Daily Predictions for Wednesday, 21 February 2018

General Daily Predictions: Today, the Moon from Taurus forms a triangle with Saturn in Capricorn and a hexagon with each Mercury, Venus and Neptune, all of them in Pisces.

Even more, Venus today accurately conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, and Mercury forms an accurate hexagon with Saturn. The latter aspect helps our mind to remain clear, our meditations to become stronger and more effective, and us to plan determine better how we want our lives, and find ways to make this happen. This aspect was active for about a week, and will remain active for an other week. From now on, as neither Pluto nor Uranus receive much stress, we’ll actually be able to enjoy its benefits.

The former aspect, empowers all forms of healing and beautification. Those based on the water, or the Water Element, even more so. It also helps us to love and heal ourselves, and also to do the same with our significant ones. Finding a love interest, is also possible under this beneficial influence. Even more so, as the Sun and, later on, Jupiter support Venus. This aspect was active for about 8 days, and it will remain active for another 8 days. For the most part of the remaining 8 days neither Venus and Neptune, nor any other planet of a similar domain will receive much stress, so, for this aspect too, we’ll be able to enjoy its blessings more from now on.

So, in short, this is going to be a good day overall with a little, if any, stress, even for the less lucky of the zodiacs.

Pisces, Taurus and Capricorn will be the luckiest zodiacs of the day. Cancer, and probably Aries and Libra will be the less lucky ones.

Daily Predictions for Aries: Anything that has to do with money and work are lucky today. Finding a job, changing your job, or even your career plans are possible and auspicious. Achieving a better income, or finding ways to save more money, are also possible. Gambling luck is stronger than usually, but not that strong. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the starts may raise your odds, but they don’t secure your winning, so do play wisely.

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Daily Predictions for Taurus: This can become a very nice day for you. Every aspect of your life can produce some improvement. Notably, socialisation of all kinds receive very beneficial auspicious influences, and so do the studies, and even travelling. For the latter, as the influences of the Eclipse are still strong, avoid it if there is no good reason for it.

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Daily Predictions for Gemini: Your magic and intuition are very strong today. Professionals who use these talents will have a very good and lucky day. This includes those for whom these are the main tools of the trade, but also, those who use these methods to support a their job. Emotional health receives very beneficial influences, and energy and spiritual healing are very promising today.

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Daily Predictions for Cancer: Business meetings, and especially those intending on problem solving, can become very productive. Travelling is auspicious. Still, avoid it if it’s not for a good reason as the influences of the Eclipse are still active. Both studies and relationships have a good seven day period ahead. Today even more so. Long distance relationships, and relationships with people from foreign countries, receive even more blessings.

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Daily Predictions for Leo: All work and career matters receive beneficial influences and some good luck. If you are trying to start working on your dream job, or you actually do that, then the luck will be even stronger. Health and healing, especially the energy and spiritual kinds of it, also receive very beneficial influences. As a matter of fact, health, healing and the dream job influences will be active until the end of the month.

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Daily Predictions for Virgo: A good seven-day period for love life starts today. Not only it starts, but it’s one of the best days of this period, too. If your business is based on an other country, or is influenced by one based on an other country, as well as, if your main activities happen abroad, then you can have a very pleasant day. Other kinds of business, also receive some good luck, just not as much.

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Daily Predictions for Libra: Whatever you consider as the foundation of your life can bring you some reasons to smile and be pleased today. This includes your health, your home, your family, your job, but also, anything else that is important to you. Health, both physical and emotional, and healing receive even more blessings. Professional healers, traditional and alternative, can have a very satisfactory day, work-wise.

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Daily Predictions for Scorpio: Love life receives very good influences. There is more than just some good luck there. This can help those seeking love to find one. There are also good stabilising and harmonising energies. If you have had problems with your special someone, this is a good day to solve them. Friendships receive similar influences.

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Daily Predictions for Sagittarius: Work receives very good energies. Achieving a promotion, or a better position, is possible. Applying for one is auspicious. If you are going through an interview for a job today, odds are in your favour. This is also a good day for renovating, or redecorating your home.

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Daily Predictions for Capricorn: You have a good period for achieving your goals. Finding a new job, finding new friends, new customers, or new co-workers, even more so. This day empowers all these, and even brings in some good luck. Love also receives joyful influences today.

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Daily Predictions for Aquarius: Intuition and empathy are quite strong. If you are using them professionally, then you’ll probably have quite a lucky day work-wise. This refers to psychics, psychologist and similar professionals. Real estate, also can become lucky. Buying property is auspicious.

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Daily Predictions for Pisces: With four planets in your zodiac, and with three of them receiving beneficial influences today, you can expect every blessing coming your way. Focus your mind and efforts on whatever you want to achieve, and luck will follow. All kinds of trade and social activity receive even more blessings.

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Astrology and Magic: All forms of meditation will remain strong until the 28th of February. All kinds of love and beauty magic will remain strong until the 1st of March. Today, both of these are exceptionally strong and promising.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day!