. Before trying to heal or cast spell for other ask yourself:

  • Do You have their permission?
  • Why this person needs healing?
  • Could this situation be a divine message for the subject which needs to learn at his/her own pace?

It is very important to understand that meddling with other’s reality may easily drag you to theirs. Of course, as witches, we can bend reality and miraculously change the outcome. But is it always needed? After all, this World is just a test! 8. Ruby, Ruby, Ruby! Carrying a Ruby is a must! This amazing crystal can become a guardian of your Energy Matrix, sending away evil forces and maleficent entities. Wear it somewhere where is in touch with your skin. Ruby will empower you magical energy and protect your from becoming a negativity sponge. 9. Learn to Cleanse Your Aura Break free from negativity be ‘like attracts like’.

If you are already affected by dark magic the most likely scenario is to attract more negative vibes. This never ending trouble won’t just go away unless you do something about it. You can either ‘invent’ or follow a usual spell-breaking ritual in order to start anew. Cleanse your bad karma and learn to cleanse bad vibes on a daily basis! This is extremely important!