February’s Birthstone Amethyst

February’s Birthstone Amethyst. Amethyst holds a powerful Violet Ray, and will aid in healing and spiritual development. It’s a Master Crystal that is an essential part of a Crystal Healers “kit”. Those born in February are lucky to have such as powerful stone as their Birthstone.. (PS I am a February baby so I am a little biased.) Amethyst has been long prized as a precious gemstone, it’s been utilised as a gorgeous adornment in jewellery or as an amulet to famously help prevent drunkenness. It’s name actually means ‘non-intoxicating’.

The use of Amethyst has been recorded as far back as Ancient Egypt where it is mentioned in the Book of the Dead; in which it mentions placing an Amethyst heart on the body of the deceased to ensure their passage to the afterlife is peaceful. In Christianity Amethyst is associated with purity and are often worn by members of the Roman Catholic clergy, Bishops in particular. In China Amethyst would be given to those who are involved in legal proceedings. During the Middle Ages Amethyst would be worn by soldiers and guards not only to protect them from harm or death, but to repel evil spirits.

Amethyst is a powerful Purple ray crystal that is known as a stone of spirituality. Amethyst has a wonderfully soothing energy for the wearer and those who are in their vicinity too. The energy of Amethyst can calm fears, lift the spirits and raises hopes as well as soothing anger and hot-headedness. Amethyst is a stone of change, transmuting negative energies into more beneficial energy; it also is a powerful stone of personal and spiritual transformations. Amethyst is a great amulet for those who travel to protect against psychic attacks, sickness, harm, drunkenness and the effects of baneful magic.

Amethyst helps to develop your psychic abilities by stimulating the right side of the brain allowing you to see through illusions to the truth. When you meditate with Amethyst you can develop your intuition, channelling your energy to a higher level which helps you to develop a deeper connection to Cosmic and Spiritual Energies. A geode, a natural cluster or a grouping of raw amethyst points will cleanse and restore other crystals that are placed upon the,. Amethyst itself can be cleansed and recharged during a Full Moon.